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Bushi's new academic year has just started. So, yesterday I went to buy his course books. And I was reminded of the times when I used to visit the bookshops very often to buy my O- and A-Level books and past papers. During these (almost) 4 years of my university life, I have never visited a bookshop with the intention to buy any coursebook. Thanks to my classmates who would go and buy books for me too =)

Getting back to the point. Momma dear was putting plastic covers on his books and copies. Usually I do this every year, but since I had an exam today, I was (or pretending to be) busy in studying Auditing. But I love books. I love kiddy books more. So, I kept my notebook aside and started reading Bushi's books. His English book has such nice stories. And I then read his "Pakistan ki sayr", and his Science textbook. I just love those glossy-paper books. I hope he uses them with all due care :( At one point, I was so deeply delved in those books, I hardly noticed Momma staring at me. Hehe. =) And then I got back to studying Auditing :( [And my paper went okay-ish] :/ I'm waiting for my exams to finish so I could read all of his books :$

Oh, I'm in love with this song - Bandar Road se Kemari... :D I want to sit in a tonga :(

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Prayers needed for my last paper - Treasury and Funds Management - the nightmare of my life, scheduled at 12:30 pm, Wednesday :(



Good luck with your exam! Let's hope it goes well and let u enjoy your tum tum!

I wonder how you manage to keep up with your blog during your exams...
no tagging
no awards...
I dun really get time to post on my blog.. so I am returning that award .. as I don't deserve it!! =D

rasheed says:

assalam o alaikum!
i still remember how much i was delighted once i was a kid n i got my first textbook in Class 5th(v didint have books uptil class 5, in our TAAT school). i still remember i couldnt sleep well due to overwhelmed emotions and the greatest joy of having a posession of a BOOK. becoz uptil 5th class only the TEACHER used to have the book. so it was considered to be an honour to be in class 5th to have an ownership of a book. i went with my father to buy that book...that was the last year of mine to live in village n study in that school...it was a primary school once my father studied there way back in early 60's n it still is a Primary school these days. we have given application for registration of a high school on Self Help Basis.Just pray for that...Good Luck for ur Examz

rasheed says:

y it is so difficult to post comments on ur blog...ahhhhhhh

~Ahmer: Lol. Thankoo =) Tomorrow I'd be free InshAllah :D

~Jingo bhai: Now you're showing bilawajah ka attitude :P I'd thopafy that award on you if you show more attitude :D

~Rasheed: Walaikum Assalam.
I still feel delighted and overwhelmed when I buy new books for myself or my siblings =)
And I pray that that application gets approved and your wish to educate the children over there gets fulfilled :) Ameen.

Is it really that difficult? How?

rasheed says:

assalam o alaikum!
the normal number of tries that i performed to post my comments on ur blog is almost 8 - 10...i dont know much about the computers but everytime there is some problem , which i have to rectify... you must have observed few days back that i have posted same comments twice due to same reasons....but no problem...urs is the only blog that i visit...so dont worry about one viewer/reader...

may Allah help u in ur paper but parh bhi lena :)

Ooooh bushy dear's in a new class? Awesome ... tried singing this tar tar aloud? Its so much fun ~ I tell ye ;)

~Rasheed: walaikum Assalam.
You must be using a dial-up connection. My blog is a lil too heavy for dialups. I'm so sorry for that.

~Asma: perhnay ka he to mood nae :P
Nae, I just read the tar tar quietly and it still sounded fun :D

Aww, cute! :)

And good luck for your exam! :)

hahaha! yeah it's so much fun reading these books. I love the urdu poems in my bhatija bhatiji's books =P

And that song,, wow - seen/heard that after a long time! thanx for sharing! =D

~Siras: Thankooo =)

~Kamran: I heard it after a long time on radio and decided to youtube it instantly =)

rasheed says:

assalam o alaikum!
i suppose it is PTCL DSL connection, no need to be sorry for that, machines donot understand the human feelings...

you're tagged too! =P

~Rasheed: Walaikum Assalam.
If it's DSL, then it should work fast :D

~Kamran: Thanks for giving me mera he award :P

rubina says:

hey dinky mind,.,

i have read quite a lot of your posts. and it sounds full of life and fun., :-)

keep writing.,

all the best in all of your ventures., and assignments, ....

cheers, 'n' regards rubina.,

~Rubina: Awww, thanks for liking and appreciating =) Keep visiting =)

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