Prayers Needed

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I'm having this ....

I'm going throught this...

Okay, so this thing is extremely worrying me...

Arghhhh! Prayers needed.
Pray that this huge problem be solved soon.



What's Next I

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My brain and eyes seem to be out of sync today.

  • I woke up well before time. And I didn't feel sleepy at all although I knew 45 minutes were still there before the alarm could go mad.

  • Whenever I leave home I mentally make a check of three essential things - IBA ID card, wallet, cell phone. Yesterday I added two more things to the list; cash and documents. And this morning this Dinky Mind forgot this tiny mental note. *sigh* 

    • When I was 5 minute-drive away from my uni, my car *accidentally* went over a puppy! I mean I was driving on a pretty wide road, in the first lane, and from a distance I saw a kid and a doggy running to cross the road. I also noticed 2 puppies on the green belt who did not move to cross. And since I cannot see the road properly while driving in my jahaaz-like car, I didn't notice when the poor puppy jumped out on the road and then I heard a loud *bump*. Eeeekkkk! I heard a few bones getting crushed beneath the front left tyre. It was dead scary. I started palpitating badly. And for the next 5 minutes till I safely parked the car I felt equally terrible. Oh, and the puppy didn't die. Thank God!!!! From the rear-view mirror I saw it getting up and limping to the other side of the road. *phew*
    • When I got off the shuttle at our uni gate, there are movable 3-feet tall iron fences attached to each other by iron chains. I wonder why I was looking at my left side and walking so blindly that I bumped into one of the poles of that fence and with a tannnn sound it fell on the concrete. Without being embarrassed or looking up at who noticed my stupid act, I casually picked it up as if someone else had knocked it down and walked away. Hehe =P
    I just hope nothing awkward happens now. 14 hours are still to go before this day could end =(

    Adios amigos =)


    Interview Blues

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    I had my internship interview at RBS today. It is always advised to check the organization's website (at least) before going to the interview. I did decide to check it but having a goldfish memory this innocent Dinky Mind plainly forgot to check it =( Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that every interview for which I go unprepared I tend to ace it. Focus on the word 'tend', please. Instead of getting worried for being unprepared, I act more care-free type. I don't know why. There really is something wrong with my brain :/ Kuch to ulta hay!

    I reached there 10 minutes before time. Signed my name on the list on the 1st reception and headed towards the 2nd reception. The guy over there checked the list and said my name was not in the 11 am slot :/ I asked him to check again. He again said no. But well, do I care? People really don't register my name well in their minds. So I went to the waiting area and sat comfily in the couch and started admiring the architecture and greenery of the building. Then I started bugging the girls sitting next to me. And one of them was the one I met at Brandorama '10, and I didn't even recognize her. Brandorama was held around 2 months ago and I forgot her. And to my surprise she not only remembered my face but my name as well! Inteha-e-afsos for me! The other girl was from City and since I had never seen her before I don't feel ashamed. Haha.

    While waiting for our group interview to begin, the City Girl, Maimoona, and I started talking about different stuff. We started off with 'What services does RBS provides' to finding out our common friends, then weddings and finally ended our convo with ketchups, chili garlic sauces and the new Garlic-Mayo dip. Yeah, yeah, we're the perfect girls! We just can't resist bringing up such topics in our convos.

    During the interview I involuntarily entertained the interviewers, or maybe they were the extra jolly kind. Anyway, before the end of the interview, they asked us if there was anything we wanted to ask them. And I innocently asked them when do I expect the confirmation call. =$

    Either the panel was very good or was it my impressive personality [:P] that three hours after the interview I did get a confirmation call =P Haha. Dinky Mind rulzzzz =P

    Cheerio folks! =P


    Recognizing Colors

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    Sammy: "Arsalan, if you're going to the class, could you please bring me my notebook?"
    Arsalan: "What color is it?"
    Sammy: "Fawn"
    Arsalan: "FAWN??? What on earth is this color?"

    I won't straightaway say boys are colorblind, they're just awful in recognizing colors. Yes, being a girl I'm supporting Sammy here! So, if you're a guy, don't read any further.

    Girls are so cool cuz they know which color is what. They know the difference between Pink, Lilac, Mauve and Purple. They know what rust color is and how camel color (and caramel color) is better than plain brown. They can well differentiate between shades of green - which one is mint green and which one is olive green. We girls have played with sets of 72 pastel colors in our childhood. So it's better you guys don't argue about colors with us.

    Oh, I see guys are still reading. Well, you guys really want to learn shades of colors. Oh, I know you might argue that talking in shades of colors is so girlish, but hey, we girls also know the more-than-basics of your favorite sports cars, or any other car. At least we don't confuse break with clutch and handbrake with accelerator. We also know if your favorite car is metallic black or a mustard yellow Mustang. Oops, I'm talking about colors again. But well, we even know the names of many of those cars. Wow. We girls are so much better! =P And you guys.... *sigh*... learn at least a few basic colors. Go beyond the primary and secondary colors please. =P

    Cheerio folks =)


    Independence Day!

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    I'm not the type who celebrates her Independence Day when her exams are over, because I always watch movies and go out on shopping sprees during my exams. And once my exams are over, I feel ultra bored for not having anything to read. Yep, Dinky Mind is über insane!

    So well, we were talking about my big Day. Well folks, today I happily celebrate my Independence Day as we've got a new 24/7 maid servant for home. Yayyyy! =D I'm no more an OLPM, no more a Cindarella! The feeling was just too great when I got to know our dearest maid was en route to our place this morning. No more dusting, mopping, laundry-ing or ironing. Wow! I'd be free. I'd be able to focus on my pending ass-ignments and reports. The feeling was driving me nuts. I wouldn't be bashed for untidy chairs and/or staying glued to my laptop and ignoring household chores. Imagine that!

    Now when our maid arrived, momma left for grocery shopping. And I had to look after her (maid). I had to act like her shadow wherever she went. It was a huge responsibility, because I'm the kind whose bags and jewellery would be littered all over her room {and in the lounge, and mum's room, and sometimes kitchen as well [okay, everywhere I suppose (and why the heck am I using parenthesis within parenthesis?)]}. Phew! I'm out of brackets now! So, in short, I had to keep a keen, acute eye on her. And, of course, cram all my stuff in their respective cupboards as well.

    So now I got time to get online. But I want to admit here I'm a bad supervisor. I always prefer doing my work myself. Or maybe getting someone do them for me and that someone shouldn't bug me where to put what, how and why. Since this maid is a new girl, I had to teach her everything and guide her where the mop was and where to find salt. She, coming from interior Sind doesn't know Urdu, and I, being a ... French-speaking person (=P) find it hard to communicate with her. Even then I try my level best but my stock of Sindhi ends after a few words, and then I foolishly stress on Urdu words - like saying jharoo in a loud voice - and expecting her to understand my language. And no, it's not funny at all. I mean I can't use sign language or hire an interpreter. So, I believe in a few days I'd surely be able to learn her language fully, if not able to teach her mine.

    This language barrier sometimes proves to be very disastrous. Like today, I asked her to make a paratha for Bushi, to which she thought it's some special kind of paratha I'm asking her to make and she made a helpless face. *sigh*. And when I clearly explained her what exactly she had to, I left the kitchen and started typing this blog post. And a few moments ago when I went to see her progress, she was ready with four parathas! Four!!!! I mean who would eat 4 parathay? She knew all of us had had our lunch, and just Bushi was left, and still 4! Grrr! And with all those 4 parathay in her hands, her face was beaming as if she was holding an Oscar. I wish I could tell her that I wanted just one and not 4! *sigh*. Now I'm going to wrap the remaining 3 of them and slide them in the frigo.

    Key Learning: Do you work yourself. Why on earth would you be gifted with two hands then? So, tmrw I'd do the laundry myself and I'd iron my week's clothes too. I just can't afford burnt dupattas or stained scarves.

    Cheerio folks =)


    And I Stand Out of the Crowd!

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    For all those who think I'm an extraordinary person are so wrong. This post is not about my accolades or achievements, but it's about how I spoiled my Saturday morning =( *sigh*

    Waking up at 9 am on a Saturday is not easy. It becomes even more difficult when you know the whole country's educational institutions are closed on Saturday except yours. Injustice, I know. Well, I am a morning person, but on weekends, my biological clock wakes me up at 8 or 9 am. So I dragged myself out of the bed at 9 and started dressing up for the darn "double" class of... let's forget it. I reached the campus at exactly 10 am - the time our class had to start. Boarded the shuttle, got dropped at uni, frantically ran corridors in search of our class and finally spotted it: all in 4 minutes time! Pushed the class door open a bit, heard a stern "You're late!", retreated and started bashing the rude proffy. First of all, we weren't informed where the class was, it wasn't the "usual room", and when we finally spotted the room (after peering inside almost every classroom), we were ... uh, kicked out! Like, I literally stood out of the crowd. Eeesh! [And thankfully we weren't asked to hold our ears or become murghay/ murghian] Heheh. After a few moments I realized it wasn't our proffy's fault. The day majority of students are late, they're allowed to enter. Today, just today, when I came a mere 4 minutes late, I wasn't allowed to enter. *sigh* So, are you getting my point? This, my friends, is called the Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong (and at the worst possible time!)

    Instead of whining for long, Rabia and I sat on the window sill and started thinking of our options and alternatives. A few moments later, Mehwish joined the club and we, the irritated trio, camped in one of the Discussion Rooms. After wasting a lil time and texting out friends in the class, we started cracking insane jokes. Lol. We had nothing better to do. Then Rabia and I called up our moms and told them we'd be returning home in a while cuz we were "kicked out". Lol. And our moms were like, "Good going!" Hehe. When we found out the car was outside to pick us up, we decided to go buy samosas. But again, Murphy's Law came into action. The samosay wala dhaaba was closed =( And then we realized Karachi University is closed on Saturdays now =( *Baahhhhh*

    But well, I had a yummy naashta at home =P and now, I'm going to complete my 3-course breakfast by having a chocolate =P Hehehe. After an hour, I'd be off for shopping, while my other friends would be getting grilled in the ... let's not name the course, cuz I've heard our proffies google our names =(

    I'm glad I'm home now. See, sometimes everything happens for a reason. =P You should only be knowing the art of turning negatives into positives.

    Have a blessed day.

    Cherio folks ;)


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