It's Mousse Time =)

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, July 04, 2009 in , ,
Mocha Java Chocolate Mousse of Pie In The Sky. Ultimate beauty and scrumptious!

And that's my share of the yummylicious mousse =)

Good music, a good book and a good piece of mousse can make my day any time! =D




It looks delicious!

Again, I read your post right after I woke up =(


Je vous deteste :@

Looks scrumptious ... but I thought its a mouse time :s

I also thought it was mouse :D sheesh!

Aww man..it looks amazingly amazing :D...
minus the music..it can make my day anytime !!


Did you make this ??

waisey it looks like Mocca Java

~Huda: Lol. Tension not beta :P Locate a patisserie and enjoy :P

~Asma: Haye, you lizard lover, my posts aren't mouse related :P

~Uni: Lol. It's mooooooousse. :P Is it better now? :P

~Ubaid: I haven't reached that perfection yet :P And yeah, it is Mocha Java. =)

Looking at the second picture, I am actually more interested in the cutlery. Mughliya zamanay ki hai kya? :D

Phurapay ki intiha hoti hai! Kabhi khud bhi kuch kar liya karo khaanay ke ilawa! :P

wow gimme that...

Anonymous says:

Mousse again

Dude, you'll kill us with these yummilicious photographs

=0 ...Holy......perfection!
ps: I love your silver plate and spoon. totally cute <3

khaney peenay k ilawa bhee koi zindage mein kaam hai ??

~Saadat: It's 35 year old cultery, made in Germany, bought from Iran =) And I love it!!!

~Absar: Phurapa kia hota hay? :P Baqi baat us ke baat :P

~KZ: Give you what? Now we're left with the khaali cake ka dabba :P

~Qurrat: It's the same actually :p

~Brok3n: Awww, I love them too =)

~Jingo: Photography and blogging :P

That's not a mouse, that's a cake!

Cake ki layers hein mousse mein. :/

Kreyszig_ says:

I like the plate. Looks royal. :)

~Kreyszig: The spoon is more royal than the plate. But thanks for liking =)

That looks so absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

O yeahhhhh... And now that it's over, I want to have it again =(

I don't see no bloody mouse!

Must be running in your tummy :P

Ema, did I tell you .. I love that chamcha of yours :$ .. its so cute :$

I love it toooo. This cutlery set is so dear to me =$

What the hell! No it isn't...

Talking to yourself, Sawj? :P

No girl, talking to you. No mouse in my tummy!

This convo is making no sense now :P

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