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Sammy: "Arsalan, if you're going to the class, could you please bring me my notebook?"
Arsalan: "What color is it?"
Sammy: "Fawn"
Arsalan: "FAWN??? What on earth is this color?"

I won't straightaway say boys are colorblind, they're just awful in recognizing colors. Yes, being a girl I'm supporting Sammy here! So, if you're a guy, don't read any further.

Girls are so cool cuz they know which color is what. They know the difference between Pink, Lilac, Mauve and Purple. They know what rust color is and how camel color (and caramel color) is better than plain brown. They can well differentiate between shades of green - which one is mint green and which one is olive green. We girls have played with sets of 72 pastel colors in our childhood. So it's better you guys don't argue about colors with us.

Oh, I see guys are still reading. Well, you guys really want to learn shades of colors. Oh, I know you might argue that talking in shades of colors is so girlish, but hey, we girls also know the more-than-basics of your favorite sports cars, or any other car. At least we don't confuse break with clutch and handbrake with accelerator. We also know if your favorite car is metallic black or a mustard yellow Mustang. Oops, I'm talking about colors again. But well, we even know the names of many of those cars. Wow. We girls are so much better! =P And you guys.... *sigh*... learn at least a few basic colors. Go beyond the primary and secondary colors please. =P

Cheerio folks =)



Yeah, that's cuz we don't buy so many goddamn clothes! Just a simple blue or black jeans does the trick for us. :P

@Senilius: u do so coz those are the only two colors that suit u guys =P the rest of em arent made for u ;) ROFL!
@Dinky: and yeah I double ur statement they can only get the basic RED, BLUE or GREEN and can't differentiate between the rest =P rather they cant differentiate in anything AT ALL =P hahahahahahhaha

Senilius: And what about shirts and ties? That baby pink shade you once wore? =P And yes, there's a difference between baby pink, pink and tea pink =P

Nikki: Hahaha... Good answer, Nikki =P
Guys are just.... well, you do know, right? =P

A kind of intelligence, wonder why neurologists don't create public awareness about it...
Attention to detail. MashaAllah!

Lol. According to Arsalan, guys need not to know colors, because its all girlish. Silly argument in my view.

Oh, and welcome to my blog, Umer =)

My pleasure, Dinky Mind! I am Muddlehead, btw :)

Talking of colors - let's broaden the scope of discussion and appreciate the colorful works of a born-blind man, whose artistic abilities are going to alter our very understanding of PERCEPTION PSYCHOLOGY:

See Esef Armagon's, a born-blind, breath-taking paintings that have baffled many a neurologists at Harvard: http://www.armagan.com/

Watch him challenged by a Canadian psychologist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3AgO6H0H98

Read, an analysis by a Pakistan-based psychologist: http://structureofentropy.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/seeing-without-eyes/

Guys like to keep it simple, girls unnecessarily complicate everything. :P

Muddlehead: The paintings are really cool. Its sad that we, the people with perfect eyes, have no vision.

Sawj: Guys put spoilers, mufflers (or whatever it is), and neon lights on their cars. They equally complicate! Itnay masoom nahi hotay.

Cars are hotter than chicks. :P

Bus bus, rehnay do. You do know who takes the lead! =D

Ford Mustangs ATW! :D

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