It's all about making faces...

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Day 2:

I didn't go to meet her....Am sad!! But will surely go tomorrow, InshAllah. Mommese said she was also sad and crying cuz I wasn't there. Awww....Waiting for the day when she'd come home.


am sleeping again

tryin' to smile


I know I am photogenic but don'cha think its enough for today?

Which side of my mouth has the toffee, left or right?

The "Oh" of "Oh my God, you're still having my pics?"

I can just say MashAllah

When Bushi was born, I was kinda sad having a brother. I always wanted a lil sister. Now, Alhamdolillah I've got a niece....Am sooo sooo gladddddd. Now I can share my stuffed dolls and other toys with her. I tried the same with Bushi, but that nasty kid didn't get much tempted by those girly stuff...He rather made me love his toy cars and model aeroplanes.
Now, I will dress her with everything of my choice....OMG....This feeling makes me go crazyyyyy... And did I tell you we've bought a set of nice red/pink bangles for her for eid??? OMG....that's the best thing we've bought on this Eid.
And she's got the besht collection of those cute and smart shoes. OMG...just OMG...I'll someday post those pics too... I better start another blog, just for her pics

cheerio folks =)


When I become "Phuppo"

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Name: Abeer Abdullah Siddiqi
Nickname: Awww...cutie bacha!!!
D.o.B.: October 29, 2005.
Age: 4 hours and 23 minutes (at 3:51 pm)
Weight: 5 lbs.
She's my: Niece!!!

Here we are with some of her awesome-ish pics....


Allahu Akbar....when papa gave Azaan in her ears

Look at how she raises her hands to her ears....Awww...cute


And this is what you call...........

A tongue-out smiley :p


Am hungry!!!

Mommese giving her honey.


Am tired. Please...

....Do not Disturb


For the first time....

...she opened her eyes!!!!


Welcome to this world!
All my prayers are with you.
Cheerio =)


1 Good and 1 bad news

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First the Good news!!!

I got my french result.

[Click to enlarge]

Thankyou all for your prayers.

Now the bad news (which turned into a good one later)

Went to uni yesterday, and upon entering the class, I found my goldy ring missing. OMG, where did it go??? I was kinda electrocuted. Checked the whole class even when I knew I had not dropped it there. And when I couldn't find it, I stopped my search and prayed that I find it at home. I was quite sure that I hadn't left it at home either, cuz I never take it off. But Ritz insisted that I might have forgotten it at home. Well, I checked it in the bus too, but again I didn't find it. Came back home, don't remember why I picked up my pillow, and found the ring glittering there. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........Thank God!!!! Before finding the ring, I was finding words to tell my mom how I lost it.


Had my first class of N4 yesterday. I requested the teacher to show us our papers. The teacher went out to get them and Kevin exploded, "what has happened to you??? Please stop her....I don't wanta see my paper". "But I do", I replied. And he banged his head against the wall. Lol. Well, he didn't fail like 2-3 other people but he did get a severe scolding from the teacher. Fortunately or unfortunately (I can't decide what), we've got the same teacher. The students are the same too. 4 people from the previous class have left, and 1 new has entered. They have changed the timings too ; from 3:45 to 5 pm. Now this is becoming tough! Prayers needed.

Cheerio folks!!




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1- Went to Pizza Hut yesterday for Iftari.

2- Went to Damascus after that.

3- Tennis Masters Series - Madrid. The final today!!!!! Rafael Nadal vs Ivan Ljubicic. Let's see who wins, but I pray Nadal wins it.

4- Three yuckiest computer assignments are still to be completed by me. Why, oh why do I hate this course????

5- Tomorrow am gonna go for my French result at AFK. [Start praying for me now.] I have to get registered for the next level too. And I guess the first class of next level (i.e. N4) is tomorrow, and the registration is still open! Me dead!

6- Tomorrow's Monday, and I hate Mondays. The most annoying and hectic day of the week. And if I have my french class tomorrow as well, I'd die!

7- I am in desperate need of reading a good book. Suggest me one.

8- Have to clean my oh-this-is-so-messy room. I have to do it quick as I am losing some important papers, loads of pens and a zillion jewellery pieces.

9- Today, a few minutes before Iftari, we felt a tremor. [By 'we' I mean just my dad in our house]. He was sitting reading the newspaper, so he felt it. Whereas, my mom and I were busy making iftari. People who are moving don't feel tremors much.

10- Tomorrow I have to submit an assignment telling what UNIX is. And a few days ago, I read this thing somewhere, "UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity" ~Dennis Ritchie.
Everything in this world is simple, but for others only. Isn't it?

Prayers needed.

Cheerio =)


French exam

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Yesterday, I went straight from my uni to AFK. I reached there at 1:30 pm. My paper had to start at 2:30 pm. Went to the library to revise (actually study for the first time) some work. Felt sleepy. Had a 10-minute nap. Woke up. Read the newspaper. Opened my books again. Closed them for the thousandth time. Got out of the library at almost 2. Went to the class to see if someone was there. Found Mahin, the CNG guy and his friend Faiza there. There I was informed by Mahin that we have our exam at 3 pm and not at 2:30 pm. Felt like killing Mahin (for no good reason). Cooled myself down. Went back to the library with them. Mahin and I chatted. Atlast, we decided to revise the 'conjugaisons' section. Revision completed. Got back to the class. A teacher came who said it's his class. Got out of the class again. Sat outside Director's office. Waited for our teacher. Saw Kevin and Sakya strolling in. Our teacher finally came. Got back to our class again (did not find that grumpy teacher). The written exam started. Time was less. The paper was lengthy. Started fretting. Felt the vocab evaporating. Got nervous. Somehow completed the paper on time.

Had our listening test. Monsieur Mostapha conducted it. Almost died when he uttered the first few lines of the text in french. He mumbles a lot. Thanked God for I was sitting on the first seat. Somehow comprehended the text and filled the spaces on the paper. He thankfully repeated the text thrice or....we all would have started crying. We did whine a lot actually. Finally the listening test was over. We all gloomily left the class.

Had 5 minutes to prepare for our next test. It was our speaking test. The worst part of the day. Again Monsieur Mostapha and Mademoiselle Nobahar were there. Bad day, no doubt! First Sakya went inside. Along with him, Alyzah went. He came out with a big smile on his face. He said the test was easy. Then, it was my turn. Don't remember when Alyzah got out. I waited for 5 minutes for my turn. The teacher called out my name. With trembling legs, I went upto her. Sat. Stared each other for 10 seconds. Then she smiled and came to the topic, "Presentez-vous". I started telling all about myself. She then asked me about my topic. It was A. I then spoke with a not-that-noticable trembling voice. She then said, "merci" ('thankyou', and not mercy in english). I stood up and left the room. As soon as I closed the door, Mahin yelled,"how was it?" I didn't know how it went, so I stayed quiet. Mahin was very well-prepared. She had a perfect speaking test. She'll get an A and I won't. This makes me cry. My fault!!! I didn't study. I didn't get time to study. But I will surely register myself for Niveau 4 (level 4). We studied 3 levels together. Now, she wouldn't be here for the next (which is starting from Oct 24th). I'd miss her.

The gist: I am not getting an A.

Au revoir.



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J'ai mon examen français aujourd'hui. S'il vous plaît prier beaucoup pour moi, comme je n'ai pas révisé un mot. J'oublie le français. Oh Dieu, m'aider !

[I have my french exam today. Please pray a lot for me, as I have not revised a word. I am forgetting french. Oh God, help me!]

Au revoir mes amis.


Welcome Back on a Tuesday

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Umrah Mubarak to dearest BiYA who is now safely back from Saudi Arabia. Last night she arrived and what a scene it was.

My parents were away, so I called them and told them about the tremor in Karachi. Till 2:30 am, they called me and made sure that we all were fine. BiYA's flight had to land at 4 am. But due to I-don't-know-what reason, it landed at 3 am - one hour early! So, she called me up and...

Me: Assalam-o-Alaikum
BiYA: Walaikum Assalam. Where are you?
Me: In my room, trying to sleep. And you?
BiYA: On the runway!!!
Me: Whoa! What time is it?
BiYA: Almost 3.
Me: *confirming* You had to come at 4, right?
BiYA: You're right. But now as I am here, do one thing. Make a call to my home and ask them to come and pick us up.
Me: Awight.
BiYA: And where's Amma and Papa?
Me: They called me 2 minutes ago and said that they are leaving for the airport. So they'll be there in some 15-20 minutes. But don't forget, my estimation is always wrong.
BiYA: Oooooo...I see. Don't forget to call, awight?
Me: Yeah, I remember. Tata
BiYA: Tata.

I then called at her place, but nobody picked up. They had left.
Got back to sleep mode, but couldn't sleep.
At 4 am, Famma gave me a wakeup call. I was almost awake, cuz I had set my alarm for 4:10 am. Prepared Sehri. Watched the earthquake news. Studied a bit of BusEng.


Tuesday's usually a busy day for me, as I come back home from the university at 3 pm, and then go for my 3:30 pm French class. So, in short, I didn't sleep yesterday.

Cheerio folks.



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We, the residents of Clifton/ Defence, have experienced a tremor at 00 30 ( most probably), Oct 12, 2005.

Geo TV says:
KARACHI: Defence View and Clifton areas of Karachi felt tremors of light intensity on late Tuesday night but these were not linked to Saturday’s earthquake, which rattled several parts of the country.

Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister on Information and Archives Salahuddin Haider also confirmed that Defence View and Clifton experienced tremors of light intensity.

He appealed to the masses not be afraid of these tremors and remain calm.

I was on the computer, and my brother was upstairs, watching TV. I felt the tremor, but I thought probably my head's spinning as I was very sleepy at that time. But my brother came down and asked, "Did you hear that sound?" Puzzled, I said, "what sound?". He then said, "Errr, I mean did you feel any sort of tremor?" "It was a tremor?", I asked, "then I surely felt it".

The TV people haven't told the intensity yet. Don't know what it would be..

We, the most ungrateful people, now have to pay the price for our bad deeds. May Allah shows mercy on us. Amen.

Keep praying.

Cheerio .


Boltay haath

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You see this when:

1- You've got electricity.
2- You've got a projector.
3- You're with Ali.
4- You're with Nav.
5- You're free and you don't know what to do.
6- You often want to tease people [now start guessing who] :p
7- You're among the first ones who enter the class.
8- You want others to laugh.
9- You're on my blog!!!!

Cheerio folks =)


This is old, but this is cool

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I was checking my site statistics, when I found this link. I opened it and read. It showed the results of "Best Pakistan Blog, 2003." And oh my God, I saw my blog nominated for the award...
In Nov. 2003, I started blogging. And it was nominated for the Best Pakistan Blog?!?! *screams with happiness*

Cheerio folks =)



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Destruction everywhere...

This earthquake hit Muzaffarabad (Pakistan) yesterday morning. It was an earthquake which measured 7.6 on richter scale.

I've heard some 18,000 people have died, and 40,000 are injured...

Just recieved Gullay's message, which says, "Kindly deposit any clothing, blankets or other nonperishable items at PAF Museum, new parking lot on Sunday 9th October 2005. Please pass this message to as many people as you can".

I heard such news on the radio channels too. Will watch TV tomorrow...God, I am not getting time to watch TV these days. Hope things are fine there in northern Pakistan.

Just now, Harris told me about some tremors in Multan.
Some pictures of the quake can be found on TM's blog.

Keep praying.

Cheerio folks!


Taggy thing

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Tagged by S!d.

The rules:
1. Go to your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest)
4. Post the text of the sentence with these instructions.
5. Tag 5 people.

My 22nd post (cuz my 23rd post is of 3 lines only)
5th sentence:
....saw my ol' classmate, Xain, and family entering the place. For a moment, my...



[Ritz and Wasi-ooo, start posting stuff and tell me when you reach your 23rd post]

Cheerio folks!


Ramadan Kareem

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Well, we’ve scanned the sky and we’ve sighted the moon
And we welcome the month of Ramadan
When we’ll fast together, all as one, to help and strengthen our iman

As the sun lay sleeping, beneath the blanket of the night
We rise early to make suhur, before the white thread of light
We’re patient and kind, throughout our day
taking time to remember how to care
And when the sun has gone and we’ve made iftar,
we break our fast and we share.

’cause we’ve scanned the sky and we’ve sighted the moon
And we welcome the month of Ramadan
When we’ll fast together, all as one, to help and strengthen our iman

So many of our brothers and sisters, all across the land
They have no food to eat at all, and they need a helping hand
When we fast from morning ’til the night, to fulfill our faith’s command
We feel the hunger and thirst they feel, and it helps us to understand

But, all too fast, the moon goes past, our month of blessings now has gone
But we’ll keep its spirit throughout the year, Everyday should be like Ramadan

So we’ve scanned the sky and we’ve sighted the moon
And we say “Farewell” to Ramadan
When we fast together, all as one, to help and strengthen our iman

~ Dawud Wharnsby Ali.


Karachi's first Underpass opened for traffic

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The city's first underpass constructed under the Tameer-i-Karachi programme at a cost of Rs. 170 million was opened for traffic on Saturday (Oct 1, 2005) after its formal inauguration by the Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping, Senator Babar Khan Ghouri.
The 550-meter long underpass, with a 60-metre long bridge, is constructed at Schon Circle, and is part of the Rs.700 million Mai Kolachi bypass development project being implemented by Karachi Port Trust (KPT).
Speaking at the ceremony, Senator Ghouri said though there was work remaining at the underpass, it was thought proper to open it for vehicular traffic for the convenience of people especially in view of the approaching month of Ramadan.
He appreciated shopkeepers on both sides of the underpass site for bearing with them the period of construction, and said once the side roads were completed, their problems would also be resolved.
[Extracted from the daily Dawn. Read the whole article here]


Now, you need to read this. Over here, it was informed that the underpass will be completed in 4 and a half month(i.e. in August), but it has taken 6 months now and there is still work remaining at the underpass!!!

Cowasjee and I were (and are still) adamant on our argument against the construction of this underpass. When I got affected by the construction process, I posted my arguments (along with Cowasjee's annoyance) against the underpass. Though I haven't been by the underpass yet, but I believe there is less advantage of its contruction. There are a few people who say that now the traffic will move more freely and smoothly. But let me remind them, there was no commotion previously. I have been living here since 6-7 years, and I've never experienced any traffic jam between Do Talwar to Schon circle and from there to Teen Talwar. Therefore, I really do not get the logic of the construction of this (still incomplete) project.

I would keep complaining about the "work remaining at the underpass", because it had to be completed in August! The authorities were sure of it, that's why they claimed that the underpass would be completed within a record time of four and a half months. It means, it had to be completed in August. August passed. September passed. And on October 1st, the authorities happily opened the still-imcomplete underpass for the public. What does this show? The negligence of the authorities, or their poor statistics?

As in this of my post I have stated the sufferings of the residents (and shopkeepers) near the contruction site, I don't think I need to reiterate my point here.

You all are well aware that Karachi is a city which does not recieve heavy monsoon rains. From March/April (when the construction started) to this day, we experienced very nominal rains. (Don't forget, Karachi is a huge city and sometimes only half the city recieves rain and the other half remains dry). We also do not have those deadly hurricanes. Then, what catastrophic incident led to the delay in the contruction process???

Will this incomplete underpass satisfy Cowasjee's and my arguments? Will it change our views? The time will tell!
Let's hope this project gets completed soon because now, I'm sure, people cannot have more of it.



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