Laugh as You Like It =D

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The following images have been posted instead of any proper (?) post, because Dinky Mind is on vacations these days :P

Enjoy!!! =D

This last picture was seen on the main notice board of our university :D


Sunday Specials =)

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I was madly badly craving for prawns today. Dinky Mind doesn't care that having prawns in this hot season can end up in really nasty pimples. She's berry silly *sighs* :P So, we had around 3/4 kg of prawns, and around 1 pm I started searching the internet for prawny recipes. I asked 2 of my friends - who were online - to help me find good recipes of deep fried prawns. I found 2 good recipes, and made 3 different types of deep fried prawns =) [Miss Genius aka Dinky Mind came up with her own recipe and miraculously it was a HiT!!] :P One recipe found on the internet (of Prawn Tempura) was a flop because we don't eat Chinese style food. The recipe really had a few spices - rather 2 spices: salt and white pepper! :/ The second internet recipe (of Desi-style Deep Fried Prawns) was a HiT too, because I is a desi and I like spicy food =)

In the picture above, (7) prawns on the right side are the Desi-style Deep Fried Prawns, and the ones on left (9) are Dinky-Mind-style Deep Fried Prawns =D Oh wait, or was it the opposite? :$ *scratches head* Well, who cares, I liked both the types =P

For dinner I made burgers and that special salad that my Daddy dear always liked =) Missed you way too much =(

And this is the cutie-pie small tomato cultivated on our beloved lawn =) After taking pictures, I used it in our favorite salad =) Oh, and did I tell you it tasted yum-yum? Well, it did! =D

Cheerio folks =)


Miscommunication =P

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Click to enlarge :P



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Almost 3 weeks ago I saw this Corolla parked outside our university, with all 4 of its tyres completely flat!!!! That day I kept thinking about the guy whose car it was, and the next day I was telling my friends about this accident very sympathetically. =(

At that time I didn't dare think that if the same happens with me someday, what would I do? Half of that nightmare came true today. I got 2 flat tyres today!!! Both the left-side ones. Thankfully Ossy and Nav were with us (Ritz, Maryam and I), and they worked on the tyres. They put the car on 2 jacks (borrowed one from Saad), took the tyres to the nearby tyre shop and got them fixed. And when they returned, they realized that they had left one of the two defected tyres under the car and took the spare one instead :D Anyway, Ossy and Nav fixed each tyre, while I stood under the cool shadow of a Neem tree, munching 'makaie' . Hey, don't think I'm bad. It's just that I've got very good friends who didn't want me to stand in the sun and witness the tyre-fixing ceremony :D

When they both fixed the tyres, I decided to head home (I was already an hour-and-a-half late), although we had to go to Mc Donald's for lunch. :P It was a fun day. Sometimes such incidents are good for a change. :D But I still hope the ******* who did this should soon get his tyres phuss! :D

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Thank you Ossy, Nav and Saad. You guys are really great!!!
PPS: And thanks to Ritz and Maryam too, who gave me company in munching 'makaie' :D


Stitching Clothes

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[WARNING: Dinky Mind's in the mood of bragging today, so don't be jealous :P]

Alhamdolillah I know cooking (at least I can satisfy my tummy meter), I know baking (I've got a few specialities too :P), I'm good at studies, I know driving, I know shooting and I'm pretty good at all the other household chores too (Remember, I enjoy doing laundry and ironing clothes? :P). But there's one thing I don't know and that's Stitching clothes!!! Like not even 1% do I know about it. I just can't cut a cloth piece. Or stitch it. I just know how to pass a thread through a needle and stitch a button on a shirt. Okay, that makes it 1% now :D hehehe.

I'm 100% dependent on my Momma to stitch clothes for me. I rarely like ready-made clothes because they rarely fit me. And I don't even like clothes stitched by tailors. They either fit my shirts too much or stitch them on a fat woman's size :/ I can't tolerate such things. In the end I have to pay them for ruining my clothes. :/

So, that day, I asked Momma to teach me how to stitch.

Momma: *her immediate reaction* "Whaaaaat? You and Stitching???"
Me: *innocently* "Just for a change?" :p

I can't brag about anything related to stitching. But it reminds me that in grade 6th, I once stitched an apron (which is now neatly packed and placed with my other dowry stuff). Hahahaha. :D Oh, and I did not make it using a sewing machine. We had to hand-stitch it :/ That's probably THE only thing I've ever stitched (wait till Dinky Mind recalls anything else) :P

Prayers needed for this Dinkum.

Cheerio folks =)



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Good day and good morning!
Here is your early morning tea
and here are your crack-a-dawn cereals.
Sugar is also provided.
Breakfast in bed, room service calling!
Are you awake?

Darren, sit up! I'm giving you
ten seconds, starting now! TEN.
The weather outside is fine - at least
by North Sea standards. NINE.
Just a fresh Force Six blowing and a spot
of rain lashing the rooftops. EIGHT.
The sun is shining - lucky Australians!
The bus, however, is on time
according to local radio - SEVEN -
and if you want to walk again and be

reported to the Head that is your business
but - SIX - I have a bus to catch too
and you can pay for a taxi out of your pocket money
if I miss it the third morning running.
FIVE. Your gerbil has been eaten by the dog
and the dog has been eaten by a crocodile
that got in down the chimney and is, at the moment,
opening it jaws over your toes-
feel it? No? Oh well.
FOUR. A letter has just arrived,
postmarked Wembley, inviting you to play
for England next Saturday against Czechoslovakia -
bet you won't be late for that - THREE.
Czechoslovakia is one of the eighteen spellings
wrong in your Geography homework.
Why wasn't it handed in last week? I found
the letter you forged from your dad
stating you had a dental appointment
on Friday afternoon - TWO - you could
at least have spelt his Christian name right
and the address. Make an appointment with him
an hour after you intend to go out tonight.

ONE. This is your mother speaking
and I am about to pour tea
over your head, even if it causes me
extra washing. I won't begrudge the powder.
Darren, I'm giving you HALF A SECOND, A QUARTER,
AN EIGHTH. No this is not a nightmare,
no the trickle of water you feel at this moment,
is NOT an illusion...

[By Brian Morse
from Bushi's English Book]

Cheerio folks =)


Water Melon phobia

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So Mars and I went for some fruit shopping yesterday and I had told him that if the shopkeeper gives a piece of water melon to taste, then you'd be the one eating it and not me. Anyway, we went up to him, asked the rates, and I then chose a huge water melon and warned him that I'd buy it only if it is good in color and taste. So he cut a piece out of it and offered it to me. I asked Mars to taste it. And Mars was asking me to taste it. This thing repeated thrice until I glared at him and he finally took the piece and gulped it.

Me: So how was it, sweet?
Mars: Yeah
Me: So we should buy it?
Mars: Yeaaahhhh!

Finally I paid the shopkeeper and got it packed. When I came home, I told Momma how Mars was irritating me when I had told him earlier to taste the water melon. And it was then that he entered the room and said, "And you know why I was asking YOU to taste it? It's because I don't eat melons; water or no water. And I did not even taste it properly. I did put it in my mouth, then turned around and threw it out."

And Momma and I got an intensive laughing fit! =D Haye, my poor brother! :D

Oh, and the picture above is taken by meeh =D And that's the scoop that my Daddy Dear bought for me. It's one of those dozen things he had bought for me that day.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: That's water melon scooped out. Don't confuse it with gulab jaman :p


Reckless Driving

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Oh yeah, I drove recklessly yesterday. And I did end up having an accident!

The story goes like this: I had to pick Bushi up from school at 1:45 pm. I was getting late. It is hardly a 10-minute drive from our place to his school, but I have this habit of "being punctual"! So I drove really fast. Plus, I was tensed about the preparation of my today's exam (which went quite well, Alhamdolillah). I was driving at the speed of ... around 80 or so. And for me, this is FAST! [Long ago I have once driven with this speed when I sensed a bike-wala was chasing me] Anyway, I reached his school around 1:55 pm. Picked him up and headed back home. I avoided 2-3 accidents, nearly squashed an elderly uncle and a blind lady (she was seriously doing a cat-walk on such a busy road). When I drove down the bridge near our colony (and I did slow down to a speed of 30), a bike-wala came from I-don't-know-where and tried to make way between my car and the truck on my left. And poor soul lost his control, bumped his bike in my car, skidded on the road, fell, and... I was safely inside my colony then!

It was then that I discovered that the rear bumper of my car broke from the left side and was pushed upwards. Dayum!!! Such accidents scare the hell outta me! Although I kept on wondering about that bike-wala for long, I was pretty sad at the condition of my car too. I love my Corolla. I seriously do. My parents have never let me drive above the speed of 60. After an hour of that accident, I went to the mechanic and got the bumper fixed. And this time I have promised myself never to drive that fast.

There's one thing I have noticed. Whenever I go out, I always have my Momma recite Ayat-al-Kursi on me. Yesterday she forgot. And whenever she doesn't recite it on me, I always, like ALWAYS, end up having an accident. This has happened with me 4 times! *sigh*

Keep praying for this Dinky driver (who can't even see the bonnet of her car) :P

Cheerio folks =)

PS: My Treasury exam went so well - better than what I expected. And honestly, I was hell scared and worried about this course. I wonder why did I take such a *beepy* course :/ But I'm happy. Exams finito. Finally! :D I is a happy kid :)

PPS: It's 7:30 pm and still not dark outside :/ When will the day end? When will I sleep? :(


New course books!

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Bushi's new academic year has just started. So, yesterday I went to buy his course books. And I was reminded of the times when I used to visit the bookshops very often to buy my O- and A-Level books and past papers. During these (almost) 4 years of my university life, I have never visited a bookshop with the intention to buy any coursebook. Thanks to my classmates who would go and buy books for me too =)

Getting back to the point. Momma dear was putting plastic covers on his books and copies. Usually I do this every year, but since I had an exam today, I was (or pretending to be) busy in studying Auditing. But I love books. I love kiddy books more. So, I kept my notebook aside and started reading Bushi's books. His English book has such nice stories. And I then read his "Pakistan ki sayr", and his Science textbook. I just love those glossy-paper books. I hope he uses them with all due care :( At one point, I was so deeply delved in those books, I hardly noticed Momma staring at me. Hehe. =) And then I got back to studying Auditing :( [And my paper went okay-ish] :/ I'm waiting for my exams to finish so I could read all of his books :$

Oh, I'm in love with this song - Bandar Road se Kemari... :D I want to sit in a tonga :(

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Prayers needed for my last paper - Treasury and Funds Management - the nightmare of my life, scheduled at 12:30 pm, Wednesday :(


The Lemonade Blog Award

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Long long ago, once upon a time, I was given this award by Absar, Siras and then Ahmer.

The Rules

1. Thank the person who was so thoughtful for giving you this award by linking their blog to this post.
Aww, thankoo so much for the awarding me this thing =)

2. Put the logo on your blog or post.

3. Nominate 10 blogs which show great attitude/gratitude.
Tehen? That's like too much. But I'd try :$

4. Link your nominees to your post.
Okie =)

5. Comment them to tell them about the award they’ve won.
Bahhh! I've got an exam today. Have some mercy on me pwease :$

So here I nominate:
Phew! Done! Finally! :D

Ab please pray for my exam. I wasted my 5-day gap and started studying last night :(

Cheerio fohlks =)


Laptop Care

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Yesterday I was talking to this friend about my Mac, who's also a big fan of Apple. And he asked me if my Mac gets heated up. Oh well, it does. And then he told me such a nice tip (which, of course, Dinky Mind didn't know). He said to keep the notebooks cooler, one must keep a wooden drawing board (or any wooden board you get, right [V]?) under the notebook. And then your Mac-delights or any-other-laptop won't get heated up :) How cool that is =)

Oh, and this reminds me he has got 2 berry cute puppies. I asked him their names and he said he hasn't thought about them yet. I was so glad to find another Dinky Mind :D hehe. Anyway, to help him out, I named his pups Fluffy and Duffy :D Yep, Duffy is female =) I still envy him for such cutie pies :(

Me off now. Planning to study :P

Cheerio folks =)


Pistol shooting

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And today was my first day at the 10-meter Pistol Shooting Range. And it was horrible :D My arm's hurting like anything. Dayum these huge pistols. And tell you what, it's so hard to position yourself and focus at the target properly. I seriously can't hold my breath for that long. Plus, I've got such miniature hands, I can't hold the weapon properly either. And our coach is such an unfriendly guy. He should be knowing that I've the talent to excel in it :P but at the moment I need his patient guidance. Lol.

And if I am ever asked to choose between Rifles or Pistol Shooting, I'd definitely go for Rifles. These people have got such awesome-ish rifles. Mannnnnn!!! :D And I personally like rifles - those sleek, black, elegant rifles :P

Oh, and this reminds me I have to buy (one eye blocking) glasses :P

Cheerio folks.

PS: I've still got 2 exams left. So loadsa prayers needed. Thankoos :)


Burger Time

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Hmmm, guessed right, I made burger today :) And I topped mine with extra Mozzarella cheese and garlic dip. Ahhhhh, so heavenly. And I ate the whole of it, which is a very rare thing. I have just once finished Subway's Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. And the reason was, we had not ordered cold drink that day :P The moment I sip cold drink/ water/ juice, etc., I feel my tummy-meter showing full! I can either finish cold drink and fries, or I can finish the sandwich/ burger, and pass the fries and drink to my bros.

Oh, and did I tell you I love garlic dip like anything? I had it in Jeddah for the first time when we had Al-Baik. The dips and ketchups used to come in very cute miniature boxes. And my Dad and I used to hide them in our pockets, and would literally lick the box when we'd go out :D Ahhh, I miss you and those garlic-dip boxes. And my pwetty Momma makes one heck of garlic dip. And no, it's not mixing crushed garlic in mayonnaise. It's a completely different recipe and berry yummy too :D

Oh, getting back to my home-made Burger now ;) Oh my God, I'm so full, I can harldy burp :D Hehehe. Now I can just see cheeeeeese and garlic dip everywhere. Somebody Stop Meeeeeeeeh :P All I can say it, it was a yumm-yumm thing, and I still love myself for making this cheese-laden burger AND that cheese-stuffed pizzaaaa. Ssssssmokin' :P

Okay, just pray that I stop acting like The Mask, and I stop eating too many cheese things and chocolates too :P

Cheerio folks =)

PS: My first exam went awesome-ish :D Yayyyy! And this means that I had a very blessed day. Alhamdolillah! :) Thanks to all those who prayed for this Dinky Mind. Tension not, Allah will reward you for sure :)


When You Grow Up.

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Today I've got my first Mid-Term exam of WTO (at 6:30 pm). I was studying - rather just reading my notes quickly - when my lil niece came and sat next to me. She is, by default, a very very mischievous and problem-creating kid. So I made her sit with me on the condition that she won't disturb me a teeny bit.

Me: *reading at a real fast speed*
Abeer: *innocently looking at my face and then at my notebook*
Me: *finishes reading*
Abeer: Puppooo, you study at a good fast speed. So when you'll grow up, you'll surely go to college one day.
Me: O yeah? Thanks ;) And where do I study right now?
Abeer: Junie-vasty (universtiy)
Me: After that I'd go (back) to college?
Abeer: Yes! I know you will! Like I will!
Me: Hmm... So who's gonna grow up first then?
Abeer: Me shall! I'm in school now, then I'd go to college, and then to junie-vasty!
Me: Poink!!!! :O

*sigh* You can never win an argument with such kids :D

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I'm having a lot of chocolate lately. I brought a bottle of chocolate spread too, some 3-4 days ago. And it's about to get emptied now :( I eat several spoonful of chocolate a day :(

PPS: Last night I accidentally got Mortein spray in my left eye. And since then I've been rubbing my eye badly. O yeah, I did wash it with cold water. Although it feels okay now, but my eyes look unbalanced in size now :D


The Honest Scrap Award

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And I've been awarded The Honest Scrap Award by Siras. :D Thankoo sweeets :D

The rules of the award:

• Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
• Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
• List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

Oh man, 10 honest things about meeh? That's gonna be tough, honestly :D

Well, let's try.

  1. My short height used to bug me a lot when I was in school. But not anymore, because we've got so many short-heighted girls in our university, I feel good when I go stand next to them :P (Yeah, I know I'm evil) :D
  2. If I fight with someone, then the next day when I wake up, I forget about that fight. I wake up with a clear memory.
  3. I go crazy when I see the sea :D
  4. I eat a lot during exam days.
  5. And then I fret about pushing my tummy in :/ which I don't have, according to my friends :$
  6. I know I've got the worst voice in the whole world, yet I like to sing :P I'm my Momma's kitchen radio :D
  7. I'm way too crazy about hand-bags and sandals and yet I've got such a limited collection. [Not many things match my taste :/]
  8. I still love Barbie dolls :$ And I sometimes wish someone could gift me a Barbie (with its accessories AND a Barbie house) on my birthday :(
  9. I like taking pictures of myself. Lol. I love myself for who I am and how I look :D [Those who have seen me might contradict] hahaha :D
  10. I've always, like ALWAYS, wanted to do something different. And I've still not come up with that different idea. :D Umm, or probably I wanted to try to hold a key position at the UN *haye* :D

And now the 7 blogs I like to give this award to:

  1. Saady.
  2. Saadie.
  3. Unaiza.
  4. Yesterday was better.
  5. You Tee.
  6. Adha-naan bhai :P
  7. Kamran.

Cheerio folks =)



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Dearest Daddy

Yesterday I made cheese stuffed pizza. It was so so so SO awesome, I love myself for making such a thing :$ hahaha. I missed you so badly because you always loved anything that I made. And this pizza was one thing that I wanted to make for so long. But I hope you get to eat a better cuisine over there :) Still, I missed that pat-on-the-back scene. I used to feel like a top class cook at that time :)
I did take a few pictures, but since we had a power failure at that time, the pictures didn't come out that good :/ But last night I had stuffed myself so much that today I skipped my breakfast :D Don't worry, I'm going to have a slice for pizza for lunch ;)

Keep praying


PS: I didn't make salad yesterday. You and I used to finish the bowl. So I might make it next time :)


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