Babysitting Blues!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, August 19, 2010 in , ,
I hold a world record for sleeping before anyone else even thinks of yawning. And when it comes to putting the kids to sleep, I put my hand on their eyes and start snoring - first jhoot moot ka, and then sach much ka! But sadly it never works.

Since we're living in 21st century, we've got extra smarty, modern bachay. They don't sleep that easily. Or maybe I'm transferring my blame on them :$ I remember once putting Ashoo to sleep and before she could sleep, I was already sound asleep :) And after a while when she woke up and started crying and screaming at the top of her lungs, mum came upstairs to rescue her, and even then I was still sleeping like ... a baby? :)

A few days back I was charged with the most difficult responsibility to put Ashoo and Umer to sleep. I mean, imagine... TWO kids! The best thing about them is when one goes to sleep, the other one automatically sleeps within the next 15-20 minutes :) How sweet and easy. But you never know which one of them should you sing lullabies to first! :) So that day I decided to put both kids on each side. I made up a trillion and three stories - ranging from princess to lions and stars to jin bhoots. And then I was asked to sing all the poems of the world. And luckily or unluckily I have memorized quite a lot of poems, thanks to our Music Teacher. The kids were apparently in no mood to sleep and I, as usual, was at the peak of it! So instead of repeating the painful history, I came up with an idea. Umer has a habit of pinching his mamma's neck while sleeping, so I hollered which cutie baby is going to sleep that way. And both the kids attacked my tiny neck. Yikes! That was a bad option! They slapped, pinched and tickled it. And all three of us were laughing madly! :D And after 15 minutes my dearie momma entered the room and stared and I had to hush both of them down. Finally Umer slept! *phew*

And what about Ashoo? Well, I was happily dreaming by then :)


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