Je suis malade de lui maintenant

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, January 26, 2009 in ,
The moment I woke up today, I started having hiccups. And such severe ones that I can't even explain. I tried telling this to my Momma, "Amm *hic*maa, I'm *hic* having Hic*hic*cups!" :( Then she asked me to drink some water. I drank a whole reservoir, but still I was having hiccups! :/ I don't remember when they stopped. But I'm glad they did :)

Went to uni today around noon. My semester fee had to be adjusted. When I was returning home, I started having hiccups again, along with stupid sneezes. Although it's winters, but still it's so hot during the day that I had to turn on the A/C of my car. Songs from the movie, Bombay were being played on the radio, and I was just busy hiccuping and sneezing (due to A/C's air). I was really annoyed as I was unable to hum/sing along those cool songs. Argh!!!!

Now that was another reason why I detest winters :P

Cheerio folks =)



Oh yea it’s so annoying when you can’t hum along your fav tunes!

I'm again having hiccups :( I've drunk so much water that I've to go spend too many pennies in just few minutes :(

ohhh thats why they have water shortage u know where :P, btw another way of getting rid of hiccups is if someone scares you to hell so maybe try that next time , gl :D

~Acro: Don't make me thing bad :P Yeah, I miss Nav. He used to scare the hell out of me in uni :D

Anonymous says:

what does post title means?? and yes hiccups are very annoying me too if I m doing my favorite thing..


YouTee: It means I'm sick of it now :D

No more hiccups now, thankfully :D

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