I missed my exam!

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My exam had to start at 12:30 pm and end at 2:30 pm. When I woke up and checked the time on my phone, it was 1:02 pm. I got kinda electrocuted. I reached for the lamp, switched it on. The table clock was also showing the unbelievable 1:02 pm. I got out of bed, checked out each and every clock that came in my way, reached the kitchen, took my Mac out of the refrigerator in a hope that my dear Mac would prove all other clocks wrong. It got a lil twisted staying in the refrigerator all night. I straightened it out. And then - as being struck by lightning - I checked my surroundings. It was dark. It was supposed to day. There was to be light everywhere.

And it was then that I woke up from this horrible nightmare. This was a dream within a dream ;) I felt so relaxed as I looked at the clock and it showed 10:14 am. Wanted to pinch myself just to make sure that I was really awake this time, but felt too relaxed to do that :D

I always - like ALWAYS - get such dreams before or during my exams. I had this season's dream today morning, so now no more nightmares will come :)

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Oh, please keep praying for my exams. Just 1 down, 5 more to go :(



Dinky mind working overtime :P

You know everything about me! You're dangerous, Acro :P

Anonymous says:

dont worry umem....
i had those dreams too... like missing my bus to school and missed exam

glad u didnt miss ur exam for real
gud luck

Anonymous says:

and for a moment you got me dinky:P
I read that refrigerator line twice just to make sure that you've written it for real..hehe:S
anyhoo goodluck for the remaining papers..this reminded me of the days when I used to dread exams..giving exams in winters always used to be so difficult..insha'Allah they'll go fine..you just do your part & study well.

~Yesterday Lady: I never missed my bus to school. But always had a dream of missing exams :(

~An Illusion: Lol...I always see such crooked things in my dreams :P I'm sure others also see them :P
I simply detest fall semesters. Makes one so lethargic :/

Anonymous says:

I never had such kind of dreams
but i used to feel flying butterflies all the time in my tummy that when will i get paper in my hands and when i got one .. The butterflies started flying on other route that when it will be over (as i have nothing to write and this examination hall’s clock jammed on the same place :P)

Anonymous says:

good luck girl
i am sure you wull successfully down remaining 5 too ;)
Btw... I got comment from you too… if you further face any problem while commenting
E-mail me @ aayesha.baig@gmail.com

~Ash: Exams scare almost everyone :( I pray you don't have to take exams ever in life :)

And thanks for giving the email addy. If I ever face any other problem, I'd surely email you. :)

Anonymous says:

Duh dinkum .. u got me in this ;)

~Asma: But Im sure people must've got confused on that "Mac in the refrrigerator" story :P

Whatever I saw, I wrote it down :D

Anonymous says:

great!! :-)

~Adnan: Great??? I forgot how to breathe when I had that dream!

Anonymous says:

oh it was just a dream! Dang I didn't read last line! :(

Anonymous says:

Are you doing Bachelors?

~Adnan: Asal baat to perhi he nae!
And yep, I'm doing bachelors :)

I am innocent :$, koi danger nae

~Acro: Phir theek hay :P

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