I Want The Rubik's Cube!!!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, June 07, 2009 in , ,

Urgh, I'm so badly craving for it!!!



hehehe, i never liked this thing!!

And so want to have it =(

And "I" so want to have it. *sigh* idiotic typos =(

Hehe. I love it. You can find it in any good gift shop. :)

AJ: Let these idiotic exams finish and I'm surely gonna go get it =)

go ahead ;)

Im with you :P

damn thing takes forever! =/ ....I'd prefer a stress ball instead haha

Come to my house and take it. :P

~Asma: Yeah, let me get over with the exams :P

~Brok3n: Lol. I'm expecting a farigh summer, and I think I'd be enjoying solving the cube :P

~Siras: Send me the ticket :P

BiYA says:

SD had this cube. you can take from him aswell.....or you can ask him to send you one.



I have some .. I'll send em to you =P ..

buhat acha time pass hai wese :D

few weeks ago I bought it, tried to solve it, broke it!

Why do you want it?

~AD: I might say the same once I fail to solve it. But at the moment, I just want it badly! :P

~BiYA: Amma said the same. I can't wait for that long na. Do get it for me if you see it anywhere :P

~Huda: You've got more than one? :O Lol. What do you do with so many of them? :P

~Vaq: You broke that lil cutie thing??? Go, buy it again, and send me. I won't break it :P

~Senilius: Time pass, aur kia? PhD nae kerna us ko solve ker ke :P

Oh yea, more than one :P

My brothers play around with it =D

Koi faida nahee hai. Time pass bhee barbadd ho jaye ga

~Huda: Lol. Cool :P

~Qurrat: I'm expecting a lot of farigh time. Phir to theek rahay ga na? :P

If you promise to break the current world record of solving the Rubik's Cube, I can send you one. :D

~Saadat: That day will come soon too :P Now send me one :P

Je sais que les examens sont agités, vous doivent avoir n'importe quoi de pareil :P


Chumpoo says:

Tu khareed lo?

~Huda: Cela est pourquoi je les attends pour terminer bientôt. *sighs*

~Chumpoo: Exams khatam honay ka intezar ker rahi houn :P

Juste pendant cinq plus de jours et de nous sont les oiseaux libres.


~Huda: Oh oui ! Quels sont vos projets après 17e ?

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