Utterly Butterly Delicious Dinner! :P

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After successfully making Bread, I was waiting for the time when I'd make buns or something like that. Yesterday Momma and I went to Imtiaz Supermarket to buy grocery and all. Momma usually avoids taking me there because I go all crazy when I step in the crockery section. And this time, I bought a cake mould and an icing set besides a few cool platters :P

Momma bought a few extra kgs of Apples this weekend, although she knows her kids aren't big fans of Apples (and I'm not talking about Apple Inc. here) :P And then Humera bought another kg, so our kitchen became like an apple store (not Apple Inc. again) :P Although I had to make doughnuts as my next sweet dish but this unexpected influx of apples encouraged me to make an Apple Pie - my Dad's favorite! And I so badly missed him =(

That's me, preparing to spend 3 hours in the heated kitchen. Tied my black scarf in pagri style to keep my hair tied up.

Then I kneaded the dough to make buns and Apple Pie crust. That's actually quite a tough job. A fragile person like me can get a good ache in arms when you try to punch and knead the dough. But it's fun, really! :P After making the pie, I started making buns. I had prepared the boneless chicken chunks before kneading the dough. And deep fried them before serving. Made pickled cucumbers and green chillies. Had to make garlic dip too but stupid KESC people didn't allow =( And I so missed the dip in my sandwich =(

Here's the pie before going into the oven. Check the flower and leaves :P

And when it came out, it looked like this:

Don't go on the picture quality. We had a power failure so I was unable to take the pictures properly =(

Here you go with the yummiest buns that I made! :D Crispy from outside, soft from inside! :D

And here's my sandwich =)

And guess what Momma said,
"To be honest, this sandwich is far better than Subway's". Awwww *hugs* =D She's a very critical judge and she right away tells me what's missing and what's additional in my recipes, but her compliment today just made my day!

Lub you Momma =D




Buhat baree nainsaafi!

This is tortorous.

And it looks good. And tempting.

Lol. That's why I'm asking you guys to come here. There'd be party scene daily then :P

Home made bread =( ...you zalim person!

And it is so yummy, I feel like making it again n again =$

what did you put in the sandwich? I see chicken... dressing? ....man...your blog keeps reminding me of donuts too...gahhhhhhhhhhh -runs away-

these are so TEMPTING. I want 'em RIGHT NOWWWWW!!!
abhii isi waqt.


*runs away*

*doesn't like ema anymore* =(

Wow, looks delicious! :D

I DON'T LIKE YOU!!!!! -_-

Sheesh! ! !
I WISH I could get my hands on them.. (OR LEARN TO COOK PROPERLY!)


Khair... good for you... **very grudgingly**

~brok3n: Yep, it's chicken and I made up a recipe right then and it tasted too good =D Oh, and I need a proper doughnut recipe =(

~Huda: Na ao yahan. You're missing a lottttt of fun! :P

~Siras: It tasted extremely delicious :P

~Ubaid: I LOVE MYSELF!!! :P

~Uni: Lol. I'd TCS you a few bites :P


Shaadi kar lo mujh se please, bhook lag rahi hai! :P

~Senilius: Ab mein boloun, "Dimagh kh...." :D
And I'm only Hudawww'ssss

You are only mine :O


Pata nahin kon kon mera hai :$ :P Btw, you're making all this for me when I come to Pak, or else .. :P

simple mouth watering dinky
plz plz plz e-mail me the recipe of sandwich

Happy Independence Day

~Huda: Aa bhee chuko ab! :P

~Ash: sandwich is not a difficult thing to make! :P

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