Happy New Year!!!!

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If by sending special greetings,
I can add in some small way.
To all the New Year happiness,
You're sure to know today.
And if a wish of mine can help,
To bring you pleasure too.
You'll find them all included,
In this message sent to you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody.

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hey all...just came to make some changes. Letsee if it works!


Somebody Stop Me !!!

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from food and sleep. I really really really need to study. Tell me allllll the tips and tricks to best exam results. Or this 6 kg book of Business Studies will sink me into a deep sea of U's only. Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!! I hate BS.


Oh, I met Xain today.

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So, today I went to my friend's (Hina) sister's marriage. It wasn't good in the start. But then I found some 1-2 people to talk to. I can't stay quiet for long. Hina was busy with her guests so she didn't get time to come to me. I hate you Hunny. Well, I was just trying to kill my time chatting with a totally boring person, when I suddenly saw my ol' classmate, Xain and family entering the place. For a moment, my eyes just locked onto her smart figure, and i mumbled "Oh, xain, what are you doing here?" And her eyes opened wide as she saw me. A big big smile covering her face greeted me. Then we both sat and started discussing all the foolish stuff. Actually, she came back from Islamabad after almost a year. And then I was the only one who met her. Im sooo glad. Waisay people, I must tell you, these days I'm getting into contact with my old friends. Isn't that nice?!? Few days back, Saad, my classmate till grade 5, contacted me through another of our ol' classmate. Uff....bohat maza aata hay when we refresh our memories.
O yeah, I must tell you, today there were 2 groups of band-baajay walay. They were constantly playing music, and it was soo damn frustrating. At one moment, I got extremely angry. Dil chah raha tha kay uss drummer ki dono sticks torr ker phaink doun, aur uss ka drum uss kay sarr per dai maroun. Aik minute ko khamosh nahin ho raha tha. Aik group chup hota to dosra shuru ho jata. Tobbaaa...
Oh, I remember, a lady took her plate full of food, and as she walked, she stumbled and fell to the ground...Ouch! Actually, un ko taar nahin nazar aaya, joota phansa, aur wo neechay!
Allah sab ko apni hifazat main rakhay.. Ameen!


A Diplomatic Kiss...

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General Musharaf, Vajpayee, Aishwarya Rai and Margaret Thatcher are sitting in a train. The train suddenly goes through a tunnel and it gets completely dark. Suddenly there is a kissing sound and then a slap! The train comes out of the tunnel. Both women and Gen Musharraf are sitting there looking perplexed. Vajpayee is bent over holding his face, which is red from an apparent slap. All of them remain diplomatic and nobody says anything.

Thatcher is thinking:

"These Indians are all crazy after Aishwarya. Vajpayee must have tried to kiss her in the tunnel. Very proper that she slapped him."

Aishwarya is thinking:

"Vajpayee must have moved to kiss me, and kissed Margaret instead and got slapped."

Vajpayee is thinking:

"Damn it, Musharraf must have tried to kiss Aishwarya, she must have thought it was me and slapped my face. "

Musharraf is thinking:

"If this train goes through another tunnel, I could make another kissing sound and slap Vajpayee again."

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Nothing new! But just trying to read "urdu adab" for my A Level course.


Don't let Go

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I don't even know if I could cry
Been so long, it seems like I've run dry
Something in your eyes tonight
Looked into my soul
Saw the years of breaking down
Have taken its toll
So I'm leaning on you now into the night..

Don't let go..
I don't wanna let you go

Now I'm on the rocks, I see your lie
I don't need my wings to take this flight
I know I can fly
Nothing happens on its own, fate is just a word
You make me a better man..
Does that sound absurd?
And you look into my eyes and softly say..

Don't let go..
I don't wanna let you go

You are the light in me, pull me in and set me free
You always let me know
Hold on tight and don't let go..

Don't let go..
I don't wanna let you go

Its a song by David Sneddon. If you haven't listened it, do listen to it. It's a really nice song.

And now, quote of the day:
"Never cry for those who don't deserve your tears. But those who deserve your tears, will never let you cry".


Mehendies, Weddings, Valimas...

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O people, just don't ask how I am here today. Soooo many marriages I have attended and soooooo many are still left! Daily I have to stand infront of my cupboard for 20 minutes to search for a good dress.
For thos people who have seen me, they'll find a great (or say, a big, a very fat) change in me after a week. Because these days I am filling my belly with all those (way too) heavy dinners. Last night, I attended a mehendi and a shaadi. And we returned home at, something like 3 am. Ufffff....and today in the morning, I was in NO mood of going to college. I was dead tired. So, today when I returned home (after college), I just changed my dress, drew the curtains, closed my bedroom door, and threw myself in my always-tempting bed. And at around 7, I woke up with half-closed eyes, walked lazily towards the lounge, bumped in the sofa and closed my eyes again. But at once, I opened my eyes in pure amazement, as if an electric current has passed through my body. I remembered that I had to go to a mehndi; a very important one! OMG! don't ask. I simply rushed towards my momma's room and started screaming "what i'm going to wear? tell me. What Im going to wear?" We had to go early today, at something like 7:30. I freaked out as I looked at my watch. Then I just took out a dress (it took 10 mins to choose) and quickly dressed up and went to attend that mehndi. Waisay maza bohat aata hay. Aur aaj to tabla tha...wow...I love tabla beat! The wonderful sound producedwhen the fast moving fingers strike the tabla...ahaaaa ah ha ha hah...aaaaahhhh....
Ummm...numm...yummm...mmmm...Did I say yummm?!? O my God, I'm feeling hungry! Agar isi speed say khaati rahi to aik din bohat baray dhamakay kay saath burst ho jaoon gee. God, help me.
Aaj main nay, meiray khayal main, aap sab logoan ka bohat sar kha lia hay, isi liay shayad mera apna sar bohat buray tareeqay say bajj raha hay.
Ijazat chahoun gee
Allah Hafiz.

oops, forgot to write the quote of the day.
"A woman is like a teabag__ only in hot water do you realize how strong she is." Nancy Reagan.



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My sister is cracking such funny jokes, and I'm laughing soo badly right now...ufff...and because of it, I'm having the worst kind of neck-ache. I feel like taking my head off and keep it on a nice, soft cushion for some rest.
Right now, chatting with my best friend and listening "I can(not) be your hero" by enrique.
I don't know what to write. Barry ain't feeling well. I dont know why, and she's not even telling me about it. But yaar, you have to take special care of yourself, and try to forget every thing. I know it's hard but you have to.
I have tried my level best to make her smile, magar dost kis ki hay? Mairee!!! Kaafi mushkil hay usay line per laana. Itni sardi main bhee uss kay dimagh ka temperature high hay. Cool down! Laugh, play, let it go!
Now, as she has left, I don't think there's any point in staying online! :(


What Is Accounting?

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Do you people know what the hell Accounting is? If you know, then kindly teach it to my sister. Actually, my mind is completely blocked! "taala laga hua hay" .
Hmmmm...kuch naya hay aaj...today we had a party at our college. It was Eid Party... Kuch late ho gai. But it went good, very nice. We enjoyed, cracked stupid jokes, but it ended in angry-faces and mouthful of abusive words. You know, it happens...all those fights--verbal and non-verbal are a part of college life. Actually, one of our seniors started it and when he became intolerable, we all kicked him out of our class. Then we started chatting and laughing and all other fun stuff, without thinking about the consequences. We had no idea as to what horrible scenes we would be seeing after 12 (that's the time when our classes get over on Fridays). I was trembling badly when I saw my classmates and other guys fighting with each other. And then ... well, I don't want to discuss all this stuff now. But I pray and hope everybody's fine, especially 2 of our classmates.
[long silence]
O yeah, do you people know that my exams are starting from 6th Jan? (WHOA! now this is a New Year Gift..urgh!). And you know what, I haven't bought a calculator... Imagine, Accounting paper without a calc... another WHOA!! and most of all, no time is left for preparation of the lengthy course...WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!! So, I have cent percent chance of getting a big__ real big U. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... So, I ask my readers to raise their hands for a dua:
"Allah Umema ko aik Casio fx-82TL calculator ataa farmai...Ameen aur acha grade bhee" .
Main aap ki bohat shukur-guzaar hongee.
Today, in the lunch, I ate soo much. ufff... My stomach was indicating "full" (after the party) but still I HAD to eat those chinese rice ( all those vegetables...i don't like vegetables) with fried fish. Now, I don't think I'd feel like eating anyhting in the next two days.
Well, right now I'm planning to either write a poem or to read a nice book. Actually, the words in my mind are begging me to let them out. So, all I need is a piece of paper, a pen, and silence!!!
But right now, I don't want to think much or my Dinky Mind will just burst! So, I'll read something. Isn't it nice when you are in your cosy bed, reading your favourite book under the lamp light with a handful of roasted cashew nuts scattered all over your lap, and slow music blanketing the peaceful and silent moments? Ahhh....So, now I'm going to enjoy my time, because today, for the first time, I'm not feeling tired or sleepy.

"Happiness Is A Perfume. You Can't Spread It Around Without Getting Some On You."

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Having A Great Time Now!

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W()W. Guess what happened. Me and my best friend just logged in at the same time. You see, Great Minds Think Alike! Ooo, I feel so relaxed and releived whenever I discuss my problems with her. She's simply "The Best".
Just came to post something, but my Dinky Mind ain't working properly. Toont, toont, toont.... Battery Low. Needs to be recharged! And can only be recharged if I see my bed soon. ZZzzZZzzZZzzZZ


Hey, see this!

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Never Cry For Those Who Don't Deserve Your Tears, But Those Who Deserve Your Tears, Will Never Let You Cry!

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Sunday: A Busy, But Enjoyable Day!

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Now what should I write?!? O yeah, thanks a lot Fadi Mama for helping me (actually, doing all the work). I never knew that everything will go so smoothly, so good, so wonderful. Now Im running out of words.
Hey, you know what? Nah, you don't know. Let me tell you. Today sooo many people came to our place for dinner. It was very good to meet and eat with them. But all those teeny weeny cousins of mine were making a lot of noise. But I think this is childrens' trademark! And then, guess what, we've got a passage around our house, and those children were screaming and running in that area, aisay jaisay "tawaaf" ker rahay houn. tobbaaa!
Now let me recall what happened today.. umm...nmm...yumm...ooo...yumm...i remember...today I, unexpectedly, ate a lot. Today I woke up in the morning (before 11, sounds strange na?!?) . When I entered the lounge, everybody first looked at me, then at the clock, and then back at me with questioning eyes. I wondered what is the problem? But as soon as my eye balls saw the clock, I got the answer to my own question. And everybody was like: "Aaj subah hee subah?!? khairiat to hai na?!?" And then I realised that I slept at 12. Actually on Saturday, we were invited on dinner so as soon as I stepped in my room, I saw my bed, and I quickly curled up in my blanket and slept.
O yeah, tomorrow (now today) is my dad's birthday. So, people help me. I don't understand what should I give him. A perfume?!? , a tie?!? But he's got all this stuff. Suggest me something interesting.
you know people, IT'S 1 AM!!!!!! ufffff
"main sona chahti houn, main lambiiiiii neend sonaaaa chahti houn.." (kuch ziada hee lambi na ho jai warna kal ki class miss ho jai gee)
to janab yeh thein aaj ki nai tazi.
Kal tak kay liay ijazat deejiay.
Apna khayal rakhiyay ga.
Shab bakhair (ab to sabah-al-khair)
Allah Hafiz.
(PTV News). :)


A Zillion Thanks To Mama!!!

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Assalam-o-alaikum everybody
My day is getting better as seconds are ticking by. Just because a few moments back fadi mama came online and whoa.....he gave me a real, BIG surprise!!! And I think I should keep it in my secret box, and then one day I'll surprise you all by revelaing it. Hehe.
O yeah, I played cricket today. Toba . Itni buri cricket hay meri. Yesterday I played pathetic..Uffff!!! But today, it improved a lot. I took 2 wickets (thankyou, thankyou very much for clapping). And then I made 10 runs (big deal). Yesterday with my full power, I played a shot. And then I stood there watching the ball rolling on the ground. And my partner was screaming at top of his voice asking me to run. And then I looked at him and started thinking "Do I have to run?" And then I finally ran...Everybody was laughing so badly. At first I felt embarassed, but then I thought, cricket is not a girlish game, and most of all, It was my first time.
And guess what, today I didn't forget to do my accounting assignment (for the first time). Im sooo relaxed..Ahhhhhhhhhhh....
Now, I think I should go and lie on my cozy and comfortable bed.
Allah Hafiz


No "Nai tazi" today...

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Just came to say Salam to all of my readers. Thanks for helping me a lot.
O wow, I have just recieved a mail from Sana (Hijabafied). Thankyou Sana for appreciating my words. Well, I'm in dire need of a comment box. If anybody can help me adding that, I'd be very thankful. Because many readers find it inconvenient to mail me. Well, I have brought a little change in my blog. Fadi Mama helped me in that. Thankyou sooooooooooooooo much.
And Sana, without exaggeration, your page is really cool. Help me in making mine a good one ( I think I'm saying this thing for the zillionth time).
So, nothing new today, except for I'm feeling very good and energetic.
I'm trying to write something interesting. Letsee if I get time to complete it, I'll surely post it.
Waiting for your nice replies.
Allah Hafiz.
O yeah, quote of the day:
"Some people are going to leave a mark on this world, while others will leave a stain"


I lost my match..urgh!

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So, aaj aap sab logoan ki dua'aun say main apna table-tennis match haaaaaaar gai. I won my semi-final, but lost the final match. It was great fun playing the final. My opponent is a very experienced player. We were playing tick-tock, tick-tock, and then a big smash...wow! And she finally won the match__ Still, I will recieve a silver medal. Again. Last year also I got a silver medal. Does that mean I haven't improved?!? No. Those were the the double matches and this time I played single, which I think, is difficult.
In my writings you'll always find news about songs. Well, after sooo many days (better say, weeks), I heard the song "aadat" by jal. It was nice to hear that. Nice, soft and slow (of my type..). And also Im listening to some old Indian songs. Just like "kehna hee kia" of bombay.
O yeah, Faysal, I've seen that movie "kal ho na ho". It was good.
Aray haan, I just remember, my father is planning to buy a table-tennis table. wow! I'm forcing him to buy it asap.
These days I'm working on a poem. But it doesn't seem to me that it will end up in a "poem". I mean, I think that I should write a story because I have more words, if I make a story out of it. Do you wanna read another of my poems? If not, then close your eyes right now, start counting, scroll down. Keep on scrolling down until you reach 5. then open your eyes and you'll be at the concluding paragraph pf my blog.
So, if you want to read it, then here it goes.

_________Don't Look Into My Eyes___________

Don't look into my eyes,
For these glassy eyes are very deep.
The depth will sweep you away,
And in the ocean of my memories, you'll seep.

Don't look into my eyes,
For they search rays of hope.
And if you peer into them,
I may lose this precious rope.

Don't look into my eyes,
Or you'll discover my erratic life.
You'll discover my painful sufferings,
And those deep bruises caused by my sacrifice.

Don't look into my eyes,
Or the tears will surely flow.
There are things that can't be said,
The eyes can't help, but show.

Don't look into my eyes,
For you won't find anything.
These empty eyes are just there,
Anxiously waiting for something.

Kaisi thee? If you like it then mail me at
And if you dont like then, dont waste your time in mailing!
well, tahts all for today....getting busy as time is passing by..


Title?!? Untitled!!!

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kia likhoun? can't think of anything. Dinky Mind ain't workin'. oopsss! waqai kuch samajh nahin aa raha kay kia likhoun.
o yeah, I remember. I have just completed a painting. It has three ice cubes in it, vertically made. Bas itni achi nahin bani, magar, shayad agar duur say daikhain to lagay kay waqai ice cubes hain (agar na lagay to abstract art hay !!! ;) )
So, today i heard almost all songs of "huqa pani". I mean half of side A and half of side B. And yeah, I said I'll comment on the songs once I listen to them. And one thing I noticed was that in all songs, his voice is totally changed! Never heard any singer like that. And now watching "with arms wide open". Uff..its such a good song.
today was my brother's birthday. Aray, I forgot, aaj zoixxx ki bhee birthday ki...O My God, I didn't call her. I'm becoming soo careless these days. Sab batain bhool jaati houn! God grant me piece and peace of mind!
So, today I went to Park Tower for some shopping. There I met my Economics teacher, who taught me in O Levels, Miss Uzma Laddakwala (shayad yehi naam hay). There she asked me my grades. I told her that I've got a big B in economics, at 88 %...urgh! She told me that Sarah has got an A. The only person of our batch who got an A. Sarah Afridi_ She is a real genius. She got 7 A* at GCSE, and now an A in GCE. Well, I dont know what she has got in Add Math. I hope an A. Now she'll definately get admission in Grammar.
After shopping, I went to The Dip Shop. uff...wahan ice cream itni heavy ho gai. Bas ab to do din khaanay ki chhutti ! But my parents won't let me do that. Aaj hee khitab mil gaya hay kuch ziada hee elegant honay ka. "seekh Silai". That's what my father has said to me
:( So these days my diet is revolving around CHEESE only; cream cheese, cheese triangles, cheese sqaures, cheese everything. Mujhay to lagta hay itni cheese kha kha ker main aik din "ajeeb cheese" ban jaoon gee.
Well, that's for today. kal tak kay liay ijazat dijiyay
Allah Hafiz, aur
Shab Bakhair!


Hey People, I'm Back

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ahh..sitting with my heavy eyelids, I'm trying my best to post something over here. Well, my account expired few days back, so, now I'm here to check all my stuff. my mailbox is just filled with mails (stupid answer). What I'm trying to say is that it is just flooded with mails from all my cousins and friends...uff...have to reply them also. Today is (better say "was", cuz i usually come online at night) Friday. On Fridays, I normally have 4 hour consecutive classes, with a tiny break of 15 mins. (a big relief for all of us). But in today's break I had a table-tennis single's match, which will now be played on Monday. Urgh...Hate it. Actually, today my opponent was in no mood of a match, and on Monday I wouldn't be (hahaha). Well my battery is recharging now, as I'm listening to some good tracks, just like "have you ever" by Katelyn Tarver. It is suchhhh a nice song. Do listen to it.
Hey today my sis brought Ali Zafar's album, Huqqa Paani. I have just heard two songs of that album. Have to listen rest of the songs. My sis says all are good and different. I'll comment only when I'll hear 'em. Right now I'm listening to El Amor De Mi Vida by Ricky Martin...Although I dont understand a word of this song but still I like it, such a nice, soft, slow song. And you know what, whenevr I'm gloomy, I just play this song, and rest my head on my table, close my eyes and enjoy this 4 minute, un-understanding song (i hope you understand what I mean when I say un-understanding). Simply love it! And yeah, listen to this song "Stop living the lie" by David Sneddon. O God, its such a niceeee song. And I really love those lines.
"She stands alone at a place where no-one knows her name,
She catches them staring, they turn around and vanish the frame,
And she's nursing her head and her pride,
She died long ago deep down inside.
Who is going to save her?
Nobody wants to know her."
wow wow wow, such a nice song, isn't it?
right now somebody has sent me "nothing is gonna change my love for you" by Glen Mederos. Tomorrow I'll tell you about this song_ my comments! hehe...Waisay to acha lag raha, "of my type" SLOW and Soft...khair, forget about this stuff.
O, I haven't visited anybody's blog today. So, I'm kind of feeling bored today.
umm..let me think of something new and interesting...right now I'm conversing with famma...the one who has named me OLPM (well, fadi mama, nobody knows the meaning of OLPM. A secret between us only...hehe... ).
Nothing new happened today at college,oo yeah, I had an argument with my Economics teacher. Just dont ask, he ate my head by explaining me a totally different thing, and I ate his by arguing that what he is saying is from no angle correct. We argued for about 30 mins, and then he finally said:
"Ok beta, cross this statement. It's not correct".
He still dint say what I said was correct! toba hay...then we started doing MCQs. Us main bhee main nay un ka sar khaa lia kay mujhay sahi tarah samjhaiiin. I just dont know whether my mind was blocked or either he was unable to explain the choices to me correctly. khair...
O yeah, I remember. Did I tell you that i lost my locker's key on tuesday? well, if I dint then I must tell you that I've found it again....Ahhh...Im so relieved cuz my fee slip was in the book which was in my locker. Thankyou Ahse for helping me. I was really tired of searching that tiny, keychainless key of mine at home. I searched every nook and corner of my house. At one moment a stupid idea crossed my mind. I always lick my key like a lollypop (sounds awful...i know) so, have I taken it inside? uff...so you can well imagine, my mind really stopped working at that time. And after that I decided to glue my key with a keychain much bigger than my own size, so I never lose it again! At first I wasnt worried about my key, but when my father bacame twice as worried as I was, then I started thinking of searching it . I mean, I didn't stop searching but his sentences like "o beta, you've lost your keys, now what will happen? how will you get your books back? ". And all those worried and caring looks would compel me to go upstairs again, and search for my lost key. But ahh...I'm so relieved now. So, as soon as I entered the house, I just picked out a keychain and chained my key.
aray kuch pata hay? 3 bajj chukay hain. Mujhay to khair abhi pata laga. acha janab, bas ab to sochtay huay hee aankhain bund honay lagtee hain kay apna soya hua wujood kaisay main kamray tak lay ker jaoon gee...nahinnnnn!!!!
Wish me goodluck, tomorrow is PTM (parent-teacher meeting). letsee kia hota hay. waisay to mera result iss dafa kaafi acha aay hay,..phir bhee...
wasiay tomorrow's saturday...abhi to nahin sona chahiyay mujhay...magar phir bhee so jaati houn... apni energy ki bachat ho gee.


I am so happy!

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so today my college reopened, after a very looong week (because I missed all my friends so much). But today I enjoyed a lot. I played table-tennis after a month (because in ramazan, we wouldn't get time for our matches). And guess what, I played 5 double matches and won ALL...wow... my partner was an A-2 student, who's a great player (this doesnt mean that only because of his efforts we were victorious...I also play well, rather good. If you don't believe, come and play with me ;) ) And the oppenents were all my class-mates, and oh, one was of A-2. To sum it up, I enjoyed a lot.
In the morning, I took my first class of accounting of one hour (without a calc! O my God, when will I buy a new one?!?). Then I studies Business Management with the same teacher, for another one hour. Then I had my economics class, but due to a change in timetable, we studied General Paper (everybody takes GP). Then we had a 45-minute break in which I finished 2 packs of Real Chips (yummm). And after that I went for table tennis. Then I attended my Economics class from 11:45-12:45. And then, from 12:45 - 13:45, I enjoyed with my mates, cuz all of them had a free class...
So that was my day at college.
O yeah, something unusal happened today_nobody came to our house, neither did we go to meet anybody...so, you can say, I had a real relaxing day. Ahhh!!!
A few minutes back, Fadi mama (Ahmed Fuad Siddiqi) came online. We had a great chat, and he's going to help me to bring further fruitful changes in this boring blog of mine...Thankyou very much. And then I talked to him about my poem "restless soul", which I want to submit on www.poetry.com (search me by the name of "Umema Siddiqui"..remember ...iqui). I have submitted a poem over there by the title of "the temptation" ( a chidish poem written by me when i was in grade 8th). I submitted this poem some 2 years back, i guess, but now Pakistan is not in the country's list....so annoying! So, I talked to fadi mama, took his address (of USA) and submitted my poem...Thankyou again mama.
O my God, I just forgot, I have to complete my GP assignment..nahiiiinnnn...I thought there's nothing to do today, so I started working on a poem. But now, I have to go....O Lord! why does this happen to me only?? Probably because I own a Dinky Mind.
And you know what, my mocks will start right after a month... and I think I shouldn't go far, but my assessments are starting after 6 days....nahiiiinnnn...I sometimes wonder is it some sort of Eidi given to us by our teachers or what? Assessments right after our vacations, especially Eid vacations, doesnt mean that we were studying during those times, after all, enjoyment is also something!
Well, right now Im listening to, infact, watching a song "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed. Its a good song. I like slow songs, only when when Im feeling gloomy. And when Im ecstatic, I listen to all songs, all the fast tracks that I have with me.
Now, I think its late. I better move to my writing table for some work.
oo bye...


Sunday: A Hectic day

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ufff...just dont ask how i spent my day...It was so, O my God, exhauting....people coming to visit you and you are going to attend lunches and dinners on sundays...
In the afternoon, some family friends came to our place..It was very nice talking with all of 'em..Then, at about 8 pm, we went to our nani (maternal grand mother's) place. Over there, we enjoyed a lot. And then I went into her room, and picked up a book by the name of "A Study Of Bible". I opened it and started reading it. I read only a few pages when my parents asked me to get into the car, cuz it was late (something around 11:30 or...I don't remember exactly). So, now I'm planning to read it more whenever I get a chance of visiting her again. O yeah, today I wanted my ears to be pierced, but then I totally forgot about it. And now, Im simply scolding myself, because I really really really wanted my ears to be pierced. But you know, Every thing Has Got A Place In Time so now, it's all right.
O MY GOD! mujhay to yaad hee nahin raha, tomorrow Ive to go to college also....ufff...nahiiinnnn...It's 1:53 right now, when will I change? When will I sleep? and when will I wake up??? This is soooo bad. Im still glued to the chair. I really need to get up and sleep.
will tell you stories about tomorrow
till then


I Love Playing With Words!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, November 30, 2003 in
wanna read something rhyming?
a poem, which i wrote when i was totally tired of studying. it was something 2 or 3 at night ( my dinky mind works at night only)... so I took out my Diary Of Verses, and started scribbling my thoughts. Actually, it all comes to my mind when I read a pile of books and want to pour out my thoughts onto a paper, in a rhyming manner.
I dont think Im a good poet, because when I view other people's poetry, I find my verses to be of kinder-garten standard. All of my poems are in English, because, I think, in this way, I can improve my vocab. (really needs to be improved).
Aur mazay ki baat bataoon, whenever i start writing a poem, I feel like I'm a boy and writing for a girl...hahaha...because you can write a lot on girls...
Well, here it goes:
the title is

Restless Soul

My heart is too full for words;
My feelings make it difficult for me to speak.
I'm running after my shadow;
The thirst for your love has made me a complete freak!

Sitting beside the graveyard of my hopes,
Those cloudy memories still revolve around my head.
I remember those moments I spent with you,
But then you left me__I'm all alone and dead!

I never dreamt of getting this reward from you,
Have I ever gave you any harm or sorrow?
But you made it happen so soon,
I wish, I would have never prayed for a tomorrow...

Do you realise, you're putting me through my paces?
And now you see me lying helpless.
Behold! I'm breaking into pieces,
Your lips take a curve and you smile at my restlessness...

Ah...This is so heart-aching,
I wish, I could vociferate at your unjust behavior.
Your unfair attitude has fatigued my nerves,
I'm totally vexed at my failure!

I'm growing despondent in the promises of life,
Want to retroject myself to the same joyous track.
Don't push me in this agony-filled world,
Please, show some clemency and come back...

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, November 30, 2003 in
hey all.
so today I'm here...haha...well, today, again, was a very tiring day...'cuz you know it's still eid (although 4th day... still loads of people to meet..whoosh!). Many people came to our house and we also went to meet a couple of people... It was kind of nice, I enjoyed.
well, now let me think of something new...ummm...no news today, i guess. O yeah, tomorrow is Sunday, and then Monday, and I'll meet my mates on Monday..yahoooooo!!!! there'll be fun! But right now I'm missing my greatest friend-Barry (Faryal/Amal...loads of other names)....yaar, I'm simply dying to meet her.
Yesterday, I completed my Accounts chapter of Manufacturing Accounting. 7 questions_ a big deal. But it was very interesting. And guess what, I did it without a calculator..hahaha..Accounts without a calculator. Actually, I've lost it at college some weeks ago, and I haven't bought a new one. So, sometimes, when I am really really frustrated after using the calc. of my mobile, I start using my brain (Dinky Mind). So, you can say, I've done all my assignment without a calculator. You can well imagine the headache caused when you use mobile's calculator... all that tick-tick-tick sound is ufff...so annoying.
I guess this is for today.

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, November 29, 2003 in ,
Hey everybody....
Here I am with something new (for me, atleast). And I'd like to thank fadi mama and biya for opening the doors of this new world to me...Thankyou very much.
Well, right now, I can't think of anything 'cuz I'm really very exhausted and sleepy (as always) and want to curl up in my cozy bed (ahhhh...). It was the third day of Eid and soooo many people came to our place, and for a moment it seemed to me as if I'm not in my own home, but in a restaurant, acting as a waitress, serving people, and yeah, taking care of those most-annoying kids.uffff! But my mum says "It's part of your life!" (annoying part, I must say)
and also "the prep period"....
ah..zzZZzzZZ....I think I must go and sleep because it's ...no way!!...whoops...2:09 am.....nahiiiiiinnnn....
Well take care everybody.
Good bye,
Have a wonderful day


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