Reminiscing Table Tennis

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We finally found a table in IBA. :D And sadly (or should I say fortunately) nobody plays on it. So on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we get half hour free after the class. So instead of roaming around the campus or wasting time in the stuffy caféteria, we decided to play Table Tennis "some day"! And today that "some day" finally came.

Momo asked me to bring the bats and net, and I asked her to remind me :P She, as usual, forgot. And last night, around 1 am, I was reminded of them. So I went to check them in both the store rooms. After an hour of relentless struggle I gave up. Asked my bro to find them for me. And he found them within 2 minutes and from one of the same store rooms =$ *sigh* So I was having the bats, net and angles with me. [Yeah, the IBA table has nothing on it]. Anyway, searched for the box of balls and found them soon. So I packed all the stuff for the morning.

After the class, when Momo and I set up the table :D, a few of our classmates came and stood near the table. I think they stand there daily, but their presence today was a lil irritating. Anyway, we started knocking and I realized that the level of my game has dropped from Very Good to Über Pathetic in the past 2 years! Darn! And then our fragile Momo felt her legs aching so she sat down on the stairs. So I continued the game with a senior from my previous university.

I admit I need to practise a lot. Like A LOT!!! But then, by chance, I always manage to hit an awesome-ish smash in almost every game. Hitting a forehand smash is not a big issue, but today I hit a backhand smash! Lol. It happened all by itself. This was something I practised a lot a few years back. I really couldn't believe myself. :D But well, I love myself for how I played :P

Cheerio folks =D



LOL, what a great story :P ..

Lol. Thank you, thank you :P

Aww, cool! I miss playing softball! i sooo wanna play!

i love table tennis my self, backhand is a little bit hard for a natural right handed player. try and put some spin instead of sheer power and its all easy:)

@ siras: I miss playing Volleyball mannnnnnnn =(

Ema, will you play with me? ='(

Oh yes, volleyball, throwball, softabll! I MISSSSS!

~Siras: We used to play it in grade 7th. Good times =)

~Ali: Yep, I'm working on it too. But that takes a lot of time and practice :(

~Huda: Only if you know how to play :P I'm not good at coaching :P

~Siras: I never liked playing throwball. Needs a lot of strength =(

Throwball, kya yaad dila diya =( I loveee that game even though it requires a lot of strength. Ema, you don't know how to play volleyball :O ... fine fine ..

Siras, you know how to play right :O ?

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