Forarithmophobic Ema!

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Ever heard that poem,
"When you're happy and you know it, clap your hands"
In this world of constant change, this poem, unfortunately, has also changed to,
"When you're sad and you know it... Bang your head!"

For all the non-Dinky-Mind-ers, I had my first final exam today. And it was of... *fasten your seal belts*... Quantitative Methods for Decision Making. Simply put, math! Haha. And for a person famous for 5+5=25, this course is no less than deliberately falling into a bottomless pit!

Only I know how I survived those 3 torturous hours in the examination room today with my dead brain and without having anything to eat! Last night while I was studying with my eyes half open and my mind completely shut, I was making some horrendous kind of calculation mistakes!

They say, practice makes a man perfect. But since I'm not a man, it's simply irrelevant of how hard I try to score well in Math-related courses. Last night, I set all my stationery items very neatly on the desk. Played with them for half an hour. Reminded of the exam next day, I frantically started flipping pages of my notebook, and kept doing it till I flipped all of them *sigh* =( And then I finally started doing a question. Now, not a difficult question it was, so I decided to use my rusted Dinky Mind instead of my sleek, black Casio. Bad decision. I ended up doing:

1 x 0 = 1
42.5 x 10 = 4250
6 x 7 = 42, but 7 x 6 = ??? *oh, I need a calculator* =(

My dear readers, I know your eyes must have fell off their sockets, and your jaws must have dropped down too, but you see, that's the reason why we have erasers on pencils! =) I admit I stink at simple, mental math. I can't even mentally think what 4x4x4 is. My brain is just not made to absorb math! In essence, I screwed up my today's exam! It had to happen! When I looked at the question paper, it seemed all familiar. But as soon as I started attempting question, the paper automatically seemed to got translated in french Russian!

I like numbers. But as soon as they get bigger, they get scarier. Big things really aren't good. =(

Prayers needed =(

Cheerio folks!

PS: Oh btw Forarithmophobic means... wait, why should I tell you everything? Go google it yourself! I needa study now =$



Haseeb says:

Oh...These Quantitative Methods for decisions, always bothers me, i never get hold of this thing in my entire life , ............

don't be arithmophobic , lol....

Hope you Get Good Grade in This As u don't Deserve lol .......... :)

Awwww.. don't worry. Everything will be JUST fine. Lots and lots of prayers for the IBA chick! :P ;)

And when I googled this "Forarithmophobic"

Your blog link came up first. =D

:) .. Best of luck!
I'm not that great in mental math too :D... but I'm a diehard arithmophilic :D:D

Haseeb: I hope your prayers get answered =(

Huda: Thankooo shweets. Lol. You did google it? The meaning is already written in the picture =P

Uni: Thankoo =D And what's arithmophilic? =(

arithmetic lover... :D
As opposed to arithmophobic :P

Samz says:

42.5 x 10 = 4250 or 425?

By the way meri math tou is se bhi kharab hai

Anonymous says:

As a Masters in Finance, I take offense to this pot.

Meet me after chutti time, baita *rolls up sleeves*


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