Free and Busy!!!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, June 27, 2006 in
'Ello everybuddy,

Me is back. Exams are over. Me is free. But me is not free. Cuz I have to do the packing. Jes jes, me is going for Umra on Thursday (day after tmrw) InshAllah. And hey, SD is getting marrrrrrrrrrriiiiiieeeeeeeeeedddddddddd!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy....

So, today, I washed like a million clothes. At one moment I became so tired and dirty of washing clothes that I decided to spin myself in the machine.

Cleaned my ever-messy room after washing clothes. Hufff....there were like 5 tons of dirt that I wiped off my tables and shelves today. Heavens, I wore that surgical mask or I would have died of dirt allergy!

Cleaned my cupboard...Now I need a real big reward for that, cuz everbody knows cleaning my cupboard is no easy job! I've got this thin (hardly 2 feet wide) cupboard, but it's really high! And it has got a cabinet on top of it. In this cupboard, i carelessly stuff everything that i see lying uselessly in my room. So, during my exams, I had to search my cubby for books, clothes, stationery, shoes, socks, jewelery, perfumes, CDs, and God knows what else. Today, I organized my things and threw them at their respective place; the store room. Well, that's the pnly way I can clean my cubby na!!! ;)

More than half of the stuff of my room is now comfortable lying in the bin, and my bin is now overflowing and is begging me to take off some load!

This clean-up-your-room campaign has really given me a hard time. This is the last time I have cleaned my room, with the hope of not messing it up again...but let's see what happens, cuz my second name is not Organised!

Cheerio folks!!!

p.s.: send me your wishlists!!! I might become wealthy and excited and get you your most desired gifts!! ;P


Exam Update!!!!

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5 Down, 1 More to go

Applied Mathematics!!! One nightmare of my life!!!

Do I need to reiterate and ask you for prayers????

Please pray for me... n no Hersheys this time!!! :@ You all cheat then :P

Cheeriooooooooooooooossss =)


Prayers Needed

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I've got Computer Programming's exam tomorrow. I hope you all are now sitting together, praying for me, "Dear God, please grant a good grade to this Dinky Mind in Computer Programming."

Remember, the more you pray, the more rewards you get. (Am I not good in persuading? Hehe)

And if my exam goes well, I will send Hershey's to all who prayed. *counts coins* Hehe.

Acha na...I've gotta go study now!

See ya all soon.

Cheerio folks!



Late post

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 in
[The following post was meant to be published on Friday, June 16th.
Therefore, the 'today' in this post means Friday, June 16].

These past 2-3 days were like hell for me! We had to submit our C's
final project today before 4:30 pm. We first had to get our program
registered with the teacher and then create/modify it. I had an idea, I
got it registered. Later, when I started to translate that idea into C,
I started having problems. It was becoming complex like anything. Went
to the teacher, got it changed with another idea. This one was kind of
kiddish, but I was short of time and low on energy, so I preferred an
easy one.
Started making it. Things were going fine. As I moved further, I
started having a few idiotic errors in it. The program refused to run!
I went numb!!!! Darn! I would want to slam my fist against the screen
and make it run, but I would just end up slapping my forehead and try
searching for those errors. Yesterday was a bad day!
I wasted whole of my Thursday in programming. I thought it would run on
my PC, but it didn't. Turbo C was not running any program on my
machine. That just boiled my blood up. All worst things had to happen
yesterday! Anyways, downloaded TC from web. But after I downloaded, I
realised it's ver 2.01; something I didn't need! Again I wanted to slam
my fist on the desk, but i refrained and cursed myself for wasting time
on downloading an unnecessary thing. Asked a friend to help me out. He
sent me TC via Yahoo! and I downloaded it. But as I told you earlier,
yesterday was a bad day, even that TC did not run programs on my
machine, though it was ver 3, something relevent!
My plan for getting the code printed at the university, on Thursday,
failed! I spent my whole day sitting in the lab and editing the
program. Didn't even get time to eat anything. Just lived on my Nestle
water! Before going home, exhausted, I mailed the code to Acro. Upon
reaching home, I logged on, and found the modified code in the mailbox.
Thanks Acro! But as I said earlier, yesterday was a bad day, my
internet account expired! And there I sat staring at the inactive
screen. Got myself a new balance and started doing my work. Started
downloading SmartDraw. Downloaded it. Started installing it. But darn,
it was taking so much time na. Dunno why!!!! Imagine it was taking 2
minutes to install 1%. And since yesterday was a bad day, the
installation prompted an error at 78% and the installation
I felt like crying at my helplessness. But hey, i'm not a pessimist.
Started installing again. This time, it took less time. The program
finally installed. But, as again, yesterday was a bad day, I didn't
know how to use it!!! Anyways, with my caffeine-drugged body, I lazily
went to bed. Got up in the morning, went to uni. And from 8:30 am to
1:15 pm, I sat there making the program, and writing the summary, and
mailing the code to my teacher. One important thing was left:
Flowcharts!!!! I made a rough flowchart on paper, got it checked by a
friend, and he, dubious of my mental sanity, straight away cancelled
it. Wow! That was a treat for today! Anyways, made another flowchart.
This time I imported the idea from a friend, who herself got it made by
one of her contacts. Again got it checked it by my friend. He
identified a few mistakes and modified it. Atlast, he finally asked,
"Do you really not know how to make flowcharts?". And I kept silent.
Then he made my 7-paged flowchart. Thanks a tragazillion!!!! Had he not
been there, I would have made a wrong flowchart and gotten a zero in
it! Well, I don't know what I'm going to get in this project, but
atleast I'm sure I'd get something better than others (wishful
thinking...hehehe). Submitted the assignment at round 3 pm (remember
deadline was 4:30 pm the same evening?). Yeah, yeah, I know I'm
Awight people, me relieved today, and me happy today. Will see ya later. Do pray.


Had my MacroEconomics' paper today. Bad news: Im not getting an A in it.


Cool Handbags, aren't they?

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