Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, November 29, 2003 in ,
Hey everybody....
Here I am with something new (for me, atleast). And I'd like to thank fadi mama and biya for opening the doors of this new world to me...Thankyou very much.
Well, right now, I can't think of anything 'cuz I'm really very exhausted and sleepy (as always) and want to curl up in my cozy bed (ahhhh...). It was the third day of Eid and soooo many people came to our place, and for a moment it seemed to me as if I'm not in my own home, but in a restaurant, acting as a waitress, serving people, and yeah, taking care of those most-annoying kids.uffff! But my mum says "It's part of your life!" (annoying part, I must say)
and also "the prep period"....
ah..zzZZzzZZ....I think I must go and sleep because it's way!!...whoops...2:09 am.....nahiiiiiinnnn....
Well take care everybody.
Good bye,
Have a wonderful day


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