When Dinky Mind sleeps in class

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, December 29, 2008
I slept around 3:30 am last night. First of all, those evil mosquitoes were feasting on my blood, and secondly I had been wearing my dental retainers. As usual, I wore them after a decade, so I was having extra pain :( I had to take them off in order to sleep. [Taking them off means more pain. Eeks!] Anyways, I slept around 3:30 am and after 10 minutes it was 7:30 am - time to wake up. :/ Got dressed up, picked up my heavy bag (a 2 kg Mac is a huge weight for me to carry), drove with my eyes half opened, and reached the university in 5 minutes. [Yep, I drive real fast when I'm sleepy. I'm weird, I know]. Anyways, in the class I sat in the front row so I could keep my eyes open and my attention focused. But my hands were dead, and I wrote the text in a really incomprehendible (sp.?) writing. After two hours of continuous torture (of staring blankly at the board), we finally got a 15-minute blissful break. Like a robot, I picked up my heavy bag again, and headed towards the back of the hall. There are such comfy 2-seaters over there. I slammed by bag on the arm-rest and rested my head on it. Folded my legs on the sofa, hid my face in arms, closed my eyes and I FELL ASLEEP!! I must have taken a 5 -7 minute nap only. And thankfully there weren't many people in the class at that time, just a few of my friends and that bunch of stupid girls whose hands are glued to their cellphones and they rarely walk out of the class.

That nap refreshed me up so much so that I went to the cafe, had a good bag of chips (aka my breakfast), and skipped the second half of the class =D Evil moi, I know :D


I wish, I wish with all my heart...

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, December 26, 2008 in
Dec 25th is a holiday because Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan, was born. Dec 27th will be a holiday on account of Mohtarma BB's death anniversary. There is no (national) holiday on Dec 26th. I wish Zardari could visit Afghanistan today. We would then have 3 holidays in a row!

Cheerio folks =)


Blue with green tea

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, December 18, 2008 in ,

My friends got sick of me always whining about my motu tummy. So they gave me the idea of drinking Green Tea. Uptil now I haven't drunk any type of tea - green, brown, black, pink, magenta, orange, etc. So that day, when Momma asked me to make Green Tea for her, I asked her if I should try it too. She had no problem with that, but was thinking if I'd shrink and disappear one day :D Anyways, I made 2 cups, and squeezed 1/4 of a good lemon in my cup. Momma doesn't take sugar, so I followed her. Remember, I drink sugar-free milk too? So, I took the first sip, and it was so ewwwwww! Seriously!! Probably I needed to add sugar to it, or I shouldn't have squeezed too much of that lemon in it. Whatever the case, I didn't finish my tea. I just couldn't. It didn't taste good.

After 2 days, I was again forced by my freind (who gave me the idea of drinking green tea) to try another cup. This time, I made myself half a cup :P and added 1/2 tsp of sugar and 2 drops of lemon juice. I gulped 2-3 tiny sips. It was then when I saw my Momma take the last sip that I decided not to drink green tea ever again. She made such a bitter face, and said that last sips are always that bitter. No doubt it was quite evident :)

I'm happy with my fatty tummy. I just can't drink Green Tea. I'd rather excercise or walk. :D

Oh, and it's so much fun to attend shaadian and all :D Wearing all those chamkeelay (not paindoo, but decent) dresses and being photogrphed :D And oh, how can I forget taking photos of those pastries wrapped in red ghararas :D

Cheerio folks =)

P.S.: I needa shleep. Daily we come home around 3 am from mehndis, mayoun, and shaadis :(


Mac Geek :D

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, December 06, 2008 in
Oh my god! Oh my god! I'm going crazy! I got such an awesome eidi this time :D Not a bakra or gaie or oont or anything, but a MacBook - the NEW MacBook :D MashAllah it's so amazing. I so wanted a MacBook for the past 2-3 years. And Alhamdolillah got it now :D [Ayesma, you buy one too ab] :)

I went to place an order on Dec 3 at Bawany's. The check got cleared in 3 frikkin' days. And in those 3 days, I had to keep the news in my porous stomach. It was seriously too hard. And today, when I went to pick it up around 5 pm, I felt like ...I can't explain that feeling :D Today, when I txted a few of my close friends and told them about the good news, they all were so happy :D Ritz was so happy for me *hugs* :) And so was SD :) He called me from US. Without checking the number on CLI, I picked up the call and recognized him when he said, "Where's my treat k***?" [K*** is a very weird name he has for me :D It's one of those million names he has for me :) ]. Ufff, I wasn't expecting his call, but was so glad to have a congraty call from him :D

And I feel like singing, "Aaj apun ki zindagi ka bohat bara din hay. Aaj to apun naachay ga bhee, aur apun gai ga bhee" :D I'm sure Ayesma must be knowing this song, righto? :P

Cheerio folks =)


Dinky Mind's all rusted for sure

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1. My bloggy turned 5 on Nov 29th and I didn't get time to blog about it :( *hugs her blog* Actually we had gone to Nathiagali (not the one in Northern Areas, but Karachi wali) And that is such a nice place, with the exception of those pointed gravels there. There's absolutely clear water. And the best thing about it was that the whole beach was for us that day. I have been there a couple times earlier too, but that was some 4-5 years ago. A few of Naval dinner parties were held there. Oh my god, that place is really amazing. I'd post the pictures soon.

2. I forgot Ritz's birthday :( It was on Dec 4, and I thought she was born on Dec 5. Dayum! Why do people change their DOB every year? :/ I forgot Jajo's birthday, and now Ritz's birthday... What's going on? I blame my N70 for all this. Why did it crash when I needed it the most? It had all the dates saved in it. Now I have to note all of them down again! Argh!

3. Shaadian coming up. I love attending shadis and watch pastry-looking brides sit like an idol for 3 straight hours :D Waisay, beauty parlors shouldn't 'decorate' their faces that much. The lesser the make-over, the better. I hope both of my cousins, who are getting married, don't look like pastries.

4. I'm waiting for a cheque (check?) to be cleared. It should be cleared today or I'd seriously go punch that guy's face. Any powerful person reading my blog? I need your assistance :) My happiness lies in that cheque (check?) :D

5. Eid shopping still left. :( When will I buy sandals and jewellery? *Wake up, Dinkum!* Plus, I want some new shades of nail enamel.

6. Oh, and it rained last night :D Me sho happy :) I love rains. It's just the lightning and the garaj that scares me most :$

7. My dental retainers are becoming a big problem for me. Whenever I fix them, it hurts me so much, I have to put my hand over my mouth for the next 30 minutes :( I sit in a corner and quietly wait for the 30 minutes to pass :( Haye, so unbearable it is sometimes.

Prayers needed, as always.

Cheerio folks =)


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