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Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, August 19, 2004 in
OoO... so the grades have finally been announced. And whoa... I got an A in Urdu... yeah! at 98%.
Today, at college, when I was having my Business class, my mommese called me, and asked, "so, how are you?" and I was like "Umm...you must be knowing. I mean what about my result? Have you recieved it?" And she said,"Hmm... I have... what did you expect your grade to be?" My heart started drumming real fast at that time, and I stammered, "An A." She said, "Yes, an A at 98%...Congratulations beta". I almost screamed when I heard 98%. Actually, I was somewhat confident in getting an A, but the "98%" part just brought a big smile on my face. I couldn't believe, so I foolishly asked her, "Are you sure? I mean 98...wow...nice...good".
I dont know why, but I had a thought of getting a B at 89% cuz my essay paper didn't go that good as I expected it to be. But Alham do lillah, I am glad that I got an A. In O levels I got 93% in Urdu, so I thought I'd get something in between 90% and 93%, or maybe something below that. But I am more than glad of getting 98%. Oh, Thankyou God.



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