Playing Billiards

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So today we went to our previous residence to check the condition of the house and meet our Chinese tenants. Since they are all bachelors (six or seven, I guess), they didn't decorate the lounges and also made the drawing room as their room. In the lounge upstairs, they had a cool Billiards table with all its equipment. It tempted me so much that when I saw my big bro walking out with one of the Chinese guy, Bushi and I climbed up the stairs and decided to try our hands on Billiards :D Bushi wanted to try first, but couldn't hold the pool stick properly. So I - acting like a pro - showed him how to polish the tip of the stick first and then how to position it between your fingers and how to eye at the balls properly and then gently hit. Lol. And he was listening to me so attentively, it now makes me laugh like anything! :D

With a few balls lying randomly on the table it seemed like somebody was playing it. And guess what, Bushi and I spoiled their game. Hahahah =D They must be cursing us now :P But it was fun. Wish I had taken my camera along so I could actually show you how I messed up the game and pocketed wrong balls :D

Cheerio amigos =D

PS: I missed setting up my Table Tennis table in the foyer. =( And that place was so deserted. =( I think I should advise those Chinese to get a Table Tennis table too. :P That'd be a whole lot fun then :D

PPS: In the past 30 hours, I've slept for only an hour and a half. I might act all weird, so please don't mind :P


Reminiscing Table Tennis

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We finally found a table in IBA. :D And sadly (or should I say fortunately) nobody plays on it. So on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we get half hour free after the class. So instead of roaming around the campus or wasting time in the stuffy caféteria, we decided to play Table Tennis "some day"! And today that "some day" finally came.

Momo asked me to bring the bats and net, and I asked her to remind me :P She, as usual, forgot. And last night, around 1 am, I was reminded of them. So I went to check them in both the store rooms. After an hour of relentless struggle I gave up. Asked my bro to find them for me. And he found them within 2 minutes and from one of the same store rooms =$ *sigh* So I was having the bats, net and angles with me. [Yeah, the IBA table has nothing on it]. Anyway, searched for the box of balls and found them soon. So I packed all the stuff for the morning.

After the class, when Momo and I set up the table :D, a few of our classmates came and stood near the table. I think they stand there daily, but their presence today was a lil irritating. Anyway, we started knocking and I realized that the level of my game has dropped from Very Good to Über Pathetic in the past 2 years! Darn! And then our fragile Momo felt her legs aching so she sat down on the stairs. So I continued the game with a senior from my previous university.

I admit I need to practise a lot. Like A LOT!!! But then, by chance, I always manage to hit an awesome-ish smash in almost every game. Hitting a forehand smash is not a big issue, but today I hit a backhand smash! Lol. It happened all by itself. This was something I practised a lot a few years back. I really couldn't believe myself. :D But well, I love myself for how I played :P

Cheerio folks =D


Funjabi Invitation =D

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And this cover cracked me up!!!! =D

Although I couldn't understand the whole invitation card. Took me a good time to read, but it was worth reading :D


Atheism =D

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Rain Stories

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On Saturday, after our classes, Maryem and I went to Cupola, Park Towers. She had to submit her internship report and I wanted to enjoy some rain :D On our way we saw a lot of rain water flooded on the roads. So before we could drive up the Clifton bridge, a Land Cruiser went past us very very closely and all the rain water splashed on my window. I screamed so loudly! :D That thing scared the hell outta me. Because of the rain, our windows were slid up, but if they hadn't been, I would've been soaked badly. =D

Yesterday, we went to Phuppo's for lunch, and to Lala's for dinner. It started raining when we reached Phuppo's place. Tuba, my cousin (yeah, the same whom I hated in my childhood for pulling my cheeks), insisted me to go on the rooftop and enjoy the rain. I, who had my hair fresh shampooed and conditioned, didn't want to spoil them. And then her innocent insistent tone changed to a forcing one. She picked out one of her dresses for me and literally ordered to go change. Before going into the rain, I covered my hair with dupatta. Didn't want the rain water to pitter-patter on my bhoosafied head. =P It was so much fun running in the rain and watching kids play football! =D


When The Rain Falls Down!!

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Oh yes, like this girl, I wanna go out and run in the rain. That's so refreshing! :D I still remember how we used to play catch-catch in rains (2 years back at our previous residence). And once I slipped so badly, my dad banned me from playing such a stupid game. Even I was unable to get up for a few moments, but after 2-3 minutes I went out to play again :P Silly me!

Oh, and this marks my 600th post on this blog =D Yayyyy :D


University Marathon

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Oh well, I just woke up but still sleepy (It's 5:40 pm). :/ I woke up around 7 am this morning. Waited for the alarm to buzz at 7:40 am. Then after putting it on snooze intentionally, waited for another buzz after 10 minutes. Sigh. I know I'm a very good procrastinator. Finally got out of bed and started getting ready to greet the busy day.

Went to take my 2-hour remedial Math class at the IBA. It was fun. Really. The teacher's really nice and I didn't find myself that stupid at math. :P After that class, Maryam and I went to CBM. Over there she had to talk about the delay in fee deposit. I hope they consider it because she's in the waiting list of IBA. Around noon we reached CBM, and around 1 pm, I reached home. Picked my documents and headed to Bahria Uni. Over there it took me a good 2 hours (getting the work done and chat with Ma'am Eram). And I finally reached home around 3 pm. Was so tired and hungry that I was unable to decide what to do first - to have lunch or to take a nap? So I yawned and finished my lunch in tiny bites @ one yawn per bite. And when I went to my room to take a proper nap, I lost my sleep :/ This is one thing that ticks me off real badly. So I started humming lullabies to myself and finally slept around 4:30 pm or so :/

In short, I had a terrible day. Had no breakfast and didn't know how to get rid of that growling tummy during the class :/ My phone's acting weirdly too :/ Switches off itself for no good reason :S But then, all this makes a memorable day :P

Cheerio folks =D



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This shirt means a lot to me. These pipe-shaped cuff links won't ever be removed. It is and will be saved with all its details. A shirt that I chose for my father. The shirt he wore on his last dinner before leaving for Heavens. It still has his fragrance. I still feel him wearing it.

I miss you. And there's not a single person on this planet who can replace you! You will always be remembered. Your precious things will always be saved - kept with utmost care and devotion.

The more I'm reminded of this song, the more I miss you!
And it's so true...
آپ جھاں بھی رھیں
آپ ھمارے تو ھیں

دور جو آج ھیں

یاد آتے تو ھیں

خواب ادھورے سھی

خواب سھارے تو ھیں

آج بھی میری راھیں روکتی ھیں

یادیں تیری دامن کھینچتی ھیں

بھول چکے ہیں جو ھمیں

یاد آتے تو ھیں

صدیوں کے فاصلے آج ھیں درمیاں

ھو جائیں مگر، جتنی بھی دوریاں

آپ جھاں بھی رھیں

آپ ھمارے تو ھیں

خواب ادھورے سھی

خواب سھارے تو ھیں ۔ ۔ ۔

جانے پھر کب ملیں تیرے میرے راستے

آس ٹوٹے نہیں ، یاد اتنا رھے

رات ڈھلنی تو ھے

آنے اجالے تو


Wine Streaks!

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So I streaked my hair today - Burgundy/wine shade. Around 3 years I dyed my hair completely, and thanks to the good growth of my not-so-beautiful hair, the dye has moved down to the tips only. So today, bitten by a keera, I asked Momma to streak my hair. And they look so cool now =) This black-burgundy shade is looking awesome-ish!

So tomorrow when I'd straighten my hair, they'd look almost the same as shown in the picture above. =) Makes me feel happayyyy :P



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میں ھوں بہت ھی عام سا
اک قصہ ناتمام سا

نا لھجہ بے مثال ھی
نا بات میں کمال ھی

ھوں دیکھنے میں عام سا
اداسیوں کی شام سا

جیسے کہ میں اک راز ھوں
اور خود سے بے نیاز ھوں

نا رانجھا نہ میں قیس ھوں
نا انشا نا ھی فیض ھوں

میں پیکرِ اخلاص ھوں
وفا ، دعا اور آس ھوں

میں خود سے خود شناس ھوں
اب تم ھی کرو یہ فیصلہ۔۔۔

میں ھوں بہت ھی عام سا؟
یا پھر بہت ھی خاص ھوں؟


It's Mousse Time =)

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Mocha Java Chocolate Mousse of Pie In The Sky. Ultimate beauty and scrumptious!

And that's my share of the yummylicious mousse =)

Good music, a good book and a good piece of mousse can make my day any time! =D



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Yeah, I was bored, so I had nothing to do but post these images. =/


Got It, Finalement!

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And this thing has refreshed me up!!! Really!!

I remember when I was in grade 7th or so and fell ill very seriously, my father bought for me The Book of Virtues. And I forgot half of my illness. =)

And today I was having eye infection and fever and cough and flu (taubahhh!), and I had asked my bro to get me the Rubic's cube. And now the eye infection has reduced, the headache has also alleviated and cough...well, it's still there :D Oh, I should make a sad face =(

No more boredom now, I hope =)


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