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Today we (the whole class) went to Kaybee's for Halwa puri. We thoonsafied a lot. This is our last week at the university (before exams), so all of us have lost our senses and are having fun time instead of studying for the finals :P We were about to leave the place, when I read this Hadith written boldly on one of the walls.

ليس للانسان إلا ما سعي

"Mankind will have nothing except that which they strive for"

Explanation: "The sustenance of each and every person has been determined and fixed, however in the same vein it is based on the condition that a person works and struggles (to acquire it). Any time this condition is not acted upon, then that which has been promised will not come about."

I liked this Hadith so much, but we were leaving the place and were in a hurry, the only word I remembered was سعی. And oh, I read it's Urdu translation and remembered that too. When I got back home, I kept thinking about it. I decided to Google it and found it here =)

I'm struggling hard for this ABC objective of mine. I just pray I get its fruit.

Keep praying

Cheerio folks =)



Nice sharing ...:
enjoy your last days at the place girl
good luck(Y)

:) !!
good luck !!
and have a great time ;) !!


Enjoy yourself! *hugs*

~Ash: Thankoo =)

~Ubaid: We're really having fun days :D

~Siras: *hugs back* okie =P

Samz says:

ليس للانسان إلا ما سعي
قوله تعالى: { وأن ليس للإنسان إلا ما سعى } (النجم:39)

ager tum yeh refer karrahe ho tou yeh Ayat-e-kareema hai




Anonymous says:

huh........we dont get any halwa puris :(

we get free beef burgers wid soda.... :S

i want halwa pureee

Come here. Here we have a lot of halwa puris and a lot of hospitals too :P

Anonymous says:

why hospitals *konfused

PS i hate this comment option... i always have to type 3 or 4x before it accepts ma comment......

PS2 i think ur comment box hate me :'(


beautiful sharing

and i want halwa purri .. im frantically missing it =(

its been ages i dug into halwa puri!
sigh good old days!

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