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Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, November 30, 2003 in
wanna read something rhyming?
a poem, which i wrote when i was totally tired of studying. it was something 2 or 3 at night ( my dinky mind works at night only)... so I took out my Diary Of Verses, and started scribbling my thoughts. Actually, it all comes to my mind when I read a pile of books and want to pour out my thoughts onto a paper, in a rhyming manner.
I dont think Im a good poet, because when I view other people's poetry, I find my verses to be of kinder-garten standard. All of my poems are in English, because, I think, in this way, I can improve my vocab. (really needs to be improved).
Aur mazay ki baat bataoon, whenever i start writing a poem, I feel like I'm a boy and writing for a girl...hahaha...because you can write a lot on girls...
Well, here it goes:
the title is

Restless Soul

My heart is too full for words;
My feelings make it difficult for me to speak.
I'm running after my shadow;
The thirst for your love has made me a complete freak!

Sitting beside the graveyard of my hopes,
Those cloudy memories still revolve around my head.
I remember those moments I spent with you,
But then you left me__I'm all alone and dead!

I never dreamt of getting this reward from you,
Have I ever gave you any harm or sorrow?
But you made it happen so soon,
I wish, I would have never prayed for a tomorrow...

Do you realise, you're putting me through my paces?
And now you see me lying helpless.
Behold! I'm breaking into pieces,
Your lips take a curve and you smile at my restlessness...

Ah...This is so heart-aching,
I wish, I could vociferate at your unjust behavior.
Your unfair attitude has fatigued my nerves,
I'm totally vexed at my failure!

I'm growing despondent in the promises of life,
Want to retroject myself to the same joyous track.
Don't push me in this agony-filled world,
Please, show some clemency and come back...

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, November 30, 2003 in
hey all.
so today I'm here...haha...well, today, again, was a very tiring day...'cuz you know it's still eid (although 4th day... still loads of people to meet..whoosh!). Many people came to our house and we also went to meet a couple of people... It was kind of nice, I enjoyed.
well, now let me think of something new...ummm...no news today, i guess. O yeah, tomorrow is Sunday, and then Monday, and I'll meet my mates on Monday..yahoooooo!!!! there'll be fun! But right now I'm missing my greatest friend-Barry (Faryal/Amal...loads of other names)....yaar, I'm simply dying to meet her.
Yesterday, I completed my Accounts chapter of Manufacturing Accounting. 7 questions_ a big deal. But it was very interesting. And guess what, I did it without a calculator..hahaha..Accounts without a calculator. Actually, I've lost it at college some weeks ago, and I haven't bought a new one. So, sometimes, when I am really really frustrated after using the calc. of my mobile, I start using my brain (Dinky Mind). So, you can say, I've done all my assignment without a calculator. You can well imagine the headache caused when you use mobile's calculator... all that tick-tick-tick sound is ufff...so annoying.
I guess this is for today.

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Hey everybody....
Here I am with something new (for me, atleast). And I'd like to thank fadi mama and biya for opening the doors of this new world to me...Thankyou very much.
Well, right now, I can't think of anything 'cuz I'm really very exhausted and sleepy (as always) and want to curl up in my cozy bed (ahhhh...). It was the third day of Eid and soooo many people came to our place, and for a moment it seemed to me as if I'm not in my own home, but in a restaurant, acting as a waitress, serving people, and yeah, taking care of those most-annoying kids.uffff! But my mum says "It's part of your life!" (annoying part, I must say)
and also "the prep period"....
ah..zzZZzzZZ....I think I must go and sleep because it's ...no way!!...whoops...2:09 am.....nahiiiiiinnnn....
Well take care everybody.
Good bye,
Have a wonderful day


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