Layout changed!

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Yes, finally, it has been changed. But I have to make a lot of changes in it. Have to add a couple of widgets too. Last summers I gathered a lot of cool templates, but lost them all some 2 months ago :(
And this one's my Momma's choice. I showed her 2 - this one and a light blue one. She liked this one, although I wanted to go for the blue one. But I like it now =)


Sale @ Ideas

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OMG, this would be THE most boring post I've ever written in the past 5 years. Anyway, yesterday we went to this nearby mall, and we found out about the sale at Ideas. At that time Biya and I bought 2 bedsheets (which had 70% off). We went home and told Momma that we also saw some pretty quilts and made her go with us to the mall again. Then we bought a quilt and 5 more bedsheets - all with the intention to be kept for my dowry. :$ Haye! So much ahs been accumulated for this dowry purpose now, Alhamdolillah (?) Tell you what, I've got so much crockery and kitchen appliances now that I feel these all are given to me to open up a restaurant :( I just hope *he* has a big kitchen in his house to fit in all my things :P

Uff, coming back to the point. The sale at Ideas is a very good one for bedsheets and quilts. For dresses it is good only if you're a fat woman or a bulky guy. No fitted clothes there. And yeah, I didn't like the shoe collection there, and the hand bags are simply idiotic. So huge and shimmery - so not my type!

Do visit your nearest Ideas :P

Cheerio folks =)


Je suis malade de lui maintenant

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The moment I woke up today, I started having hiccups. And such severe ones that I can't even explain. I tried telling this to my Momma, "Amm *hic*maa, I'm *hic* having Hic*hic*cups!" :( Then she asked me to drink some water. I drank a whole reservoir, but still I was having hiccups! :/ I don't remember when they stopped. But I'm glad they did :)

Went to uni today around noon. My semester fee had to be adjusted. When I was returning home, I started having hiccups again, along with stupid sneezes. Although it's winters, but still it's so hot during the day that I had to turn on the A/C of my car. Songs from the movie, Bombay were being played on the radio, and I was just busy hiccuping and sneezing (due to A/C's air). I was really annoyed as I was unable to hum/sing along those cool songs. Argh!!!!

Now that was another reason why I detest winters :P

Cheerio folks =)


Rants Unltd.

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, January 24, 2009 in ,
1. My calculator crashed the night before my AFS (Analysis of Financial Statements) exam. And that was Wednesday night. Actually, I stretched my legs and the poor thing fell down on the solid, tiled floor. Bus phir kia tha, it started acting weird. Showed half the digits and half were in invisible mode. I picked out my cutie lil screwdrivers' set and started operating my abnormal calculator. I took out the batteries, shook it ruthlessly, and then screwed it up (literally :P) as it was not in the mood of getting back to life! I contacted Ritz to bring her calc the next day for me, and started studying again. I slept around 4:30 am that night. And the exam was scheduled at 12:30 pm on Thursday.

Woke up around 10 am. Checked the calc. No improvement. I then tried the 'desi tareeqa' in a hope of seeing it working again. Smashed it on a carpeted floor :P And guess what, when I picked up the poor thing, and gently pressed the power button, it showed nothing. Haye, my dear calc died! :( Just imagine what a pain it was to use my Dinky Mind for all the scary calculations :(

2. When on Thursday I had my exam, I was mentally sleeping. Seriously. I had to revise from 10 am to 11:30 am, but in that time I was just doing 4 things - picking up the formula sheet, staring blankly at it, falling down on my books and having Momma wake me up after every 5 minutes. And damn! Time flies when I'm trying to study. :/

Anyway, when I reached uni, I was sleepy again. And guess what happened when the paper came. First of all, I felt all the formulae to be evaporating from my tiny mind. And secondly, I was sure of it :P In a question I had to calculate -12 * -18 = ? Its 216, right? Guess what this sleepy Dinky Mind wrote: -216 ! And then I sat wondering why the Beta coefficient was giving a negative answer! Gosh! For a person who always writes 5+5=25, how can you expect from her that she'd know that the product of 2 negatives is a positive. *Sighs* I don't trust my brain anymore. I check if 3.5+1 is really equal to 4.5 or not! *Sighs again*

I believe AFS is the first course in which I checked my solutions after completing the exam. And it did help :D

3. Today's Nani's birthday and Vageha's birthday too =) I wish you both a berry happy Birthday :) Me going to bake a cake for my shweet Nani Ammi. Lala, Momma and I have planned out almost everything now =)

4. And hey, did I tell you guys I had my last exam today? I feel so so happy. Ahhh! I seriously detest fall semesters. Waisay I've never felt as relieved as I do this time. God knows the reason :D

5. Watched Ghajini today. Pretty tragic movie. Plus, I don't like movies with sad endings :$ Plus, Aamir Khan has got a cute smile :P Btw, I'm still tensed at the ending :(

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Yes, I'm berry happy that I'm done with these *beep* exams. Don't care when's the result. And don't even ask me for updates. If it isn't Re(in)sult, then I'd tell you myself, otherwise, just *shhhh* :D


Tag: Weird Habits!

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I've been tagged by Siras. And this tag seems really interesting :P

Okay, coming to the rules now. The rules are:
The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I'm a Paratha addict (add french fries to the list too). I eat Parathay in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I eat roti in Shaadian only (majbooran). Those of my relatives who know I'm a paratha addict make special paratha for me in dinner parties. Aww, luhf you all :)

2. When I'm angry I study loads. So when exams are near, I give my family all the chances to scold me so I could get angry and start studying. But sadly that rarely happens :(

3. I don't bite my nails, I bite the skin around them. :$ Okay, don't start scolding me. I know it's bad and weird, but that's what the tag game all about :P

4. I drive "andazay se". I'm so short that when I sit on the driving seat, I never manage to see the bonnet :( No matter how much I hop or jump, I fail to see the bonnet or the bumpy road ahead :(

5. I feel tickled even if you are standing half mile away from me but showing your moving fingers. My sista does that to me a lot! Evil her!

6. I like things to be organized and to be kept/ stored the way I want them to be. If I keep my pencil on the right side of the book, then I can't tolerate it if you put it on the left side. I'd put it back on the right side :P That's why I never let my kaam wali clean my room, especially during exams.

I tag Unaiza, Acro , Adnan Siddiqi, Kamran and Fariha. And yes, these are 6 people. Don't argue with a finance person now :P The 6th person can be any reader :)

Cheerio folks =)


Aashoo's Birthday!

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Today's Aashoo's 3rd birthday. But we celebrated it yesterday, around midnight :D I made a card for her. Hehe. We had BBQ Behari kebab and Chinese rice with yummy Shashliks in the menu. :D The birthday was berry yummy too. Aashoo was dressed like a fairy. Cutie. The best part was seeing her unwrapping her gifts wildly :D Don't laugh because at one time I was looking at her gifts so greedily that Momma shoke me to stop acting like that :P [Later I played with her doll - Candy, and the fish toy she got] :D

That's the card I made for her. It is so not attractive to a 3-year old kid. It's simply black & white. I just wanted to show my *creativity* after all these years :P My inner child won't ever grow up, even a teeny bit *sighs*. And this shows Aashoo's cute family :) And how she calls her Daddy, Momma and lil Bebe :)

My shweetie pie =)

Cheerio folks =)



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I simply detest those invigilators who don't let the student solve their exam peacefully.

Case 1: It was our first paper of Total Quality Management, and we got the worst invigilator. That uncle had a habit of speaking too much. In TQM, we have to think a lot and write a lot too. As you all know thinking for me is a difficult thing. Anyway, he gave us the paper 3 minutes late. In those 3 minutes, I recited Ayat-ul-Kursi thrice (I hope I get a good grade now). After the paper begun, he started talking to himself in a pretty loud voice. "Hmm, so you MBAs have marketing exam today? I love teaching Marketing..." And then those Marketing students started asking for "help" from him. ARGH!!!! When he was done helping the MBA's out, he came towards us. "So, Mr. Firdous Shehri teaches you TQM?" Waka nodded without looking at him and then buried himself in the papers again. Just to tease us, he started again, "So he calls you guys Kaka and Kaki, right?" *khe khe khe*. None of us three TQM students looked at him or smiled. So he had to move away from us. The time he used to stay quiet, his shoes used to speak. Tak, Tak, Tak. That was so dead annoying. After 5 minutes, he started saying something else again. I just couldn't concentrate on my paper, so I asked him to come and said, "Sir, would you please ask these students to stay quiet. I just can't focus on my exam. Thank you". And there he was repeating every word that I said... *sighs*

Case 2: It was our Development Economics exam. I was sitting on the front seat, right in front of the invigilator, and he kept staring at my paper and stationery. That was so disturbing for me. Anyway, the worst part came when all of a sudden he yelled "Whose cellphone is it?" and we all almost jumped. No one could hear any phone ringing. We all started looking at each other and smiled. He yelled again, "Look in your papers!" We all obeyed him. Then again he yelled after a few seconds, "Whose cellphone is vibrating? I asked you all to switch off their phones". Silence. He went to the place where all the bags were dumped. He picked up each and every bag to identify which one had the vibrating phone. The moment he picked up Ritz's bag, he felt that vibration stopped. He roared again, "Whose bag is this?"
Ritz: "Mine, Sir."
Him: "I asked you to switch off the phone"
Ritz: "It is switched off"
Him: "Is it on silent mode?"
Ritz: *cofused* "Yes Sir"
Him: "I said all phones to be switched off"
Ritz: "It's off sir"
Him: "Argh!!!"

I turned around and smiled at Ritz :P The whole class was smiling, and Ritz was trying her best to hide her anger.
After the exam I asked her why she wasn't answering him properly. And she said that her phone was on silent mode - which means it doesn't vibrate. And even if somebody's phone was vibrating, who was getting disturbed by it?

That was really lame of that invigilator. He really shouldn't have disturbed us. Nobody even noticed that a phone was vibrating. *sighs again*

Let's see what type of invigilators do I get in my majors' papers. Prayers needed.

Cheerio folks =)



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I have fallen in love with this language. Punjabi is so much fun. I remember in school when there used to be just 3 Urdu-speaking students (including me) in the class, and rest 20-25 students were all Punjabi. I started picking up their funjaabi accent and some of the common mistakes that they'd make in the gender of things. They never spoke punjabi, so I could never learn that language. The only thing I learned was saying "Showcase" and "Chheyti ker kurriye" in punjabi accent :D (Try saying it, it's fun :P)

One day I forwarded a punjabi text msg to a punjabi freind, and he asked if I made it up myself? Obviously I didn't. But he wanted to hear a punjabi sentence from me. Now that was hard. I told him that I can understand a bit of Punjabi, but can't speak. Anyway, I tried refreshing my memory for any Punjabi sentence. And miraclously I did come up with one. At that very instance I called him up and told him. The sentence was:

"Saanu ki pata paijaan. Asi ta hurn he pind to aya oun, battiyaan waikharn" :D

[Oh God, it's so hard to write Punjabi :D]

And he got such an instense laughing fit at that time ke bus!!! :D The whole day he kept laughing. Evil him never taught me anything in Punjabi since then.

One of the main reasons for me liking this language is Punjaagi clips they (used to) show on TV. They are so dead funny, one can never resist their laughter :D

Here are a few Punjaagi clips that I love the most :)


Rab Raakha! =)

PS: I'm interested in learning this language. So if any of you is an expert in this language, please contact me :)

PPS: The forwarded txt msg was:
"Nakhray twaday tauba tauba,
Ajeeb twada style ay,
Call ya msg te tussi kerna ee koi nae,
Aiwaien rola paya ay ke saaday kol mobile hay"



I missed my exam!

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My exam had to start at 12:30 pm and end at 2:30 pm. When I woke up and checked the time on my phone, it was 1:02 pm. I got kinda electrocuted. I reached for the lamp, switched it on. The table clock was also showing the unbelievable 1:02 pm. I got out of bed, checked out each and every clock that came in my way, reached the kitchen, took my Mac out of the refrigerator in a hope that my dear Mac would prove all other clocks wrong. It got a lil twisted staying in the refrigerator all night. I straightened it out. And then - as being struck by lightning - I checked my surroundings. It was dark. It was supposed to day. There was to be light everywhere.

And it was then that I woke up from this horrible nightmare. This was a dream within a dream ;) I felt so relaxed as I looked at the clock and it showed 10:14 am. Wanted to pinch myself just to make sure that I was really awake this time, but felt too relaxed to do that :D

I always - like ALWAYS - get such dreams before or during my exams. I had this season's dream today morning, so now no more nightmares will come :)

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Oh, please keep praying for my exams. Just 1 down, 5 more to go :(


Group Study

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Today Ritz and Sana came at my place to study Development Economics. From 12:30 pm to 7:30 pm we:
  • messed up the room with our notes.
  • had lunch.
  • completed our assignment.
  • txted our friends.
  • gossiped looaaddssaaaaa.
  • prayed.
  • had french fried.
  • took loadsa stupid pics.
  • watched dance videos
  • listened to dance numbers.
  • tried Govinda dance steps. Hahaha...That was the best part. :D
  • made video of that dance.
  • and in the end, Ritz and I played "Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki" :D Lol.
Kahani Ghar Ghar ki was actually taking a photo in that KGGK pose. We kept our cellphones on the carpet - one on the other, set the camera on the table, set it's timer, quickly posed our hands around the cellphones, as perfectly as it is shown in the drama. :D I would've posted the picture, but the result wasn't that perfect :D

Sana is so good at performing Govinda dance steps. She taught them to Ritz. Ritz picked them up quite quickly. My poor friends tried to teach them to me too, but I'm ... hehe. You don't need to know the rest of the story :D

Cheerio folks =)


MacBook Wheel - A Laptop with no Keyboard!

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Apple has come up with yet another amazing product - the MacBook Wheel.

Steve Jobs claims that this new MacBook is very simple. Brian Gilman, the design engineer says: "Open the intuitive alphabet menu here. Scroll to the letter you need, and center click to select it. Then click again to capitalize and repeat the process again for each new letter. Couldn't be simpler!" Like we've got a lot of time to do that. Plus, what about those who type blindly? With this MacBook Wheel, they would need to look at the screen total time.

The funniest thing is when Gilman says, "Everything is just a few hundred clicks away".
In my view, it will be a flop!

It is somewhat similar to MacBoor Air, in terms of failure. But it will beat Air. Check out the prices :D


Giggling fits

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I'm very bad at controlling my laughter. Even if I cover my mouth, my eyes show it. And this is so dead dangerous especially when you're having a real serious lecture. I always get such fits at the worst possible time. It usually happens at the university. And I always get those killing stares from the teachers and my nerdy classmates.

I miss Jaj. I miss the time when Jaj, Ritz and I would sit together and make fun of our teachers' dressing, their accent, their teaching style, etc. We would also laugh at the funny text messages and forward them at the same time. Plus, we had (and still have) some silly classmates at whom we'd laugh. [Astaghfirullah]. The thing is, whenever we'd get a giggling fit, Jaj would be the first one to control her laughter and sit with a plain face, as if nothing had happened. Ritz would be next. And I would be the last one, and would usually end up just covering my mouth. Our proffy would notice just me and my 'smiling eyes', and poor me would get all the bashing.

This was almost 2 years ago. Things have changed since then. Jaj got married, and Ritz and I got busy in the ever-hectic university life. But thankfully our sense of humor is still the same :) Jaj and I would laugh at just anything. Seriously. Ritz had a different sense of humor. But when Jaj got married and left university, Ritz and I adjusted, and got used to each other's crooked jokes. :D Jaj would be joining again from the next semester, and I'm so waiting for that time.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Today was the last day (before final exams) of my 7th semester. I feel so gloomy. What will happen on the last day of my final semester? :'(


I feel...

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...so happy, apparently for no good reason :) Probably because we're "barbie queue-ing" chicken today :P and I so love the 'lawaazmaat' with it - garlic dip, chutneys, raitay, coleslaw, ketchup, lemon juice (I love it), and parathayyyyyy!!!! Those who know me also know that I'm a big paratha fan :)

See, now you all (and me too) know the reason of my happiness :) So, let's go and barbie queue :P

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I'm missing my shweet friend WOW (doesn't mean Williams Of Wales :P)



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I love wearing high-heels. And on shaadis they look even more awesome. Since the shaadi season has ended lately, there were 3-4 pairs of sandals in my car. All mine. The thing is, I cannot drive with my sandals on. So, whenever we'd had to go to any wedding, I'd always wear my slippers, keep the sandals on the side and then drive. And when we'd reach the venue, I'd take the slippers off and wear my awesome-ish sandals again :D

Just yesterday when we returned from a cousin's valima, my Momma ordered me to take out all the sandals from the car. It feels really 'ajeeb sa' to hold your sandals in hands and walk. People usually think you're barefoot :(

PS: Puhleez pray for my exams. I don't feel like studying these days. This MacBook and evdo keeps me busy all the time.


Happy New Year

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2008 has ended and what an awesome year it was. Really enjoyed it. And I look forward to another great year - a year when I'd finally graduate :D

But as the years go by, I'm getting old. And I have to force myself to grow up, to grow mature. Haye, so hard it is to change your childish behavior :(


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