Uh...Another Thursday

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, September 30, 2004 in
Assalam-o-Alaikum readers,

I was wondering why things are NOT going straight today, but soon I realised today's THURSDAY... Why do I hate Thursdays, I don't know. Now lemme tell you what happened today.

1. Fajr prayers: I didn't pray Fajr today, and that's why my day didn't go good. In the morning, on my way to college, I was just wondering how will my day go. Sadly, uptil now, nothing has gone straight. Whenever I don't pray Fajr, my whole day goes 'ajeeb sa' :o(

2. Dew is Eww: So, today, for the first time in my life, I tasted Mountain Dew (yes, I know I am a "Late Latif"). And urgh!! It is NOT good at all. First of all, just look at its colour. Eww. Then, its taste. Another eww. I am not gonna have this drink ever again in my life. Yuck!

3. Accident: Oh my God!!! Today, I witnessed the most horrible accident of my life. Allahhh. It happened near our college. There was this little uniformed girl, of grade 4th, I guess, and she was crossing the service lane, when a speedy bike knocked her, and she fell down. The bike also went over her leg...sssss... I feel so bad. She was holding a coke ka glass, which flew in the air and all the coke spilled on the road. The glimpse that I had of her was simply hair-raising. She was literally soaked in blood. Her white shalwar quickly turned into red, and her face was also covered with blood. But Alhamdo lillah, one of our college guys quickly took her to the hospital. At that moment, I thought, if she had been my little sister, I would have died at that very moment. She is my sister, and the pain I have for her cannot be described in words. It is almost 9 pm, and from the past seven hours, I have been wondering about her. May Allah help her and her parents. Aameen.

4. My Statement of Entry: Yes, finally it's here. And guess what, I've got 5 papers which clash - same day, same time. My papers will start right after 19 days - on 20th October, and will end on 17 November, means exact 4 weeks! Ya Allaaah... Now lemme tell you about my 'clash' timetable.

Date Course Time
Oct 20 Business Studies I and Business Studies III pm
Oct 27 Business Studies II and Business Studies IV pm
Nov 4 Accounting I and Accounting II pm
Nov 8 General Paper I and General Paper II am
Nov 10 Economics I and Economics II am

What I know is that both the papers of General Paper are held on the same day, same time. But these other courses....uffff!!! Rest of the papers will be held on the basis of 'one paper one day'. And yes, the best thing about this timetable is I am getting a gap of 7 days (Oct 28 - Nov 3) for my Accounting papers (I, II and III), and a gap of 6 days (Nov 11 - Nov 16) for my last paper, Economics III.

Please, please, please pray for me. I really, really, really need them.
Sayonara =)


To all my friends

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When your friends are special,
let your feelings show,
Tell them they are important to you -
Maybe they don't know.

Don't hold back affection,
Say what's in your heart -
That you're happy when you're with them,
And sad when you're apart.

Don't wait till tomorrow -
That's too far away -
For friendship is too valuable,
To wait another day.

Don't want to wait another day,
To say how much you mean,
To say that friends as nice as you,
Are few and far between.

To let you know warm thoughts of you,
So often come to mind -
And hope that all your days,
Are the best and brightest kind.

[Not written by me. I read it somewhere. I liked it. I posted it] =)


My stupid ears and dinkiest mind

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Assalam o alaikum readers,Today was a very busy day. At college, I studied from 8:00 to 1:15, without any break. Ain't this just a record? When all my classes ended at 1:15, I and Xak went to the cafe, and OMG I was shocked to see that Tapal Chai clock, which was revealing an unbelievable 1:20. I was about to scream but then thankfully I realised soon that I wasn't the only one there. So, I started analysing how I spent the whole day. I think, I had Accounting from 8 to 9. It Alhamdo-lillah went well. Then I had Economics. That, too, went fine and good. And then I had G.P., in which I had a compre test. Oh my God, that was an ultra difficult comprehension - conflict between progress and environment (or something like that). Now, that didn't go good, and that's quite annoying. Urgh!
Aray, there is something strange going on with me, lol. I mean, from the past few days, when people ask me questions, I feel that they are telling me something, and then I go like, "achaa...I didn't know that", and they would then say, "No, I am asking you". =) . Like on Sunday, Xak asked me "Monday ko G.P. nahi ho gi". I became so happy when I heard that. I said, "wow...really?" After a pause, she said, "No, I am asking you. Monday ko G.P. hogi ya nahi?" Yesterday also, one of my juniors asked me, "AS Level main bohat perhna perta hay", and I thought she was informing me, so I said, "really? I never studied that much." With a totally confused face, she said, "No, I am actually asking you. You have done your AS, right?". At that, me and Xak burst out laughing. This was the sixth or seventh case of misinterpretation. After that I tried to become a bit cautious, but then things got reversed, hehe. Yesterday, me and Xak were in the resource centre, reading newspaper and magazines, when she read the title of an article and said with curiosity, "Hmm...Politicians sans humour". I looked at her and said, "Politicians 'without' humour". She said, "yes, I know". I was like, "Oops, I thought you were asking me. Sorry". And then again we laughed a lot. Today, in my G.P. class, when I asked my teacher what does 'heretical' mean, she shook her head in affirmation, as if I were telling her and confirming the meaning of the word. I then said, "No, I am asking you what does it mean". And then she told me the meaning. Lol, so it was a good day. I enjoyed it.
Sayonara =)


Thursdays are never good for me

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Assalam o alaikum readers,Yesterday was a busy day. I really wanted to update yesterday, but due to my headache (my eternal friend), I couldn't.
I had a three-hour Business class yesterday, from 8-11, which Alhamdo-lillah, reduced to two hour. Actually, I had a test from 8 to 9:30 and the class from 9:30 to 11. The topics weren't difficult - HR and communications - but still was baffled by its content. The test, albeit tricky, was easy. I completed it in one hour, instead of one-and-a-half hour. I thought I had saved time, but as always, Dinky Mind doesn't think right! So, I had to study Business's next chapter for my next test. Till 10, I studied, then I grabbed the newspaper and started reading it, when my Accounting teacher came out of nowhere, and asked me if I were free. I was indeed free, but then I also wanted some free time - atleast 15 minutes to refresh my ever-sleepy mind. But the series of my wishful thinking came to an end when the teacher, after clearing his throat, asked me, "So, you're free. Right?" And with half-opened eyes, I replied, "Yes, Sir." Then I started doing MCQs; something which I hate doing. I made the silliest mistakes as my mind's cog-wheels refused to move when I seriously wanted them to run fast. Urgh! That happens when you've slept at 3 in the morning. Anyway, after Awful Accounting, I had my Economics class from 11:15 to 12. After studying the most boring topic, I decided to finally have a break and eat something. But I was shocked to see a ten-rupee note sitting alone in my pocket. I didn't want to spend that for refreshment purpose, because I had to use them as my bus fare. Another Urgh! Actually, on Thursdays I go home early. So, I decided to pack my stuff quickly, reach home soon, and have something to eat in the first instance. I was home by 12:20 or something,
Alhamdo-lillah. I don't remember for what reason I opened my bag, and then, to my ultimate excitement, I found a burger in it. 'Where did this come from?', I questioned myself. After thinking for some 10 minutes, I finally found out that in the morning, when I was in great hurry, my mommese just stuffed it inside the bag. "Ohhooo", I slapped my forehead and sighed. Then, I ate it quickly.
Now, I'll tell you what happened with me in the afternoon. Mommese and I went for shopping. We had to buy a lot of things, so we surveyed the market alot yesterday. All the time, my mommese was saying to me, "Walk straight... Don't bump into her... For heaven's sake, use your eyes..." At times, she would even hold my hand and then walk. Man, I seriously don't know how to walk in bazaars, probably because I am not much into this shopping business. Once, when I was walking up the stairs, I stumbled and fell badly. That reminded me of Murphy's law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and at the worst possible time. Whenever I fall - at college or bazaar - it is bound to happen in front of the whole world, infact the number of people who witness my downfall, literally, is directly proportional to my how embarrassing my fall is. Ufff...that is damn annoying!
So, Thursdays are usually not my lucky days. This law, it seems, follows my Thursdays.


When and why?

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Assalam o alaikum readers,
I don't know for how many more weeks will I be enthralled by this 'examination tension period'. I am seriously fed up by this little, insipid chain of my courses - Business, Accounting, Economics, and (occasionally) G.P. Nothing else to do in life. But then, these four courses seem to me like strong walls which have enclosed me from almost every direction. I mean, I can't even see a ray of enjoyment. And even, if by chance, I get some time for enjoyment, the thought of these four courses prick me like four-hundred sharp needles and take away all the joy and happiness from me. I, who used to be a care free girl, have now suddenly turned into a tension
friendly student! Why? Why? Why? Why the coign of vantage has suddenly disappeared from me?The past few days have affected my life so much so that I dream of my exams, my awful prospective grades, only. I want to get out of this incubus. I don't know what to do. I haven't formulated any sort of timetable for my exams. This is because this CIE (Cambridge International Examination) people are testing our (especially my) patience. Why can't they just
reveal the dates? What is taking so long? Why, according to them, the end of Sept. is the most appropriate time to disclose the dates, when they even know that our exams start from the second week of Oct.? Uh..why? Why ain't my mind absorbing all the course work that I need to prepare? Why, after every 4 days, I am affected by this cough and sneeze virus? Why, because of this virus, I can't/don't study? When will this acidulous headache learn to stop aching and give me a few seconds of pure relaxation? When will things in my life start to get straight again? I don't know from when, all of a sudden, I have grown so helpless, so pessimistic? I know I will be able to get out of this traumatic situation soon, but again, when?


You can't live without...?!?

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Hey readers,
One day, at college, Xak was feeling ultra sleepy. After attending her Chemistry class, she came to me, and the following conversation took place:

Xak: Ya Allaaaaah! I'm dead tired. I want something to make me alive. Ooo-mema, tell me something, yaar. Help meeeee...
Me (always with the same solution): Go and sleep!
Xak: Sleep?!? Who will study Physics after fifteen minutes?
Me: Our classmates!
Xak: Tch. Toba hay! Suggest me a better alternative. We have to study electricity today.
Me: You can't.
Xak: Why?
Me: 'cuz your own fuse ain't working today.
Xak: Hmmm...true.
After some time, I noticed a flicker of hope in her eyes, and she almost ssscreamed.
Xak: Chai...Chai chahiyay
Me: Ufff...can't you think of a better alternative?
Xak: Ooo-mema, you'll find it 'The Best' alternative once you start drinking tea.
Me: Uh! wateva.
Then, she ran and, I walked to the cafe. After having a refreshing mug of tea, she declared, "All my prayers are to the person who first made tea and publicised it. Tea is something without which I can't live. I am alive. Jeeyo hazaroon saal, Mr. or Miss tea-maker."
That day, she actually 'enjoyed' her classes.

A few days ago, I was also thinking about the thing wihtout which I can't live. I came to the conclusion that I can't live without chips. Although:
"Chips, chips, chips,
I love chips,
Crunch, crunch, crunch,
Munch, munch, munch,
Ammi, abbu say pyara, (now this ain't true)
Hamara jeenay ka sahara,
Chips, chips, chips."
But then eating chips 4 times a day, everyday, seems to me toooo much. (I'm comparing this frequency with Xak's tea statistics) Then, I thought, I can't live without an 'afternoon sleep' (I'm not talking about a nap, siesta, catnap, undermeal, or a snooze. I'm using the term 'sleep...a sound, refreshing sleep'). Ahhh...and this reason seemed quite valid to me. My mind refuse to work if my sleep counter show figures below 6 hours. Whenever, I lie on the bed at 3 in the afternnoon, ohhh, I feel sooo thankful to Allah for making aafternoons and evenings for us to sleep. I know, you must be thinking, How stupid. Noone can live without sleeping. But, tell you something, I just love to sleep. I mean, I act weird if my sleep-o-meter show weird figures, such as 4, 5, even 6. You all, being ingenious bloggers, must have deciphered that I havent slept (in the afternoon) from the past Three days. That makes me feel more sleepy and a lot more weirdo!

Now, you have to tell me the thing(s) without which you can't live.

Byeee (zzZZzzZZzzZZzzZZzz)


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