Interview Blues

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I had my internship interview at RBS today. It is always advised to check the organization's website (at least) before going to the interview. I did decide to check it but having a goldfish memory this innocent Dinky Mind plainly forgot to check it =( Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that every interview for which I go unprepared I tend to ace it. Focus on the word 'tend', please. Instead of getting worried for being unprepared, I act more care-free type. I don't know why. There really is something wrong with my brain :/ Kuch to ulta hay!

I reached there 10 minutes before time. Signed my name on the list on the 1st reception and headed towards the 2nd reception. The guy over there checked the list and said my name was not in the 11 am slot :/ I asked him to check again. He again said no. But well, do I care? People really don't register my name well in their minds. So I went to the waiting area and sat comfily in the couch and started admiring the architecture and greenery of the building. Then I started bugging the girls sitting next to me. And one of them was the one I met at Brandorama '10, and I didn't even recognize her. Brandorama was held around 2 months ago and I forgot her. And to my surprise she not only remembered my face but my name as well! Inteha-e-afsos for me! The other girl was from City and since I had never seen her before I don't feel ashamed. Haha.

While waiting for our group interview to begin, the City Girl, Maimoona, and I started talking about different stuff. We started off with 'What services does RBS provides' to finding out our common friends, then weddings and finally ended our convo with ketchups, chili garlic sauces and the new Garlic-Mayo dip. Yeah, yeah, we're the perfect girls! We just can't resist bringing up such topics in our convos.

During the interview I involuntarily entertained the interviewers, or maybe they were the extra jolly kind. Anyway, before the end of the interview, they asked us if there was anything we wanted to ask them. And I innocently asked them when do I expect the confirmation call. =$

Either the panel was very good or was it my impressive personality [:P] that three hours after the interview I did get a confirmation call =P Haha. Dinky Mind rulzzzz =P

Cheerio folks! =P



asma says:

as awesome as it gets ;)

Mubarkain now that u r in .. u dont really need to check their website .. hehe :)

All the best umemoo <3

God help RBS :)


Asma: But still I did =P Just to kill that curiosity =P

Hiroshi: Thank you =) Yeah, God help RBS cuz I'm now trying to refrain from clicking photos. =D

And welcome to my blog =)

Muddlehead: Thank you =)

Okay, that's one bank I'm staying away from then. :P

Mubarak ho, treat nikalo! :P

Internship hay job nahi =D
And I'm more than happy from this news ke you'd stay away from this bank now =P

Wah... chha gayee... dinky mind...

Hehe... Thanks UTP bhai =D

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