Bit 'Bout Books

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So in the past one month I read about 3-4 books. These include:
  • The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown,  
  • Shopaholic Abroad by Sophie Kinsella,  
  • Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, and  
  • Really Important Stuff by Cynthia Copeland Lewis.
I've never felt so addicted to books. And that day when I landed at Liberty Books, I almost got glued to the shelves and books. Momma had to drag me out of the store. *sigh* Why can't I just live in such a bookstore? =(

Now I must talk about the Ethics of Reading Books, like I once talked about the Ethics of Eating Chocolates. There is, for me, no joy in reading e-books. I just can't spend a single minute peering at the screen. I mean, for reading a book at least. Hence, the best way to read a book is to lie down on your bed or plump in your favorite couch and enjoy reading your book in the natural sunshine. You may drag your bed couch to the nearest or the most wide and beautiful window of your house and read your book then. Oh, and add a few roasted cashew nuts or Hershey's nuggets to this equation. Your day would be brightened like anything! <3

I've got a good collection of books, but they're like a tiny fraction of what I've seen in my Nana's room (and his other room, dedicated to books only). I wish I could steal Britannica's series and the series of Great Books. Oh man! *drools* But to save my collection, I avoid lending my books now. People hardly return. That's so not fair. And from that, I've now learned that a good reader borrows books and a bookaholic never returns them!  ;)

And lately I've discovered something really interesting. Whenever I'm feeling down, a good book always lifts my mood. I start feeling better instantly. It's like a magical feeling. I still remember the day when I had a severe heat stroke and Papa brought me The Book of Virtues. And that was years ago. 10 or 11 maybe. Now I know what makes me feel better! =)

Cheerio folks! =)

PS: I may add to this post later on. We're having an unexpected power outage and my laptop's battery is taking its last breath. See, that's why I prefer reading hard copies! =)


Shopaholic Abroad

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Book: Shopaholic Abroad
Author: Sophie Kinsella

It's 3 am and I just finished reading this book. You have no clue how dead and fatigued I was at 11 pm last night, and then I picked up this book to read a few chapters and ended up reading the whole of it. Ammazing! And honestly speaking, this is one of the best books I've ever read! I mean, those who know me know very well that I never stay awake late to finish reading a book. But this book kept my eyes glued to its pages.

I simply love the way this book is written. The characters are so much fun - Luke, Becky, not Suze, and that Alicia Bitchy long-legs. She really was a stupid cow. Haha. Oh, and how can I forget Lucy! I so wanted to kill her on Becky's behalf. I really couldn't sleep that night thinking of how she teased Becky. Arrrghhh!

Oops! Maybe I shouldn't be writing that much. All girls out there do read this book and all the books in the Shopaholic Series. And do NOT give me hints about what's going to be there in other books. Now shhhhh!

Now as a whole, after reading the book, I believe I have a bit of Rebecca Bloomwood (Becky) in me, because my Momma always asks me what am I going to do with such and such piece of crap stuff that I buy. This question should be banned actually. It always makes me go silent and think (and sometimes put back the adorable bags/ jewelery items/ and even paper clips back on the shelves) =(

Final word: As for those who say, "Happiness is free", I request all bags, sandals, clothes and fashion accessories to be dirt-cheap (if not entirely free)!

Cheerio folks! =)

PS: I love books with happy endings!
PPS: The 17th chapter made me cry, and the rest of the book made me cry with laughter!


Chai Bath!

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Do not get confused by the title please. It does not, in any way, mean I'm a chai-aholic and would swim in a chai pool just to freshen my senses. It's actually quite opposite. It's a pretty tragic scene I'm about to scribble here.

In our first break today, we all merrily went to the café to have tea (exclude me, please) and cookies (include me here) to wipe sleep off our eyes. So, we all sat and set up our breakfast stuff on table when suddenly Doctor Sa'ab tried to pull something out of her bag and accidentally nudged her poor teacup tea glass and whoosh! All the stupid, burning, hell-hot tea splashed on my neat khaki Wranglers! Oh. My. God. I was electrocuted. Never in my life have I ever touched tea and today the whole well-like tea glass's contents were on me. I was so transfixed I couldn't even scream properly, although I was feeling my leg burning badly. This was horrible. Sick. Hideous. Next class was to start in 10-minutes time and I had to get the chai off my khakis and sneakers (which was kind of impossible). Bahhh! There was this huge stain on my left leg. And then I decided to head to restrooms to clean this mess up. From the café to the ladies restroom, there comes a passage where an awful lot of students is lazying around. And I dreaded walking through that area. Sadly, I had no other alternative, and this was the shortest route possible. So, while walking through that horrible area, I spotted stupid students staring at me in the most awkward manner. Idiot cows and foolish jerks! I hope someday they face the same. Morons!

As I stepped in the restroom, a girl was styling her hair and she kind of froze when she saw me. Before she could infer anything, I sharply said, "It's chai only". But she still seemed incredulous. Stupid cow! Whatever. I shouldn't care about such people, right? Now since I had no hanky or even a darn tissue paper, I frantically rubbed my hand to wipe (or clean) the chai off. Imagine that. Oh, well, it was surely of no use, but it had a positive psychological effect on me. I felt a teeny bit cleaned. But still sick! I tried my level best not to let the wet trouser touch my burning skin but 'twas hard to manage. Uh, liiife!

I'm planning to write the management to install a hand dryer in restrooms. Situations like these are difficult to handle. Or maybe, and till then, I should carry my lil hair dryer with me next time. You never know when you might accidentally get a hot chai bath or a deliberate cold Sprite shower!

Cheerio folks! =)

PS: I didn't realize my last post was the 666th post of my glorious 6 years of blogging. =)
PPS: And it's so good to write after ages! I think I should write more often now. But darn crippling studies!


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