Chewing gum

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In those days we were having our mid-term exams [ummm...must be a month ago]. The exam was about to start. Ritz offered me a chewing gum. I took it with a smile. I popped it into my mouth. Exam started. I was calmly reading the paper when this idiotic chewing gum got stuck in my braces!!!! Yikes!!! I tried hard to get that thing off my braces (with the help of my tongue) but it was all useless. I kept the paper aside and with full concentration on the chewing gum, i tried again. Another futile attempt! Enraged, I looked at my apparently clean fingers and finally pulled the menacing gum out and threw it under the chair. Freed!!! Then I wiped my hands on dupatta and started solving the paper. [Ema isn't well-mannered] :(

When I returned home, I checked my teeth and some of the gum was still glued to my braces. Ewww....Had to brush really well that day.

Moral: Never eat chewing gums during exams. It's fun pulling it away from braces but not in exams when you're already short of time ;)

Cheerio folks =)

P.S.: Mum and Dad are back from Hajj. Me sho glad (and relieved) :P


October Births

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Till 2oo5, I used to think that babies are not born in October! Pretty weird thought, I know. But the reason for this was that all around the year, I would give cards and gifts to my cousins and friends on their birthdays, but in October, I would greet birthday to just one of my cousins, who's born on October 1st!

I used to find October a very strange month. First of all, it starts with an uncommon alphabet, O! Not many names start with "O"; unless people want to write Omar, Osama, Osman, and even Omema. Even, not many things/words start with "O". Atleast my vocabulary of "O" words is quite limited. And then, October is such a dry month of the year. The days are hot and the nights are cool (not cold), and most of all, no rains! Therefore, I don't like Octobers much.

When in 2005, I entered the university, I found that almost 5 people of my class had their birthdays in October, and to my horror, all those 5 are a little strange people. I mean they aren't that social. They show complacency in just smiling in situations where people like me laugh their heart out. Even my own niece was born on October 29th, 2005. Uptil now, she's energetic. And I pray she stays the same when she grows up :)

And remember my TOLET post? Dinky Mind's like that :P

That's all for today. And sorry to all those born in October. :)

Cheerio folks =)

P.S.: The above writing is purely my view of October. You may contradict :)


Clinton Addressing to students

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Bill Clinton was visiting an elementary school one day to promote one of his education bills. He was talking to a classroom of kids and asked them if they knew what a tragedy is. One little boy said, "A tragedy would be if a school bus full of kids ran off a road and everybody died”. Mr. Clinton responded, "No, that would be an accident”. Shocked, the class was silent for a moment when a bright young girl stood up and said, "A tragedy would be if all the teachers in the world quit teaching”. Clinton thought for a moment and then said, "No, that would be a great loss”. Finally another boy stood up and said, "A tragedy would be if the President was in an airplane and it crashed and he died”. Clinton smiled and said, "Good job, now that would be a tragedy. Can you explain to the class why that would be a tragedy?" The little boy responded by saying, "Well, it probably wouldn't be an accident and it certainly wouldn't be a great loss”.


My math stinks!!!

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Today in API's class (Analysis of Pakistani Industry), our Sir said that there is a decline of 2.6% from 8.10 to 5.5, and for two minutes I kept thinking how can he make such a mistake. Because in my view 8.10 minus 5.5 is equal to 3.5 and not 2.6!!!

I totally forgot that a zero after decimal has no value (or is of no value or... comprehend it yourself. hehe). That reminds me of my post 5+5=25. Now I should practise writing
8.10 - 5.5 = 2.6 and even 8.1000 - 5.50 = 2.6

Keeep praying :(


Star-Studded Teeth!!!!

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Well, yes, I got braces. My treatment started almost 20 days ago and now I'm having the worst pain in my teeth. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!

I am one of those kids who love to wear black-framed specs and braces and who want to break a thermometer just to see what Mercury is and who like to hop instead of walk. In short, I'm one of those wierdest kids.

A few days ago, I was really excited when my dentist uncle told me that I would be getting braces, but for a short time. But all my excitement faded when the doc pushed the blue separators between my molars to make space so that metal bands could be fixed easily afterwards. That day I could not close my mouth. Then my Mom suggested that I should take the pain killers that doc gave (Dinky Mind never remembers anything). So the pain reduced to a considerable degree. Last Saturday I got my metal bands fixed, and again I was unable to close my mouth. What the heck, I never knew it would take up all my patience. Anyway, then came Monday. Means yesterday. And the dentist uncle gave my smile a new look.

The Star-Studded Smile :**)

Hehe. Yesterday, I practised a lot to speak properly. Ofcourse you can't when you know there's a huge metal thing fixed on your teeth. And now, I can speak properly, but I can't smile properly. And yes, I can't even close my mouth properly.

Some of my friends exclaim, Oh you've got braces!!! Others say that I look "cute" and "adorable" (see me again :P) and people like Ritz and Jaj are still waiting to know how do I look ;)

Cheerio folks

P.S.: Pray for mee


Familiar Feelings

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I'm blogging after a long time (ofcourse, you can figure that out), sooo..... I'd try to update more frequently and ... and.... Argh, my mind's all blocked!!!!


Trip to Isloo

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Went to Isloo by road on 30th June and reached on 1st July. Had loads and loads of fun, met new people, visited new places, lost games ;) but it was real fun. Went to Murree on 4th July and was home on 6th July. I don't have pictures to share. Soon InshAllah I shall upload them.

Anyways, right now I want all my readers to join their hands together - not for claps
- but for prayers. Our results were expected to be announced on 9th July. 9th gone. Even 10th is half gone, but no signs of results. Such things boil my blood up. I wasn't worried until I saw everybody worried. I mean, I am somewhat sure as to what I'd get, but when Jaj intermittently asks me what grade would she get in Law and Research, I also start wondering what type of paper have I done. I am one of those who try to attempt every question of the paper, but fail!!!

Therefore, I request you all to pray for me and my grades cuz now I AM really worried.

Adios amigos.


Funny bits

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Umema --


Tastes like fried chicken

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

-[ Dinky Mind ]-

Started the first legal gang

'What will you be remembered for?' at QuizGalaxy.com



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I hate when I am asked to do work at the last moment. I hate making reports and assignments 2 weeks before exams. What time will be left for me to study then??? Such things tick me off so badly, I feel like getting out and screaming out loud, "Hell, STOP THIS!!!"

First of all, I've got a Dinky Mind, and then when teachers bombard me with assignments and reports and presentations, I feel like buried under the K2 of all the unnecessary work that had to happen at the worst time.

A big ARGGGHHHHHH for all this!!!

Cheerio folks =)

WISE SAYING: One must smile no matter what. It reduces your worries (By ME) :p


Exam Insanity

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My finals are starting from 18th June, and I'm least prepared. And I don't even feel like studying!!!! I feel like unfolding the table and playing Table Tennis all day long. I feel like taking out my roller skates and go out skating. Heaven's goodness, I don't get near the cupboard where they're kept. I like sitting in my favourite jhoola and keep on watching TV or trying new recipies and messing kitchie or just ...umm...don't know what!

So, you guys please pray for me and my grades, coz this time 3.67 is no where to be seen. *sighs*


Shaikh Sudais Visits Pakistan

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M 18I wish I was in Islamabad today. I wish I could pray my Jummah prayers by listening to Shaikh Abdur-Rehman As-Sudais. How lucky all those people are who prayed behind him in the mosques of Lahore and Islamabad. I was lucky last year, when spent my most memorable week in Mekkah, from July 3rd to July 10th. And so fortunate was I that whenever I would go to Al-Haram, Shaikh Sudais would be there for the Imamat. Mommese, Lala and I would die to catch a glimpse of Shaikh Sudais. I wish I could meet him.

I can never forget the night before we left for Jeddah. That night we planned to stay at Haram, pray a lot, and do Tawaf-e-Wida. When I was in the 5th round of Tawaf, we heard Azan of Tahajjud. Completed the Tawaf and prayed Nawafil in Hateem, I lost track of Mom. I looked for her for five minutes and then went to kiss Hajar-e-Aswad (The Black Stone). It was around 3 am, and there was a big crowd of people struggling to get near the Black Stone. With great difficulty I managed to kiss the Stone, and was tossed out of the crowd. Prayed Tahajjud’s and Fajr prayer under the Imamat of Shaikh Sudais. Can never forget those moments when I looked at the Kaaba for the last time, and cried badly.

I pray I get the chance to go to Saudia again. The Haram of Medina and Makkah felt like home, where there was no fear of getting lost, especially getting lost from the teachings of Islam. The voice of Shaikh Abdur-Rehman Sudais rejuvenates a person’s mind and soul and brings him more closer to the true meaning of Islam.

I pray for all my Muslim brothers and sisters to follow the religion in its true manner, and strive to fight against Satan, terrorists and evil-doers. Amen.


Meet Umaima

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This is a list of named craters on Venus. All cytherean craters are named after famous women or female first names.
Check this out too :)
CHeerio folks :)


Helping People

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Yesterday I was sitting on the entrance stairs of our university with my friends. I saw this girl coming out of her car, and I sensed something fell down when she was getting out of her car. As she approached me, I got up and told her that she has dropped something (like a card, or paper). She went back towards her car. By that time, her driver had turned the car, and the object was under it. She searched, couldn't see anything, so started walking towards the university's entrance. She came to me and said sarcastically, "Thanks. There was nothing!"

I couldn't even say to her that you were looking at the wrong side. I sat quietly for a moment or two and then started chatting with my friends. I was a bit angry. Told them that she should have searched properly, and that I was quite sure she had dropped something. Anyways. She met her friend, and after 5 minutes, they both walked towards the car to leave. Her driver, by that time, moved the car a bit forward, so when she approached the car, she found her something, felt a little embarrassed, waved that card (or paper, whatever it was) to me and went away.


Load shedding

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Load shedding, a very common activity in Pakistan, is making a common man's life miserable these days. In the sultry, debilitating heat of high summer, these KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Corporation) people are earning everybody's wrath. Daily we endure 2-3 hours of load shedding, especially at the time when a person is looking for some rest in such an exhausting weather. And last night was one of the worst nights. We faced a power failure at 10 pm and it returned at 11:15 pm. I don't exactly remember at what time exactly the power would disappear and return, but what I think and what my parents told me this morning was that from 10 pm to 6 am, we were privileged to have power for just an hour (cumulatively)!!!! This was so unbearable.

That day, my Nani told me that one of our cousins called the KESC helpline to inquire about the problem behind intermittent power failures, and he was answered:

جناب جب بھی قرعہ اندازی ھوتی ھے، ھمیشہ آپ کے علاقے کا نام نکلتا ھے، اس لئے ھمیں مجبوراً بجلی بند کرنی پڑتی ھے

Means, you have to endure this heat this year and all the years to come.



Procrastination at its best!

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Our exams finally ended on 16th April, and so did my fever and dry cough! Did I tell you that I wanted to have my Mid-Term exams real soon, so I could get rid of them. I actually want this semester to end quickly. I just can't study Research and Law! Errr!

Anyways. So, the day my exams started, I caught fever. And it was so high that I wanted to stay in bed for the whole day, but couldn't. I had to study. On Monday, April 16th, I got into bed around 1:30 pm and woke up at 5:30 pm. Did nothing. Slept again at 8:30 pm and woke up the next morning at 8:30!!! And woah, I was feeling so fresh, like I had never been sick. We had a day off, so, I cleaned my ultra-messy room, and slipped into bed again at 3 pm. Took a 3-hour nap. Never in my life have I slept so much after my exams. I was celebrating my independence! And I was loving it!! =)

Now, I'm feeling all fresh. No more taste of boiled eggs and Milk Pak in my mouth. I'm alive!



Story of my Nokia N70

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It was that awful day when Jaj and Ritz came to my place for studies (3rd Semester, finals), and we started taking silly pictures from our cell phones and then all of a sudden, my cell phone crashed!!!! My N70 crashed!!!! And there I was, holding it, shaking it, screaming, "Wake up!! Get started!!". And when it refused to operate, I, highly infuriated, pulled the poor battery out of the phone, threw it in air, and iserted it again in the phone. And then...

*Nokia tune*

[ Enter lock code: ]

And as I browsed through it, I was horrified to find that Quick Office, Adobe Reader, Opera, the audio files, and most of all, our pics were no where to be found! All got deleted. All my data flew. The darn memory card got corrupted! The data cable malfunctioned! I felt like throwing it out of the window.

Days and weeks slowly passed, and I tried to restrict myself to the internal memory. It was hard. Still I haven't got a new memory card. My N70 is still incomplete. But one day, I connected the phone to the PC and tried to see if the data cable's working. No postitive response. The second day, I tried again, and the phone showed the icon of "USB connected", but it was of no use as it didn't work further. And then the third day, everything became new again. The PC recognized the device and I successfully transferred all the phone files to the PC. Phew! That was a big relief!

And for those interested, I've found this blog on Nokia N70.

So, me is happy again =)

Cheerio folks!



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Exams are starting from 9th April, 2007!!!

Monday - 9th April: Financial Management
Tuesday - 10th April: Business Communication.
Wednesday - 11th April: Organizational Behavior.
Thursday - 12th April: Management Information System
Friday - 13th April: Reasearch Methods
Monday - 16th April: Business Law.

Prayers needed...



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Inspired by Ritz, and many others, I opened my Flickr Account.

There I have uploaded many pictures of our trip to Saudi Arabia. Visit http://flickr.com/photos/umemalicious.

Cheerio folks :)


Today's Word

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Remember folks, in this of my post, I asked you (Question no. 30)

"What are those little things on the end of your shoelaces called?"

And few days ago, I found the answer. They are known as Aglets!

Cheerio folks =)



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If you put few mentos in coke and shake it well, it'll burst after some time.

It's a fact!!!

Try doing it! ;)

*But don't try this at home*


Pronouncing "Phone"

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These days I'm helping Ritz pronounce "Phone". She pronounces this word like "Phooon" and "Phawn"! ;)

She told me, last night, she practised a lot to pronounce Phone as "Phone" and she even succeeded, but today, again, it's either "Phooon" or "Phawn".

People are sometimes so funny.


Dejected Woolmer Dead

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Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer died in hospital in Jamaica, West Indies. on Sunday after being found unconscious on the floor of his World Cup hotel room.

I never liked this man.


Moth Smoke

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Reading Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid these days.

It's different!

P.S.: WAKA just told me, Blogspot has been removed from the restricted list of websites :) Yayyyy


10 Things I don't like

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Tagged by Gullay. Thanks :)

1. I don't like to polish my shoes (that's why I now wear joggers)

2. I don't like when I forget many things (Dinky Mind's like that by birth)

3. I don't like to cry infront of the whole word (as S does)

4. I don't like to work after I wake up.

5. I don't like people who smoke (You darn smokers don't look cool with an idiotic cigg in your hand. GOTCHA???)

6. I don't like people whining about just nothing.

7. I don't like to share chips and chocs with anyone (I can share ice-creams...Hehe, me meano)

8. I don't like when people don't leave a comment on my blog ( SO START COMMENTING!!!....j/k :p)

9. I don't like to think what I don't like to do ( So, please stop asking me this thing 'cuz there are a million and two things that I like to do and not even 10 that I don't) :(

10. Now you write what you don't like about me!!! (Hahaha...not a difficult thing, is it?) ;)

Cheerio folks!!! =)


Just for laughs: Gags

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Aww, this is such a funny programme on Pogo.


Good times, bed times!

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I am one of those who need absolute silence, complete darkness and a nice bed with 2 pillows to sleep! I'm weird!

I'm going to write about the 3 times when I slept like a dead person.

N.O.R.E.1: One day, I was having my usual 3-hour nap, when at one time I woke up to see the time. With my eyes closed, I picked up the tiny alarm clock from the side table, looked at the time with half-opened eyes and stretched my arm to keep it back. But, oh my my, I was so darn sleepy that instead of placing it on the table, I dropped it on the floor "accidently"! I mean, I thought I have kept it on the table, but actually, I didn't. By an inch's difference, I lost my Mom's favourite alarm clock. And guess what, in my sleep, I heard that something had fallen down, I heard the glass breaking, but I was so sleepy, I didn't bother to see what had happened!

N.H.S.: In this house, my room was upstairs in the corner of the house, and my bed was in the corner of the room, the alarm clock placed on the corner of the side table! ;) Don't get confused! The point is, I was sleeping. I was having another of those naps, when the alarm clock roared. I was so sleepy that I didn't notice that the alarm was ringing. It went on snooze itself. After 10 minutes, it again went mad and I was sleeping! Then my Mom rushed upstairz, opened the door and hammered the clock to silence. She yelled, "Uuuummmeeeemmmmaaaaaaaa", and I sat straight on the bed, horrified, "What happeneddddddd???" She replied, "Get up, it's 6!"

N.H.S.: I was charged with the duty to make Ashoo sleep on an exhausting afternoon. I took her to Mom's room, and sang to her all the world's lullabies in my sleepy voice. But that baby was in no mood of sleeping! After some more efforts, I saw her eyes closing and became satisfied that I'd also be able to sleep once she's sleeping. Then we both slept. After hardly 20 minutes, she woke up and cried at the top of her lungs. And, this time again, I was so sleepy that I didn't hear her crying! Then, my brother ran upstrairs, took the crying baby to her mom. When I woke up at my usual time, I had to hear a lot of harsh words! Now you don't need to know them :$


ُُُُُپانی پت کی جنگ

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کافی عرصہ پرانی بات ھے ھم نے اپنی حساب کی ٹیچر سے پوچھا: “پانی پت کی لڑائ کہاں ھوئ؟
کافی دیر سوچنے کے بعد کہنے لگیں :" پتا نہیں


I miss you

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Just mailed Farry. We've been out of contact since so long. I miss her :(



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I can't speak!!!!

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Ritz brought this funny, yummy thing from India, known as Mango Bar. It's so yumyum that once you take a bite of it, you feel like eating the whole of it in one go. So now, my throat is in a very bad condition. I can't speak. People around me are happy :(

Oh, and did I tell you, yesterday I ate soooo much, sooo soooo much that at one moment my stuffed up stomach started to beg to have some rest! And the more I ate, the more I felt hungry and then I'd eat again! Ufff, that was bad.

Oh, one more thing. I have been studying from 8:30 am straight to 12:30 pm!!! 4 dry classes together!!!! What the heck!?!?!

*falls on desk and sleeps*

Cheerio folks *zzzzzzz*



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Oh, just to remind you, I'm BACK. And I hope I keep posting regularly



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On Feb 6th, 2007, our result was annnounced. To my amazement, it wasn't an insult! Cuz I got a GPA of 3.67 - 3 As, 2 B+, and a B.

A's in Cost Accounting, Marketing Management and Office Automation. B+ in Pakistan & Islamic studies and Fundamentals of Finance. B in Statistical Inference ( how much I wished to get an A in Statistics :S)

Anyways, me happy!!!! =)


Danger: Exams Ahead!

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A highly unfavourable series of intolerable, 2-hour long, 10 tension-filled days is coming!

You are requested to please pray a lot

Cheerios :'(


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