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So, the uncle who was checking my documents and certificates before the interview asked,

Uncle: "Tau Aap kis mein interested hein?"


Me: *bewildered* "Uh, I'm sorry?"
Uncle: *grins* "City Campus or Main Campus?"

Hahahaha. Totally cracked me up! :D


From Your Proud Daughter

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Dearest Papa

I'm proud and honored to to give this glad tidings to you. I don't have words to describe how I feel. Okay, well... I cleared the IBA test and interview. Alhamdolillah! I wish you were here. I wish I could celebrate my happiness with you. Seeing me getting into IBA, the best business school in the country, was your dream. You invigorated the spirit in me. I wish I could actually show you the results, discuss the idiotic paper with you and share with you how beautifully I messed up the paper and still managed to get a good score =)

When I came home after having that awful-est exam of my life, I wanted to share each and every question with you, I wanted to cry and see you getting a lil mad on me. I wanted to share stories about all those weird candidates who appeared in the test and how insaan-like they were looking when they came for the interview. Lol. Silly, no? =D

It's not that I don't share these things with Momma, it's just that I miss you, I miss your views, I miss your golden words, I miss sharing things with you. I miss just everything about you. You have no idea how badly I want you right now. Right now with ME. I've got tons of stories to share with you, and I need your opinion, your share on them.

On this big day of my life, I'm not a least bit happy. I don't feel this feeling in a true sense. My whole class is happy for me, my teachers, my fellow bloggers, my dearest siblings, and Momma of course. But I feel hollow. I need my motivator back. I need YOU back!


I'm proud of the fact that I took an initiative to make this of your dream come true. I hope I remain steadfast in these 2 years. And I hope I pursue my further studies/ work even more diligently.

I don't think I can write anymore now.

*Big hugs*


Umema A. Siddiqi, aka "Book Two"


Check this out

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Animator vs. Animation by ~alanbecker on deviantART

Thanks Ayaz =)


Get Together

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So on Saturday we had a get together @ Roasters. We all were reading the menu cards and were deciding which steak to eat. So, I asked Farwah, sitting next to me, about what she's ordering. She wanted a brownie, and I was confused between steak and cheeseburger.

Farwah: Okay people, I'm ordering a brownie
Dinky Mind: And I'm ordering Dunhill Regular.
Farwah: Oh, is it good? How much does it cost?
Dinky Mind: *gets the worst laughter fit* :D

And then I called out Ritz, who was sitting beside Farwah and didn't hear the joke. Farwah put her hand on my mouth and glared, "Do NOT!". Hahaha... But mein kahan ruknay wali thi. :D I told everyone about it! And it turned out to be an awesome evening. =D

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Oh, and I ordered Jalapeno Bacon Cheeseburger, in case you're thinking :P And had Choco ice-cream with waffles. =D


Stand Up For The Champions!

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Hum Jeet Gayeeeeeeee =)

It was an awesome game. Boom Boom Afridi played so so well. Yahoooooo!!!

Ye Cup yahein rahay ga!!! =D

Oh, I just don't know how to express my happiness. It was so much fun here last night, so much thrill! Just WOW!!! =D



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I have fallen in love with this song! Just lie down on a single-seater, close your eyes and listen to this song with the earphones glued to your ears. Ahhhh... That's how I do it =)

Aaj when I was having my Auditing exam, this song got badly stuck to my mind, and I was like, "Argh!!! Get out of my mind!!!". And that's why my exam didn't go well *sobs* The whole class was busy cramming their answer copies, and I was sitting with my face cupped in my hands, checking for the umpteenth time whether I have attempted all questions or not. *sigh* I didn't even read or re-read (as our invigilator uncle suggests) my answers, cuz that's not me! I find it really boring! I did attempt all the questions, but didn't write that much. Auditing is a filthy theoretical course. I like courses which are calculation based with a flavor of theory. Darn! Ab to ho gaya! I should be happy I'm going to be graduated. Yayyyy :D

Okay, enough of uni rants. Coming back to the song, I like Atif Aslam's voice. Ummm, and a few of his songs are really really, like REALLY nice. Hehehe. And after two years of the release of this song, I heard it yesterday for the first time, and totally loved it! *Sigh* Dinky Mind - tubelight wali! =$

I remember when Atif Aslam started his career, Lala was a big big fan of his songs. And I only liked "Aadat" by him, which SN forced me to hear. Lala knew about all of his songs, and would recommend me many of them. But Dinky Mind was a very busy bee in those days. *another sigh*. Anyway, enough of this Atif Aslam ki achaiyaan. The thing is I like this song, and to be honest, I haven't heard any other track of this album *huge SIGH*.

Okay, okay, okay, recommend me good books, novels, magazines, whateva. Tomorrow's my last exam and I want to prepare myself well for the vacations :P Oh, and please help me where can I find Rubik's cube here. I just can't find it in any of the gift shops or book stores =(

And today I survived 2 road accidents! Thanks to the powerful brakes of my car, else I would have collided in that idiotic cultus which was being driven by an ultra idiotic, blind moron! And then when I got into the colony, this Prado uncle tried his level best to thoonkafy his mad jeep in my cutie car. Bucking fastard! Okay, I admit I'm short, and you guys can hardly see me, but helloooo.... itni bari gaari to nazar aati hay naaaaa??? *sigh* may Allah give sight to such blind nuts! Ameen

Okie people, I'm off. Got last paper tomorrw of Treasury and Funds Management! Such a silly course! :/

Cheerio folks =)


Examination Ethics

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In these 4 years of my university life, I've noticed a lot of people who would do anything - just anything - to distract or disturb you while you're taking an exam. God knows why the hell they do that.

That day, I had this major exam of mine. We were quietly seated in the examination hall, waiting for the paper. There were 6 girls (including me) and some 25 guys in the room. And unfortunately all the distracting guys were seated around me. The one on my right started playing with his fingers, and then he started styling his hair. The guy in front of him had some problem with his legs. Why can't these guys keep their darn legs straight? His legs were constantly vibrating, although the invigilator had asked if anyone of us needed to go to spend a penny. He seemed to be planning to spend dimes. Silly souls! *sighs*

On the other side of me was a guy busy chewing his nails. After every round of chewing nails, he would look at them and wonder if he had chewed a little more or needed to chew the whole finger or... whateva! The guy in front of me kept scratching his back and positioning his collar. Once he even checked his back pockets and then continued scratching his back. I wonder what he was trying to do. I really wished to get up and slam my fist on his desk and roar what a perfect jerk he was! Grrr!

The guy sitting behind me wanted to prove that he was a better jerk than the guy sitting in front of me. He started tapping his foot on my chair. This thing pisses me off so badly... I turned around a little, but didn't care to look straight in his eyes and warn him. Thankfully he stopped, but after exactly a minute, he started again. I positioned myself on the chair to give him a clue that I'm getting disturbed. But such morons never understand. At last I turned around and gave a good keep-your-stupid-feet-to-your-own-chair glare. Finally his akhrot mind understood it and he stopped it. *sigh*

Female candidates aren't that distracting (probably because the guys in the room weren't 1% smart) :P. I noticed these 2 girls seated a lil far away from me, but both were sitting quietly and calmly waited for the question paper. The guys, on the other hand, started scrtunizing their pencils and clicked the pens. O bhai, stop acting like deprived kids of third world countries and, for heaven's sake, stop clicking pens!!!

Thank God, the exam started after a few minutes, or I would have gone nuts sitting among such people.

Cheerio folks =)


I Want The Rubik's Cube!!!

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Urgh, I'm so badly craving for it!!!


Last Day & Sheesha Party

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So today was (kind of) our last day at the university. All of us decided to wear white dresses, but many people didn't follow the theme. And I was one of them :P I wore a black dress. Lol. Totally opposite! :D Anyway, we had planned a lot for today and thankfully the day really turned out to be a very memorable one.

So in the class, I was busy doing some work when Sana took my name. As I turned, she smudged silver glitter on my cheeks. I was like Oh.My.God!!!! :D I was the first victim! Then I left all of my work and started helping Sana in smudging glitter on everybody's faces! :D After a few minutes, Sana took out red glitter, and then we started doing the eye makeover :P Oh, and we also used golden glitter to enhance the eyes :P ["Oh, girls", right?] :P We all were looking so funny! :D When we descended the stairs, people were looking at us like 'what has gone into them!' Hahaha. It was so interesting to stare back at them :D

After all this, we went to the Takeaway area - a place where all the birthday parties are celebrated and where screaming and running after each other is not a crime :D There we signed shirts and dupattay. When we saw markers lying there for no reason, we started making each other's mustaches. ["Silly girls", right?] :D Ritz was looking like a Chinese larka, Rimel looked like a budha baba, I looked like a chotu uncle, and Sarah was looking like some desi TV actor! :D It was so much fun, we were having the worst kind of laughing fits :D Then Sarah & Co. started ink fighting. I was safe in my black dress. Lalala :D Farwah was the most affected one :D

Anyway, we went to Indulge around 2 pm. We were so dead when we reached there. Ordered food and then Momin's Mr. "Friend" came :p And she got busy with him, and we got busy in the gossiping :D Lol. After the lunch, we ordered Sheesha. Sarah isn't permitted by her parents to have Sheesha, but still she had it. When I told them that I don't have any masla in smoking Sheesha, they thought I was joking. Lol. Wearing scarf doesn't mean I can't smoke Sheesha. The fun part was when I told Sarah that my mum also smokes Sheesha, she almost fainted :D

We tried different styles of smoking Sheesha. I was smoking it so much, and Nav and Waka almost snatched it from me, saying I had to drive too. Lol. Farwah is worst at smoking Sheesha. Ritz the best. And Ali made rings. It was so awesome. Today I tried to take the smoke out of my nose. It was so much fun! :D I need to learn a lot more :P Sarah tried making rings, but couldn't. Rimel, the shareef bachi, didn't even touch it. She once threw up when she had it at Caffeine. Lol. :D When we were done with the sheesha, we all pretended to get emotional and hugged each other good bye =)

It was a fun day! =)

Cheerio folks =)


A Very Beautiful Hadith

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Today we (the whole class) went to Kaybee's for Halwa puri. We thoonsafied a lot. This is our last week at the university (before exams), so all of us have lost our senses and are having fun time instead of studying for the finals :P We were about to leave the place, when I read this Hadith written boldly on one of the walls.

ليس للانسان إلا ما سعي

"Mankind will have nothing except that which they strive for"

Explanation: "The sustenance of each and every person has been determined and fixed, however in the same vein it is based on the condition that a person works and struggles (to acquire it). Any time this condition is not acted upon, then that which has been promised will not come about."

I liked this Hadith so much, but we were leaving the place and were in a hurry, the only word I remembered was سعی. And oh, I read it's Urdu translation and remembered that too. When I got back home, I kept thinking about it. I decided to Google it and found it here =)

I'm struggling hard for this ABC objective of mine. I just pray I get its fruit.

Keep praying

Cheerio folks =)


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