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So today was (kind of) our last day at the university. All of us decided to wear white dresses, but many people didn't follow the theme. And I was one of them :P I wore a black dress. Lol. Totally opposite! :D Anyway, we had planned a lot for today and thankfully the day really turned out to be a very memorable one.

So in the class, I was busy doing some work when Sana took my name. As I turned, she smudged silver glitter on my cheeks. I was like Oh.My.God!!!! :D I was the first victim! Then I left all of my work and started helping Sana in smudging glitter on everybody's faces! :D After a few minutes, Sana took out red glitter, and then we started doing the eye makeover :P Oh, and we also used golden glitter to enhance the eyes :P ["Oh, girls", right?] :P We all were looking so funny! :D When we descended the stairs, people were looking at us like 'what has gone into them!' Hahaha. It was so interesting to stare back at them :D

After all this, we went to the Takeaway area - a place where all the birthday parties are celebrated and where screaming and running after each other is not a crime :D There we signed shirts and dupattay. When we saw markers lying there for no reason, we started making each other's mustaches. ["Silly girls", right?] :D Ritz was looking like a Chinese larka, Rimel looked like a budha baba, I looked like a chotu uncle, and Sarah was looking like some desi TV actor! :D It was so much fun, we were having the worst kind of laughing fits :D Then Sarah & Co. started ink fighting. I was safe in my black dress. Lalala :D Farwah was the most affected one :D

Anyway, we went to Indulge around 2 pm. We were so dead when we reached there. Ordered food and then Momin's Mr. "Friend" came :p And she got busy with him, and we got busy in the gossiping :D Lol. After the lunch, we ordered Sheesha. Sarah isn't permitted by her parents to have Sheesha, but still she had it. When I told them that I don't have any masla in smoking Sheesha, they thought I was joking. Lol. Wearing scarf doesn't mean I can't smoke Sheesha. The fun part was when I told Sarah that my mum also smokes Sheesha, she almost fainted :D

We tried different styles of smoking Sheesha. I was smoking it so much, and Nav and Waka almost snatched it from me, saying I had to drive too. Lol. Farwah is worst at smoking Sheesha. Ritz the best. And Ali made rings. It was so awesome. Today I tried to take the smoke out of my nose. It was so much fun! :D I need to learn a lot more :P Sarah tried making rings, but couldn't. Rimel, the shareef bachi, didn't even touch it. She once threw up when she had it at Caffeine. Lol. :D When we were done with the sheesha, we all pretended to get emotional and hugged each other good bye =)

It was a fun day! =)

Cheerio folks =)



Does that image say... swat khan??

And you way WAY too passionate about sheesha! :P

Lol @ Mr. Friend

Haha, I'm sure you looked pretty cool as chotu Uncle. :D

~Absar: Yep :P Thanks to Google Images :D
I want to enjoy every moment of my life :P Don't you like sheesha?

~Siras: Heck, no! I really looked like an uncle :D Pictures will soon be uploaded on Facebook and I'm going to remove all tags :D Scary pictures they are :D

But how will I see then. :(

You shouldn't be seeing them na :P You might get the worst laughing fit, and I won't be responsible then :P

Anonymous says:

so thats wat u were talkin abt


heheh ... ching pas are cute ;)

and which flavored sheesha? excess of it is bad wesay :)

btw this pic of sheesha is so cool but the tag ''smart khan photography'' is so uncool .. reminds me of shahrukh khan in OSO showing his feeble 6 pack ;)

~YWB: Oh yeah! :P

~Ubaid: You DON'T like sheesha? :~O

~Asma: Double Apple. Ali wanted to order grapes, but we nobody supported him :D
And it's not "Smart", it's "Swat Khan" :D Wish the name had been as cool as Swat cats :D

Someone's graduating? Oh treat! :P

~Senilius: Bus foran mithai khanay aa gai :P Who's gonna pray for my exam results?

Chumpoo says:

what's so good about seesha? the rest fo the post is quite gilrish :P


~Chumpoo: it feels good to smoke sheesha :P

~Siras: jes jes =)

I'll pray if I get a treat afterwards!

Oh I DO love sheesha. This Arab guy at work.. He is somehow under the impression that I can't... hold my sheesha. Wwhenever we go out for sheesha, he orders unnab (grapes) for me, which is THE lightest flavor EVER CREATED! Last time I totally snapped at the guy! :P

Chumpoo says:

Dinky, try to google Seesha Hazards and you will love to know how "good" it could be for your health.

Chumpoo says:

peena he hay tu ciggy ya Chars pilo? why only Sheesha?

~Sawj: I'd give treat only if I get a good GPA :P

~Absar: Lol. Grapes is light there? Yahan per to it's awfully strong! :/ So, can you make rings? :P

~Chumpoo: Shuruaat sheeshay se ki hein na :P Aagay aagay dekhiay hota hay kia :P

No i don't .... its good fun sometimes, but not much bothered with it!!

Lol. Even I don't smoke sheesha every day :P Tension not, I know it's not good :D

Allah Mian aap ko 4.1 GPA ata farmayein!

sheesha na hu gaya!
pata nae kya hu gaya!!!
grow up =D

waisey no doubt... if you get the right person there.. indulge has a very good sheesha!
but damascus is good too!!

~Senilius: Allah aap ki dua'ein qubool karay :P

~Jingo bhaiyya: Kya ho gaya? :P
And I don't want to grow up :D
I love Damascus ka sheesha. And I believe Monal Restaurant (Isloo) has the best sheesha!!!

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