Misunderstanding Red Chillies

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I am not good at identifying red chillies at first glance. No no, I'm not color blind, it's just that I get to know that I used red chillies when I actually feel my tongue burning! At the age of 9, we went to dine out and had soup as starter. I dripped half the bottle of tomato sauce in my bowl and when I tasted, I had to drink half a gallon of water because it was not tomato sauce but chili sauce =(

Even after a decade, I'm still the same - no improvement at all! Today we went for shopping, and I was throwing tantrums to have the most unhygienically delicious chana chaat or I won't drive back home. At first I forgot where the darn stall was. And while driving back home (and after wasting half an hour in negotiations), I finally spotted the stall on the other side of the road. Parked the car, gave order, waited for chaat. And in the meantime ate Hobnob's patties; and they're so not good! :/ Anyway, the chaat came with all the lawazmaat. I poured in a good amount of all three types of chutneys, and sprinkled 2 types of chaat masalas. And when I had my first spoon, my eyes went all red and teary, ears got blood red, and nosey was going mad. Finally I realized the thing I considered as a type of chaat masala actually turned out to be red chili powder. Bahhhh!

I better test red chilies before labeling them chaat masalas and tomato sauces =(


Choudhry Umema

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Now the title does sound funny, but let me explain it.

The story is very simple. My original name, Umema A. Siddiqi, starts with U (just in case you still didn't notice :P). And unfortunately, U, being the *counts on fingertips* 21st alphabet, gets a lower place in the attendance sheet =( That day, our proffy was distributing final exam papers "according to Alphabetical Order" :/ And know what, we've got a huge class. Like 70 students! So my name gets a place in the last few names of the list. Please ignore the 2-3 Z-starting names like Zainab, Zahid or Zerrita. And regrettably, there are no V-, X-, and Y-names. Even the chances of Waqar, Wilayat or William are near to zero percent :( Hence, for your ease, my name comes at the end (almost) of the attendance list =(

Back to the exam results now. Instead of calling people to discuss marks according to marks obtained - and I would've been in top 3 - our dear proffy adopted the attendance sheet order! :/ Now I found this stupid rule at the name of Adnan Khan Afridi. Too bad, because Adnan's second in the list after Abid Iqbal. And for the next hour and a half - till my turn could come - I drummed fingers, gritted teeth, memorized the useless question paper, played noughts and crosses with my ownself, read an article on the proffy I detest the most, and finally started yawning and staring at the lousy, stupid wall clock which was moving at snail's speed :/

And while waiting (and besides doing the above-mentioned activities) I was suggested by a classmate of mine to change my name. And I had already thought of changing it from Umema to Omema, even just to beat Omer Khan and the followers in the list. You see, many people have their names starting from Muhammad or from the letter S - Sara, Safina, Sameer and So-on =P   ... So, this classmate of mine and I decided to change my name to one of the following:

  • Muhammad Umema A. Siddiqi
  • Omema A. Siddiqi
  • Omema Shaikh (yeah, one of our classmates thinks I'm Shaikh)
  • Choudhry Umema
  • Abdul-Umema.
  • Malik Omema
  • Syed Umema

And I finally liked Choudhry Umema. Influential and impressive name one should have =P The reason why I didn't choose Abdul-Umema was solely because then my name would be on top of the sheet and I might miss my attendance if I step late in class. Hence, Choudhry Umema! =D

So, Dinky Mind is now known as Choudhry Umema too =D

Cheerio folks =D


I Feel You

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Today, while studying Finance, I put my playlist on shuffle and this song popped up. And I closed my books, plugged in my earphones, pressed the repeat button and peacefully heard this song with my eyes closed. Awww, ahmazing!!!

And here you go with the lyrics:

I feel You...
In every stone
In every leaf of every tree
you´ve ever grown
(That you ever might have grown)

I feel you...
In every thing
In every river that might flow
In every seed you might have sown

I feel you...
In every rain
In every beating of my heart
Each breath i take
(In every breath i´ll ever take)

I feel you...
In every tear that i might shed
In every word i´ve never said

I feel you...

Enjoy! =)

PS: Pray for my exams puhleaseeee.... =( These are finals and I'm so not taking them seriously =(


Forarithmophobic Ema!

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Ever heard that poem,
"When you're happy and you know it, clap your hands"
In this world of constant change, this poem, unfortunately, has also changed to,
"When you're sad and you know it... Bang your head!"

For all the non-Dinky-Mind-ers, I had my first final exam today. And it was of... *fasten your seal belts*... Quantitative Methods for Decision Making. Simply put, math! Haha. And for a person famous for 5+5=25, this course is no less than deliberately falling into a bottomless pit!

Only I know how I survived those 3 torturous hours in the examination room today with my dead brain and without having anything to eat! Last night while I was studying with my eyes half open and my mind completely shut, I was making some horrendous kind of calculation mistakes!

They say, practice makes a man perfect. But since I'm not a man, it's simply irrelevant of how hard I try to score well in Math-related courses. Last night, I set all my stationery items very neatly on the desk. Played with them for half an hour. Reminded of the exam next day, I frantically started flipping pages of my notebook, and kept doing it till I flipped all of them *sigh* =( And then I finally started doing a question. Now, not a difficult question it was, so I decided to use my rusted Dinky Mind instead of my sleek, black Casio. Bad decision. I ended up doing:

1 x 0 = 1
42.5 x 10 = 4250
6 x 7 = 42, but 7 x 6 = ??? *oh, I need a calculator* =(

My dear readers, I know your eyes must have fell off their sockets, and your jaws must have dropped down too, but you see, that's the reason why we have erasers on pencils! =) I admit I stink at simple, mental math. I can't even mentally think what 4x4x4 is. My brain is just not made to absorb math! In essence, I screwed up my today's exam! It had to happen! When I looked at the question paper, it seemed all familiar. But as soon as I started attempting question, the paper automatically seemed to got translated in french Russian!

I like numbers. But as soon as they get bigger, they get scarier. Big things really aren't good. =(

Prayers needed =(

Cheerio folks!

PS: Oh btw Forarithmophobic means... wait, why should I tell you everything? Go google it yourself! I needa study now =$


Violating Dress Code

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I went to my oldie university to get registered for the convocation. Because I didn't have BU's ID card, I wore IBA's card - all they need to see is some kind of a card hanging down your neck! Silly! So I approached the entrance gate and the guard stopped me to check my tiny handbag with a metal-detector. He was about to say, "Go" but stopped.

Guard: "Aap ne neechay jeans pehni hui hein"
Me: "To jeans uper pehentay hein?"
Guard: "Jeans allowed nahi"
Me: *using my last tool* "I'm a visitor.
Guard: *gives way* "Jaaiay!"

So, I was saved! =D Took the visitor pass and walked in. But it was surprising to see all those students in proper dress pants and shirts. Oh, and proper shoes too - no slippers. Seemed like a strong wave of civilization swept through the nooks and corners of the university. Good change, I say. At least its better to look at people in proper, full clothes than looking here and there, guiding your emaan. [And no,  people still don't stop practising PDA in proper dresses]. Lol. And know what, for the jeans and the good long shirt I was wearing, I was titled as "IBA ki bigri hui" by a friend of mine =D And in response I sighed at her 'tarsa-pan' =P Hahaha.

Oh, and when I was compiling all the necessary documents and filling the form, I saw people murmuring, "OMG, she's wearing jeans!!!!" Lol. And when I once walked past a bunch of students, I heard someone say, "Jeans??? How on earth did she manage to get in??? She's even got her ID card!!". Hahahah... And I turned around to see if my wrong dress code helped her faint or not =P

Although a friend of mine had told me that jeans are not allowed anymore. But you know me, Dinky Mind - the name says it all! =D Plus a goldfish memory! =P I plainly forgot.

I'm sure the university authorities had shown some clemency if the students were kind enough to stay in their pants and not digress limits of sanity and decency! And if they had stopped wearing crop tops (yes, I'm exaggerating) and skin-fitted jeans and see-through dresses, the situation would have been better. But pretty girls fulfill this 'shouq' of theirs by wearing straight pants and awful-looking coulottes with tinky minky shirts on their K2-like bodies! How should they be told to avoid wearing dresses that don't suit them! Grrr. Sillyness unlimited!

Now this reminds me of a point I once read in the IBA's policy of dress code. It stated, at the end of all those points that no-one follows, "Dupatta is recommended!" See, how politely they say it, and the girls follow this one point with great reverence. =D

Dress well!

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Prayers needed. Exams starting from.... TOMORROW!!! *faints* =(


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