The Aquafresh Effect

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My stock of Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste was about to end, so 2-3 days ago I went to buy a new one. In the store there was Colgate but not Max Fresh (with cooling crystals). So instead of buying the normal Colgate, I bought AquaFresh (with lemon and mint). Yeah, yeah, I love toothpastes with good taste and good smell :P

Last night, when my Colgate took it's last breath, I threw the tube away in the waste bin and picked out the new AquaFresh. =D The toothpaste (I really detest saying 'paste' instead of 'toothpaste', don't know why) was white, yellow and mint green in color, but when I started brushing my teeth, my mouth became all green-ish! :/ It looked so gross! You have no clue how delighted and refreshed I feel when I brush my teeth before going to bed. And all my happiness went down the drain with that green-foam toothpaste :/ Even the smell of that silly toothpaste changed. :S

My teeth seemed draculian green after that :/ Ugh!!! I'm so dissatisfied with this brand now, I'm gonna get Max Fresh real soon.

*grumbles grumbles*

Cheerio folks =(



Oh, aquafresh is no where near as good as colgate max!

now you have become more brand loyal with colgate...

~Siras: I don't know why I picked it up :/

~KZ: I've always been, I guess =$

Try manjan! :P

Hmmm. hehe. Get max.

~Senilius: Yeah, that's the only thing left to be experimented =)

~AJ: I badly need to!!!! =(

Or a miswaak.

LOL @ sawj, He's a "dimagh kharab aadmi" for REAL.

@ Qurrat: That's a good one :D

Ema, that green picture scared the crap outta me! And is that a lollipop :$ :P

~QA: Haan, nice idea =)

~Huda: Have you forgotten how a lollipop looks like? :P

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