Terrorist Attacks.

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, May 27, 2004 in
Assalam o alaikum readers.
Did you hear about 2 bomb blasts that happened in Karachi, Pakistan today (Wednesday, May 26, 2004)? You must have! And you know what, today I was going towards that area. On my way, I got to know about these blasts. I called my mom, and she asked me to come back home as soon as possible. This blast happened near Pakistan American Cultural Centre (PACC).
Is that the way we'll live rest of our lives in such a metropolitan city? I mean after every two or three days we see newspapers filled with these kind of informations. These kind of bomb blasts have become so common that we rarely pay attention towards them. We see people saying "Oh, another blast, tch tch tch. So sad" and the story ends! We are not even bothered about reading the details of the incidents. What we do, we open up the newspaper, turn the page, see 2-3 photographs of the victims, say slowly "Haww, too bad", turn the page, and read sports or business news, whichever we like. That's it. Or if we are watching television, on channel flipping we realize that a bomb has been exploded at blah blah blah place, and blah blah blah number of people are injured and dead, and that's it! Then we switch to our desired channel and watch it peacefully. Are we all humans or not? If we are, then why dont we care about our brothers and sisters who become the victims of these blasts daily? Why don't we just visit them and ask about their healths, or even help them financially? Ok, I understand we can't visit all of them, but can't we just raise our voices against all these terrorizing acts? Can't we write articles to make people realize about hte current situation? Can't we make them stand up against the violaters, against the terrorists? Can't we make them learn a lesson from what's happening in the world these days?
Oh, I wish we could. I wish we could make all the terrorists believe that whatever they are doing is not good, will not produce any good result in today's world and the hereafter. I wish we could make them realize that the handsome amounts of money they get as a reward are nothing, are completely useless. I wish we could make them feel the softer side of their hearts; the kind, the innocent side.
Lets all pray for a peaceful world; a serene environment. May Allah guide us all, show us the straight way, the way of those whom He has blessed; who have not incurred His wrath, nor gone astray. Aameen.


I'm back

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, May 17, 2004 in
Assalam o alaikum readers,

So, my exams went well, quite good, Alham dolillah. Paper II and III went good, but in paper IV, I felt a bit nervous. But then, everything went well. Paper IV includes all poetry, novels, dramas and short stories. And we have to write a lot of high-standard Urdu. Ufff...dimagh khaali ho jaata hay...toba toba.

Well, I can't think of any thing new right now, except that my next A Levels sitting is after just 4-5 months, and for that I have to work hard. Yaar, I hate to study. And when it comes to math, you know, I'm a mathphobic. I haven't started a word of math and the paper is after 4 months...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm dead!


Bells of Hell are Chiming

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, May 08, 2004 in
My exams are starting from 10th May. People please pray for me.
I'll be back in a week Insha ALlah.


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