Living Among Legit Liars

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 in
Maya Khan. Who doesn't know her, specially after the spotting-couples-in-a-park-and-asking-about-their-marital-status incident. For more than a month (till the next video gets aired), everyone was blaming her, condemning her for her actions, ordering her for an apology and uncovering her secrets to show her how much it hurts when the same happens to you.

Today Maya Khan appeared in an exclusive interview with Kamran Shahid in Front Line.

Looking at one side of the coin and the argument seems very plausible - no-one has the right to invade anyone's privacy. Valid reason. Maya fired. Argument closed!

View the other side of the coin and kaboom! It was all fake! Nobody was at stake. Actors confessed. Maya apologized. Broken glass fixed!

But well... Does your mind accept this change of affairs? Eyebrows were raised then and eyebrows are raised again. But why did it take more than a month for Maya to come up with the stark evidences. Were the facts being cooked in the meantime?

I have been a regular viewer of morning shows, but I don't have a calculator to evaluate how many people appreciated this of her initiative. What's apparent is the heavy frustration and desperate annoyance of millions of people, who not only vented their feelings out by passing indecent remarks and making fun of Maya Khan, but also attacking her character and unveiling a set of her personal photographs.

I am not here to accuse one person and save the other. But aren't we all acting the same - spreading the same jahalat (ignorance and idiocy are mild words here) - pointing the flaws of others while presenting ourselves sensible and prudent. Please. For once, we must learn to first improve ourselves and then think about improving others. This is, indeed, a very unattractive and unappealing thing to do, but maybe that's the need of the hour to make things better in our society.

Exploring sensitive social issues require a lot of care, caution and responsibility. One does not merely step out and fulfill their mission on a one-sided, prejudiced basis. If Maya's cause was genuine and sincere, and her evidences were really accurate, then why "Reenactment" was not written when the episode was being aired! Shall we wait for another video where these facts would be verified? But who knows, that might be another round of dirty accusation on one another, for we are living among legit liars!


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