People are more excited than I am.

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, August 27, 2004 in
Hi readers, Today, after almost a week, I went to college. Many people didn't know my result, so as they found me today, they became excited and started asking me questions (whoa! I am famous...hehe). Had there been a camera, I would have been on TV then, as they say, "Anyone can get an A, but getting 98% is not an easy job". So, folks I have written down some of the questions that I remember, and the answers I gave/ wanted to give.

Q- Tumharay to parents khushi say pagal ho gai hongay?! =)
A- Nahi, pagal to nahi huay. They're MashaAllah still sane. =

Q- (In a totally incredulous state) Oh, you got an A in A Level Urdu. What did you write in it? =)
A- All french! =)

Q- I have heard if your paper is neat and clean, you are awarded marks for that. Is this true? =
A- Cent percent true! I kept my paper neat __no mark of pen or pencil, and see I got 98%... all for neatness!!!. The two percent were for content, and aww, I lost 'em.

Q- (eyes gaped in amazement) 98%. Distinction?
A- (with a disappointed face) Unfortunately, no!

Q- You must have got distinction. Check, there must be a little star (denoting distinction) like this (*).
A- No, ma'am. There's no star.

Q- No, beta. Check it again. I am sure there is one, like this (*).
A- (totally annoyed) Ok, I will. And if I don't find any, don't worry, I will make one (gave that Umema-Siddiqi trademark smile and slid away)

Q- Girly, you've got brains! =)
A- Really?! Where, where? =

Q- I have heard that you people are allowed to take books inside the centre only in Paper III. Did you take any help from it? =
A- Hoa yeah! after completing my paper, I read 'Umrao Jan Ada'__ a novel which I didn't read for exams.

Q- (totally shocked to hear that). No...wait...I mean...did you take any 'help' from it? I mean...you...
A- Yes, yes. I am telling you na, I completed my paper 45 minutes earlier, I had nothing to do, so I opened the book and started reading the novel. =)

Q- Did you ever, ever, ever...ever had the idea of getting 98%? =
A- Oh, I always, always, always...always had the idea of getting 98%. Afterall, I was the one who bribed the examiner. =)

Q- Urdu's so easy. How many days did you study?
A- Days?!? Hellooo... I have been studying Urdu since I was born. 19years x 365 days/year, now calculate yourself.

Q- You got 98%. I am your fan now! =)
A- Please, don't be. I am still suffering from flu. =

That's all folks.
Bye for now


Happy Birthday to u(ME)ma

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Hello people,
It's a story of last century, that Allah placed a small girl on a soft cloud, pasted the delivery tag "24 August, 1985" on her bald head, sent 2 angels for her care, and kissed and waved her good bye.
A decade has passed, time has changed things, that century is now a history, but the girl is the same, with the same name, lives with the same people, and has still got that same Dinky piece of mind =] Somethings just remain the same.
Oh, people. Last night Xak called me at 12 am. [Wah Xak, you're so punctual]. I was so glad to recieve her call. Since we both were not feeling well, we didn't talk much. Listen readers, did I tell you about the book I recieved as my gift? Well, the book is The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I was so happy when I saw it. I have just started reading it. Seems quite intersting.
Please pray for my health, cuz I am still feeling very down and dead. Seriosuly, I am sick of being sick.
That's all folks.


I am half dead

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, August 22, 2004 in
Hi readers,
wait a seco...*sneezes*....aaatishoo....(Alham do lillah)... OMG...These days I am not feeling well. Today's the fourth day that I am suffering from this killing headache. I just don't know why my head loves to ache to much. Urgh! Furthermore, the frequency of my sneezes and the amplitude of my cough is sharply increasing. I just don't know how to control it. Today, I didn't eat anything, and drank nothing but mugs filled with boiled water. Ohh God, help me. Now, my head seems to be a balloon filled with water only, and if nudged, will burst. I cant even yawn, it
seems to me as if spikes have grown in my throat. Each and every pore of my body is begging for some rest. Ufff...why is this happening with me?
Right now, I've got that mug of water in my one hand, and loadsa tissue papers in the other. (Don't think I'm typing with my toes). My nose is all red, just like a clown's nose. Urgh! I'm sure, in this week, Rose Petal Tissue Paper company will experience a sharp rise in its sales, as I have become their loyal customer.... aaa....3 x aaatishooo....(Alham do lillah)..Triple sneeze, actually! Enough of it now. Man, I just feel like taking off my nose right now...aaa....aatishoo... Iam half dead.
Amigos, please pray for my health.


My Reeesulttt

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OoO... so the grades have finally been announced. And whoa... I got an A in Urdu... yeah! at 98%.
Today, at college, when I was having my Business class, my mommese called me, and asked, "so, how are you?" and I was like "Umm...you must be knowing. I mean what about my result? Have you recieved it?" And she said,"Hmm... I have... what did you expect your grade to be?" My heart started drumming real fast at that time, and I stammered, "An A." She said, "Yes, an A at 98%...Congratulations beta". I almost screamed when I heard 98%. Actually, I was somewhat confident in getting an A, but the "98%" part just brought a big smile on my face. I couldn't believe, so I foolishly asked her, "Are you sure? I mean 98...wow...nice...good".
I dont know why, but I had a thought of getting a B at 89% cuz my essay paper didn't go that good as I expected it to be. But Alham do lillah, I am glad that I got an A. In O levels I got 93% in Urdu, so I thought I'd get something in between 90% and 93%, or maybe something below that. But I am more than glad of getting 98%. Oh, Thankyou God.


Sorrow and rain

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, August 06, 2004 in
She sat all alone with her little handkerchief laid ready to catch the first tear, for she was thinking of her fate, and a shower was expected. The fitful spring rain that pattered on the window-pane seemed to sob, "Cry away: I'm with you."


College reopens!

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Hey readers,
Today was a nice day, as compared to yesterday, cuz yesterday I felt extremely sleepy the whole day, but today, I am quite normal. Actually the college reopened yesterday. On Sunday, I was very busy and didn't get the time to organise my things. Some guests came for dinner, when they went, we started cleaning the house. So it was like 1 am or so, when I was relieved. So, then I went to offer prayers. At 1:30, I realised that I had to go to college the next day, so I started searching my books and bag. I found the books but was unable to locate my bag. And oh, I was like running across the house in search of my bag. Then, finally, I found it from my brother's cupboard (I still wonder how did it go there). Anyway, I went to bed at 2 am. Till 3 am, I was awake, just because I had the tension of getting up early. So, the next morning (i.e. Monday), I woke up at 5:30... prayed... went for the morning walk... came back... got ready for college... went to college... and yawned the whole day!!! Yesterday, I realized why our
elders say, "Beta, make a habit of sleeping early". So, I was kind of half dead yesterday, both at college and at home. But, as I said earlier, today was a better day. Went to college....wasted half an hour with my coordinator... then wwent to confirm my class schedule... attended classes... played table tennis (and also won many times...yahooo)... felt like wasting another fifteen minutes, so I again went to my coordinator... didn't get my problem solved... so I was quite angry at her... came back home... slept... woke up after a three-hour sound sleep
(just love that)... completed my assignment (just hate that)... wasted some time on the computer (just had to)... ate dinner... watched Tennis match (not the whole match so I still don't know who won... but I guess Federer will)... and now I am here, a bit angry... cuz my internet got disconnected... too bad!
Oho, did I tell you anything about my results? I've heard we'll get it on 8th or 9th, but I guess it would be 9th. In my case, I believe its 10th, cuz I didn't appear from the college, and so students like me recieve their results a bit late. Uh, everybody, please pray that I get a good grade in Urdu Adab. Now I am kinda scared of my grade, because I am now reminded of the level of language that I used in my paper. *cries* I surely want an A, and if I dont get it, I'm surely going to hammer my head in the pillar. *screams* I want an A... I want an A... I want an A...
cuz I didn't take any help from anybody... I want an A cuz I completed the whole course my self... I want an A cuz I completed it in just 18-20 days. I want an A...cuz I didn't exceed the word limit... I want an A... I want an A... And if I don't get it... It will mean that I dont have a dinky mind, but a RUSTED DINKIEST MIND... *stops screaming*
*starts crying*. Please, please, please pray for me.


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