Orientation Day =D

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The IBA people planned to keep the Orientation session on this blazing hot day - a perfect one to torment the new entrants! Reached there on time, found Maryem, and then got my attendance marked. Thanks to them, we were given a folder to use it as a shade. At 11:15 am, we left in those huge stuffy IBA buses for the HEJ Auditorium. I love that place. It was peacefully quiet and coool! I sat there pretending to be awake. First, Mr. Ahmed Zaheer came to address the students, followed by The Dean & Director, Mr. Ishrat Hussain. It was B.O.R.I.N.G! :/ But the fun part came when we were introduced to our potential proffies. One of them was Mr. Asad Ilyas. Yep, the same guy who taught us Remedial Accounting. His picture displayed over there was heck funny. He seemed all baffled in it! And had a funny looking french beard. Hahah =D But overall, he's a very smart and witty person.

Saw Sidrat Asim over there. Too bad, didn't get the chance to talk to her. Met Rabia Sameem too. She's a very nice person =) We'd be classmates, I suppose. =) When we were about to leave the HEJ Auditorium, we walked to the buses, but before we could climb any of the three buses, they all filled up with the speed of light! I suggested Maryem and Rabia to get on to the first one, cuz I saw 2-3 vacant seats in it. But lil Maryem didn't approve of it, and was searching for a place in the third, little coaster. Unfortunately, we couldn't even step into it because it was filled (and overflowing) with the male students. :/ So what happened was, all three buses started moving before our eyes and the three of us were left there doing Eenie meenie minei mo!!!! It was funny! :D Maryem started panicking, "Ab kia ho ga?" and all that. Rabia and I were kind of enjoying that funny situation. The guard who was standing over there called another coaster for the three of us! :D And in the meantime, I took out my camera and started taking silly shots in that sultry, debilitating afternoon. =D

Cheerio folks =D

PS: The picture above is of the City Campus. And this is my favorite wall in the whole City Campus =)


New Type Of Grapes! :P

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What if you're standing under a Neem tree and these small green-yellow beads (or whatever you call them) fall down and make your way colorful (or messy, as Momo says it) in such a pleasant weather , would you call them GRAPES????

Meet our sweet Momo =) She thinks grapes grow on such high trees. Cute =D

Oh, and this best friend of mine mailed me this.
"Have fun on birthday, like a drunk person. seriously break everything,
shout and choke Bushi =D
it's just once a year!"

I seriously couldn't stop laughing for a good 10 minutes :D

Cheerio folks =D

PS: Roza lag raha hai, kia karoun? =(


Happy Birthday Momma =)

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Made this card meself =) And I luhv it!!! =)

Oh, and Ramadan Kareem to all my readers! I'm so excited =) And now me off to Taraweeh prayers.

See ya.

Cheerio folks =)


Crazy Ema

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These days I'm going all mad about food. I try new recipes almost 3-4 days a week. And I love them all!!! Maybe I'm becoming a good cook. I remember when my sister got married, Momma used to get so worried about how would I handle the kitchen - I just knew how to make omelette and paratha. And that precisely meant I knew how to fill my tummy only! Now, Alhamdolillah I have learned how to satisfy other people's hunger. And Momma beams with joy when I ask her to taste my dishes and give an honest opinion :P

Phuppo and Sana were expected to come yesterday, so I decided to make the most awaited Doughnuts and Garlic knots! =D Sana and I loooovvvveeeedddd the doughnuts and Momma and others luhved Garlicky knots!

And here are the garlic knots and doughnut delights =D

Ramadan is near, and if I don't stop eating like a mad woman, I'd be having a difficult time in that month =(

Prayers pwease =(


Double Celebration!

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First of all Happy Independence Day to all of you!! =) I wanted to make doughnuts today, but Momma told me that Sana's coming, so I shouldn't try making doughnuts. Maybe tomorrow or some other time =) So, I made coconut cake in my new cake mould that I bought from Imtiaz supermarket (I'm totally lattoo over it), and I decorated the cake and set it in the platter that I bought from the same Imtiaz =) Here it is! =)

Oh, and the other good news is that my big bro got promoted to Lieut. Cdr. =) MashAllah MashAllah =) We're all so happy for him!!! I wish Papa had been here. He was so waiting for this day to come.

Tonight my brother is going on a cruise to the Gulf. I ask you all to please pray for him and all of us. =)

Cheerio folks =)


Bushi Vs His School Bag

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That day I played a lot of Table Tennis after a long time, so naturally my legs started aching badly. I'm the kind who really detests taking medicines. Earlier, it would never come to my mind what to do with a headache or any other ache. I used to forget that things like Disprin and Panadol etc. exist to relieve pains. *sigh* And now that Panadol always clicks my mind, I don't want to take it :/ My sista once told me that when you're having pain in your legs, put a pillow on them and place a load or ask someone to sit on that pillow. In this way, the pain would be relieved in no time.

So that day when I was literally dying of the pain in legs, I asked Bushi to bring a pillow, put it on my feeble legs and sit on it. He, being a very impatient and weak kid, stood up after hardly 90 seconds.

Me: Sit down!!
Bushi: I have to go play cricket.
Me: Can't you just sit down for a minute or two??? Your 20 kgs aren't relieving my idiot pain!
*He sits down for another 30 seconds and then gets up*
Bushi: I have to complete my painting.
Me: *grrrr* Okay then bring me your loaded school bag. I'm sure it weighs more than you!

He dragged his bag to the bed and I had to get up and actually put the darn thing on my dying legs. But it was better. A lot better!

The next day I played even more Table Tennis and the pain just died away! :D


Utterly Butterly Delicious Dinner! :P

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After successfully making Bread, I was waiting for the time when I'd make buns or something like that. Yesterday Momma and I went to Imtiaz Supermarket to buy grocery and all. Momma usually avoids taking me there because I go all crazy when I step in the crockery section. And this time, I bought a cake mould and an icing set besides a few cool platters :P

Momma bought a few extra kgs of Apples this weekend, although she knows her kids aren't big fans of Apples (and I'm not talking about Apple Inc. here) :P And then Humera bought another kg, so our kitchen became like an apple store (not Apple Inc. again) :P Although I had to make doughnuts as my next sweet dish but this unexpected influx of apples encouraged me to make an Apple Pie - my Dad's favorite! And I so badly missed him =(

That's me, preparing to spend 3 hours in the heated kitchen. Tied my black scarf in pagri style to keep my hair tied up.

Then I kneaded the dough to make buns and Apple Pie crust. That's actually quite a tough job. A fragile person like me can get a good ache in arms when you try to punch and knead the dough. But it's fun, really! :P After making the pie, I started making buns. I had prepared the boneless chicken chunks before kneading the dough. And deep fried them before serving. Made pickled cucumbers and green chillies. Had to make garlic dip too but stupid KESC people didn't allow =( And I so missed the dip in my sandwich =(

Here's the pie before going into the oven. Check the flower and leaves :P

And when it came out, it looked like this:

Don't go on the picture quality. We had a power failure so I was unable to take the pictures properly =(

Here you go with the yummiest buns that I made! :D Crispy from outside, soft from inside! :D

And here's my sandwich =)

And guess what Momma said,
"To be honest, this sandwich is far better than Subway's". Awwww *hugs* =D She's a very critical judge and she right away tells me what's missing and what's additional in my recipes, but her compliment today just made my day!

Lub you Momma =D


The Aquafresh Effect

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My stock of Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste was about to end, so 2-3 days ago I went to buy a new one. In the store there was Colgate but not Max Fresh (with cooling crystals). So instead of buying the normal Colgate, I bought AquaFresh (with lemon and mint). Yeah, yeah, I love toothpastes with good taste and good smell :P

Last night, when my Colgate took it's last breath, I threw the tube away in the waste bin and picked out the new AquaFresh. =D The toothpaste (I really detest saying 'paste' instead of 'toothpaste', don't know why) was white, yellow and mint green in color, but when I started brushing my teeth, my mouth became all green-ish! :/ It looked so gross! You have no clue how delighted and refreshed I feel when I brush my teeth before going to bed. And all my happiness went down the drain with that green-foam toothpaste :/ Even the smell of that silly toothpaste changed. :S

My teeth seemed draculian green after that :/ Ugh!!! I'm so dissatisfied with this brand now, I'm gonna get Max Fresh real soon.

*grumbles grumbles*

Cheerio folks =(


Double Apple Sheesha!

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My favorite!!! :P


Baking Bread

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I had been itching to make bread for so many weeks (make them months). I went to a couple of places to get a bread mould, but couldn't find it :/ Silly people! Their stocks end a day before I enter their shop :/ Anyway, I had to make it! And then Momma said I don't need any mould for it, and I should think of some other ideas. So I checked the internet and made these 2 new style breads :P

So, here are the results :P

That's the braid bread.

And after baking, it looks like this :D

And these are my cutie cinnamon buns :D Haye, so yummy they are =D

Although making these breads took a lot of time and patience, but I enjoyed making them soooo much :D
And my Momma was so happy to see the results =D She was actually expecting a messy kitchen and a total disaster bread instead of braid bread :P And now, after making this bread, I've got so many new ideas =D Oh, and I so want to make donuts now =D Anybody has any good recipe?

That's all for today.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Pray for my Mid-term exams, starting from Auggie 3rd =( I'm least prepared and so in love with baking and Table Tennis these days =(


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