People are more excited than I am.

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Hi readers, Today, after almost a week, I went to college. Many people didn't know my result, so as they found me today, they became excited and started asking me questions (whoa! I am famous...hehe). Had there been a camera, I would have been on TV then, as they say, "Anyone can get an A, but getting 98% is not an easy job". So, folks I have written down some of the questions that I remember, and the answers I gave/ wanted to give.

Q- Tumharay to parents khushi say pagal ho gai hongay?! =)
A- Nahi, pagal to nahi huay. They're MashaAllah still sane. =

Q- (In a totally incredulous state) Oh, you got an A in A Level Urdu. What did you write in it? =)
A- All french! =)

Q- I have heard if your paper is neat and clean, you are awarded marks for that. Is this true? =
A- Cent percent true! I kept my paper neat __no mark of pen or pencil, and see I got 98%... all for neatness!!!. The two percent were for content, and aww, I lost 'em.

Q- (eyes gaped in amazement) 98%. Distinction?
A- (with a disappointed face) Unfortunately, no!

Q- You must have got distinction. Check, there must be a little star (denoting distinction) like this (*).
A- No, ma'am. There's no star.

Q- No, beta. Check it again. I am sure there is one, like this (*).
A- (totally annoyed) Ok, I will. And if I don't find any, don't worry, I will make one (gave that Umema-Siddiqi trademark smile and slid away)

Q- Girly, you've got brains! =)
A- Really?! Where, where? =

Q- I have heard that you people are allowed to take books inside the centre only in Paper III. Did you take any help from it? =
A- Hoa yeah! after completing my paper, I read 'Umrao Jan Ada'__ a novel which I didn't read for exams.

Q- (totally shocked to hear that). No...wait...I mean...did you take any 'help' from it? I mean...you...
A- Yes, yes. I am telling you na, I completed my paper 45 minutes earlier, I had nothing to do, so I opened the book and started reading the novel. =)

Q- Did you ever, ever, ever...ever had the idea of getting 98%? =
A- Oh, I always, always, always...always had the idea of getting 98%. Afterall, I was the one who bribed the examiner. =)

Q- Urdu's so easy. How many days did you study?
A- Days?!? Hellooo... I have been studying Urdu since I was born. 19years x 365 days/year, now calculate yourself.

Q- You got 98%. I am your fan now! =)
A- Please, don't be. I am still suffering from flu. =

That's all folks.
Bye for now



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