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I had been itching to make bread for so many weeks (make them months). I went to a couple of places to get a bread mould, but couldn't find it :/ Silly people! Their stocks end a day before I enter their shop :/ Anyway, I had to make it! And then Momma said I don't need any mould for it, and I should think of some other ideas. So I checked the internet and made these 2 new style breads :P

So, here are the results :P

That's the braid bread.

And after baking, it looks like this :D

And these are my cutie cinnamon buns :D Haye, so yummy they are =D

Although making these breads took a lot of time and patience, but I enjoyed making them soooo much :D
And my Momma was so happy to see the results =D She was actually expecting a messy kitchen and a total disaster bread instead of braid bread :P And now, after making this bread, I've got so many new ideas =D Oh, and I so want to make donuts now =D Anybody has any good recipe?

That's all for today.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Pray for my Mid-term exams, starting from Auggie 3rd =( I'm least prepared and so in love with baking and Table Tennis these days =(



donuts -shakes head- .......comfort food at its best. and rightfully so sinc its like...a sack of calories. =(
your bread looks super good!
Hope yur exams go well =)

BREAD LOOKS YUMMY xD ...i bet it was fun making the bread =P...

best of luck for ur xams =)

~Brok3n: But I want donuts. Dhair saray =(
And thankoo =)
And keep praying =(

~Pandora: Welcome to my blog =)
And thanks for liking the bread. It was yummier in taste :P
Thankoo and keep praying. I'm heck scared (and still not studying) :D lol.

I want donuts too =( ...must resist!
hey..forgot to ask...those cinnamon buns..are those like american style cinnamon rolls? =0 ..we don't get 'em here in the UK but I've heard about 'em soo much its crazy.

mid terms for the preparatory classes"?

~Brok3n: Yep...eggzactly like that :P I wannttt donutssss naaaaa =(

~Ali: O yeah. That's IBA, you see :P

oh OMG cinnamon buns are looking shoo cuti pie
as i am super dooper duffer in baking:(

Lol!!! :P Thanks for liking! And don't get jealous, you'd learn it someday ;)

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