Amla, Reetha, Sikakai

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So the title does give you a hint that I've carried out a new experiment on my hair, doesn't it? :P
Okay, coming back to the topic, I made a mixture of ground Aamla, Reetha and Sikakai and asked Momma to apply it on my jharoo hair. Long time ago, Dad brought this thing, but not in powdered form. And man it was so hard to kootafy all this stuff, especially the Aamla (or was it Reetha? Whatever), because it is sticky and hence quite hard to crush. Anyways, later one day, Dad brought the powdered one and today I got time to apply the paste on my head.

Now read the dreadful part. When the time came to wash my hair, and when I untied them, they were really giving the picture of a jharoo with loadsa mitti in it. Seriously. My hair had gone dry like anything and because those three things were not finely ground, they were making my hair look gravel-studded :/ [Yea I won't mind if you say Eww for the next 20 mintues. I felt the same :/]. And when I washed them, some Coke type black water started flowing down my hair. [I give you another 10 mintues to Eww]. And I literally had to pull those tiny lumps from each of my (now really long) hair. This experiment really tested my patience today. Huff! But the results were amazing! Seriously! I mean this is the first time I used this stuff and, as our grannies say, it really conditioned my hair.

Those who want to Eww a lil more, let me tell them my Momma has applied henna, egg yolks, yogurt, honey, butter and all the ala-bala things on my hair. I once used hair color too, but it was of no use since I've got triple-dyed hair already. Is this is a blessing? :$

Those who really are nuts like me, and who want to try this thing out, let me tell you, later you will start scratching your head quite frequently. The remaining tiny lumps make you scratch. :/

If I had told this thing to Aashoo, she would've said:
یایا ۔۔۔ سر۔۔۔ بو واوا
Translation: لالا کے سر میں ُہو بابا ھے
[Lala is me] :)

Whoever scratches his head, she quickly says, "in ke sir mein hoo baba hay" :D

So please always keep your heads clean :D

Cheerio folks =)


Going Cosméceutique

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The type of skin I have is commonly known as the “Dinosaur Skin” by my family members. All my siblings have delicate skins, but I have a thick one, hence, the Dinosaur Skin. I have always strived to make my skin look better, a little fresh, so I have used all those sweet-smelling lotions and even ugly-looking mud masks. [Yeah, I’ve got a lot of time to waste on carrying on experiments on my skin and hair] :D But now no more hassles, as I’ve got Cosméceutique creams. Yay!!! :) There are 8 varieties in this range – Skin fairness, Wrinkle control, Freckle and black spots, Age defying, Acne & pimples, Pimple scars, Sebum control, and Cellulite control.

I got this package some 10 days ago. These creams were so nicely packed, I didn’t want to open them in the first instance :D And it really took me a good 20 minutes to carefully unwrap the big box. There was this cute black bag inside, with an even cuter card ribboned to it. There were 2 packs of creams, a few booklets, and discount coupons :) I ordered the skin fairness and sebum control creams.

It is true that I’m often referred to as a Dark Chocolate cuz I’m tan, but this is not the main reason why I ordered this cream. Hehe. This cream protects the skin against harmful UV radiations. I’ve tried using some of those good sun-block creams, but they’re so sticky, they annoy me a lot. I started using this product by Cosméceutique and I’m quite satisfied with it. The best thing about it is that it absorbs completely, and hence, no ewwy feelings :) Plus it has Umbelliferin, or simply put, coriander seeds. I’m really glad to find such natural ingredients in these creams. Moreover, this product has a tongue-twisting ingredient – Tetrahydrocurcuminoids. And Dinky Mind is happy to find ‘hydro’ and ‘cumin’ in this long word :) And did I ever tell you I used to do water therapy for the freshness of my skin? Well, not anymore, as I’ve got this cream which would do half the water therapy now :D

The other cream that I got was the Sebum Control. I’ve got such an oily skin that Momma says that if the Amreekis get to know how much oily skin I have, they’d one day come to drill and extract it all. Lol. Now I have Cosméceutique Sebum Control to take care of the excess oil. Ahhh, I’m so relieved. This cream has really helped my face to look fresh rather than an oil reservoir.

Thank you Cosméceutique. My skin glows happily now :)



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کبھی احساس ھو تم کو
کہ تم اچھا نہیں کرتے
جو مجھ کو یوں رلاتے ھو
لہو میرا جلاتے ھو
اگر اس آگ میں جل کر
میں اک دن راکھ ھو جاؤں
مجھے دل سے بھلا دینا
سمندر میں بہا دینا
مگر یہ یاد رکھنا تم
خدا سے یہ دعا کرنا
کہ جو اچھا لگے تم کو
وہ تم جیسا کبھی نہ ھو

Read this on some blog and Dinky Mind has now forgotten the name of that blog :$But thanks to that blog and thanks to me too who wrote it down on a piece of paper :D

Cheerio folks =)


Quite Relieved

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Alhamdolillah, Dad is feeling healthy again. He had cardiac arrest TWICE. One on the same day, i.e. last wednesday, Sept 3, but doctors didn't tell us that day. They said we brought him to the hospital on time. Thank God. Next was on Friday, Sept 5, in the morning. He was about to discharge the same day, but when in the morning he had another attck, the Rahat Hospital staff shifted him to Shifa Hospital. Momma was with Dad in the ambulance, and my bari chachi was with me. I was driving like a crazy person. Hazards on, right behind the ambulance. The sirens were paralyzing my brain and I was crying and driving at the same time. Such an unexplainable situation it was. My Chachi was trying her best to console me and I was just wishing for my Dad's life. He was immediately shifted to the CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) and doctors were so hopeless, asking us to pray. I felt like killing that darn doctor! He was so calmly saying that there wasn't any hope. His sugar level shot to an alarming 389. His blood pressure was 210/130. We weren't allowed in the CCU. The whole Friday I kept crying like anything, especially when my relatives were hugging me, wiping my tears and saying, "Tum to bahadur beti ho na". I wanted to lock myself in an empty room and cry my heart out.

On Saturday, when I went to see him, he held my hand and started crying. I so badly tried to say, "Papa, you'd be fine InshAllah", but these words just couldn't make their way out of my mouth. There were scary ECG machines, oxygen masks and injections around him. When I coudln't resist my tears, my Momma helped we walk out of the room.

My dad had his angiography in 2005 and doctors then said that only 20% of his heart is working, 80% is blocked! And when I was reminded of this statement, I would cry with more intensity. Thankfully his condition improved with every passing day and he was finally discharged on Tuesday, Sept 9.

I thank you all from the core of my heart for you all prayed for his health. May Allah reward you all. Amen.

Have a blessed day.


Really badly tensed!

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1. My Dad is suffering from Malaria (sp.?). I request you all to please pray for him. Alhamdolillah he is feeling a lot better now. But yesterday we all couldn't sleep. I think we should get rid of all those plantations right outside our main door. But that's really hard. My Momma loves her plants. And there isn't a whole tribe of mosquitoes living in our house or on the plants outside. Must be a باہر والا mosquito. But Alhamdolillah, Dad is quite better :)

2. My Nokia N70 crashed last night! This gave me triple tension! After Iftar when I picked up my phone, it was showing an abnormal screen - highly pixilated. I've never experienced such a situation in the past 2 years with this phone. So, as a matter of fact, I was highly frustrated. اسے بھی آج ھی خراب ھونا تھا؟ . But even it had happened any other day, I would have said the same. Anyways, I took everything out of it - the battery, the sim card, the MMC. Then inserted everything back, recited Ayat-al-Kursi and Bismillah, phoonkafied the phone :P, and then restarted it! Bahhhh! No change! I felt like throwing it out of the window, but then dropped the idea. After all, it was my only beloved phone. A phone I'm quite attached to. I realised this when I borrowed my bro's phone - Nokia 1200. Man, this phone has such hard keys. Probably because my bro is a بادشاہ آدمی, doesn't txt his friends, but directly calls them. And I am addicted to txting. That's why my N70's keys are berry berry soft. Plus this 1200 has such an idiotic vibration. For half an hour it keeps on vibrating like a maniac, until you press any key to stop it from acting like a lunatic!

Today my bro will hopefully take the phone for repair :( I pray it gets well soon. Or should I buy a new phone? Cuz my cousins are after me ke N70 is slow and blah blah blah, so you should sell it and get a better one, something like Ericcson (sp.?) . But right now I'm having a tough time with this 1200.

3. Yesterday I forgot to pull the USB from the office PC. I didn't even know I forgot to take it out until today when I came and found out it was still inserted there. Ahhh... Dinky Mind is becoming more and more rusted these days. *Sigh*. If God forbid yesterday was my last day over here, I would have never seen my cutie USB again. This tiny thing is of huge help to me. *pulls it out immediately and drops it in her bag*. Happy again :)

Prayers needed :(

Cheerio folks =)



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کل تو سکون سے گزر گئی (گیا؟) مگر آج کیوں اتنا روزہ لگ رہا ھے؟

ایک تو آج یہ مغرب کب ھوگی؟ :(

I know I shouldn't be saying like this but... okay, I stop!

Pwease pray for me :(

Cheerio folks.


Ramadan Kareem

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I wish a happy Ramadan to all the Muslims. Tomorrow will be our first roza (hopefully). I pray Allah guides us all and showers His blessings on us. Ameen.

Now coming back to my rants. Momma has decided that there will be no Iftari scene this Ramadan. Just direct dinner! *cries like anything* I mean a dining table littered with every type of greasy stuff is something I want to have when I break my fast. And now we'll be having Daal, chawal, and fried aaloo after dates and a mug of milk! Nahhhh... Okay, I admit, Daal chawal aaloo is my favourite dish (add some achaar too :P) but this shouldn't be the iftar menu! Momma says we all are growing fat. And I've been recently given a new title by her: توپ کا گولہ *sigh* It is true I'm eating a lot these days and I do fear what will happen to me in Ramadan, but giving me such a name doesn't sound that good :( My tummy is getting outta control and I've been threatened that if I don't tone it up, I wouldn't be getting new dresses for my cousins' shadis :( She knows my weaknesses! *another sigh*

And this weekend was the worst as far as food is concerned. I ate a lot (okay, MashAllah se). I must've had a few gallons of chocolate, some half ton of potatoes (in the form of fries) and God knows how many kilolitres of oil! And before those ugly pimples start to pop up on my face, I better reduce my consumption of all this greasy stuff (plus chocolates etc). *triple sigh* God, save moi!

Pary for me pwease

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Uni starting from 15th. Finally!


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