Stand Up For The Champions!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, June 22, 2009 in , ,

Hum Jeet Gayeeeeeeee =)

It was an awesome game. Boom Boom Afridi played so so well. Yahoooooo!!!

Ye Cup yahein rahay ga!!! =D

Oh, I just don't know how to express my happiness. It was so much fun here last night, so much thrill! Just WOW!!! =D



In your face, India!

Three cheers to Pakistan for winning...

@Senilius - Some Indians visit this blog too ;)

lets do some jump dancing :D

haha one of the supporters at Lords had a poster saying "India, hope you're watching" ..and hell yes, The match was exhilarating! wo0..so glad we won! we needed this! =P

Awesome victory! =D

finally some reason to stand tall apart from terror!

yeah yeah...
cup yaheen rahey ga!
aglay waley ka maloom nae =D

Anonymous says:


Je suis fier d'etre un Pakistanais .. :D

SAWJ et ses commentaires. Non sens !

Dhanya - Okay okay, not in your face India! ;)

Winning is good, but we should not get over proudy, stay down to earth....

Chumpoo says:

TV pa kuch zyda he dekha rahay hain as if dunya me koi aur kaam nai :P

After 1992 we've won the world cup NOW!!! Ye nahi dikhaien gey to kia cartoon dikhaein gey? :P

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