Happy Belated Birthday

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, November 24, 2005 in

Here you go with a perfect example of a Rusted Dinky Mind. On Novemeber 20th, I forgot to wish my Blog it's 2nd birthday. This happened last year too. Oh God, when will I start memorizing special events and their dates?!?

As I write this post, I remember - what happened on Nov 20, 2003 - when I started my blog. A zillion thanks to Some Desi who introduced me to blogging. I still love that green, broken-glass template that he made for my blog. I hope he has it saved somewhere in his PC. Do give me, if you still have it. :p

Thanks for visiting this blog and appreciating my efforts. Keep visiting and keep praying for the success of my blog ;o)

I've got a lot more to add here, but I won't. The actual date has passed and now it's useless.

Have a blessed day.

Cheerio folks =)

p.s.: Happy Birthday to Shamayl on Nov 25.


And I think...

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 in
I am doing the last question and suddenly a nice synonym comes to my mind which I want to use in Question no. 2. And then I think if I could use Ctrl + F key to find that word (which I want to replace) in my paper.

Before the paper, I remembered the definition of boundary spanning, but as soon as I read the question, "Define Boundary Spanning", the definition flows out of my head!! And then I wish if I could google it!

I know I am weak in math, but probably you don't know how much. When I couldn't calculate what is (.08 - 0.07),I pick up my calculator and wished my brain was something like an AMD Athlon instead of a rusted 486 Dinky Mind.

I write a sentence. After a few moments, I find it's somewhat wrong. I cut the whole thing out. Write a new sentence, but I find it too ambiguous. Now I cut this one out also. I want to write the previous sentence which was a bit clear in meaning. So why should I write it again? Don't you think there should be an option like Ctrl Z?

The teacher stamps the paper on the desk infront of me, and my exceptional compilation of lexis deftly escape from my mind. And I wish if I had F7 for the automatic spell and grammar check, and Shift+F7 for thesaurus.

And lastly, when I forget to start a new paragraph from a certain sentence, I wish there were Enter and Tab keys!

Going through this picturesque area, I wish I could capture it in my eyes and transfer it in my computer when I reach home. There ain't any USB to connect the images in my mind to the computer yet.

I need your exponential prayers!!!!!

Cheerio buddies.


Mixed feelings

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As you all know we're having our midterm exams these days...Mind's empty once again. But instead of being tensed most of the time, we laugh. By 'we', I mean Shamayl and I. Unlike everybody in the university, our day starts with laughter, and not those oh-I'm-worried looks. We look at each other, stay quiet, read each other's minds, and then laugh. Laugh at the fact that we didn't study the whole day. Laugh at the most unpredictable type of paper and our most predictable type of stupid answers.

Well, it's about noon. And we head towards our respective classes for the exam. In two exams, we were together, but didn't (well, couldn't) cheat!
We think how to solve the paper. Unable to do it on our own, we search for our accomplices in the room. But oh, our search proves to be futile when we find out that all of the prospective 4-GPA holders are at a radius of 8 metres from us. Heck!

Our head starts spinning when we want to help each other out, but the invigilator gives us those don't-you-dare-try-to-cheat stares. Argh! "No problem, we've got our final exams too... We can try our lucks there", we think.

And then the teacher shouts "Stop writing" 15 seconds before 1:30 pm. Lol. He knows we are never gonna obey him. Finally, he snatches our paper and we all lazily walk out of the class in utter despair.

Like other people, we pretend like our paper went the worst of all. But that is all pretension. The thing that makes us feel happy (or weird for other people) is the actual crying faces of many around us ... "Oh my God, it's okay if your paper didn't go that well. It's just because you didn't prepare well for it. It had to happen. So why crying now??? Study well for tomorrow's paper", I try to make them feel a bit relaxed. But argh, I think they find my statements too sarcastic, probably because of the smile that's always there on my face. Now, I can't help it. When I try to become serious, Shamayl comes in from nowhere, and bang....we start laughing again.

[Pray for my Math paper cuz I still have a habit of writing 5 + 5 = 25. ]

Adios amigos!!!!



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Am I too excited or way too nervous about my mid-term exams? I've got my Awful Accounting paper tomorrow. Although the course is way too less, but I am fretting now. And top it off, I am in no mood of studying. Could anybody please help me out?
It seems to me that I have studied enough to pass this course, but I guess that's not what's required. I want to, rather, I need to get a GPA above 3 point something!

All of my classmates are messaging me and calling me to find out how much have I studied and what are the difficulties I am facing in this course, and guess what... all this sounds so funny to me!!! I mean why are they all acting in a frenzied way? Why can't they just stop messaging each other and study on their own?

On friday, I taught Ali, Pathan, and Aneela Accounting...And after teaching them, I felt my brain to be missing. Seriously, Accounting is not an easy course (well, it is..I am just lieing here)! The only thing that's driving me crazy is all the new methods our teacher has taught us. Whenever I or Aliza say, "Sir, can we do it the way we did it in O/A Levels?", he almost explodes and screams, "Your O/A level method is kinda outdated, if you girls are still unaware of this fact. And I would highly appreciate if you solve your paper according to the way I have taught you".

End of the story!!!

So, Aliza and I, despite of knowing all Accoutning, find ourselves as complete aliens standing in a crowd of unaware-of-accounting, yet genius people!

Does this post makes sense??? I hope not. This shows I've had a lot of accounting dose by now.

Cheerio amigos



Tuesday's gone, Thursday's next

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Ramzan's gone and so are the peaceful timings of my french classes. Now, the hectic phase of life is back - with a big bang!!!

Yesterday, I woke up at 7 am. Went to university. Had my classes. Came back at 5:30 pm. At 5:45 pm, went to AFK for my french class. Came back from there at 8:20 pm. Started studied for my mid-term exams. At 9:45 pm, started playing TT. I was mentally tired at that time. Play TT for half an hour. Then Some Desi came to pick us up. Reached his place at I-don't-remember-what-time. Chatted with everybody for some time there. And finally slept at oops-I-again-forgot-the-time!

Today was fine....

Tomorrow's Thursday! Again French...the same boring schedule tomorrow...

Pray for me (raise to power 100)

Cheerio folks



Same size, different value

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You go to a shop. You buy something. You give the shopkeeper money. You wait for the change. You get the change. And instead of getting one rupee, you get a cent!!!! Now, you're back home.
Are you lucky cuz that cent has more value than the 1 rupee you should be getting? Or, you should feel gloomy cuz this cent is simply worthless, atleast here in Pakistan. I laughed! How clever of the shopkeeper, or probably how stupid of me who didn't notice.

*wishes* I'd be happy if the shopkeeper someday 'by mistake' gives me 100 dollars instead of 100 rupees.....*rofl*

Cheerio folks!!!



Eid Mabrook

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Ramadan has come and gone,
Eid has dawn upon us.
Thankyou Allah for this blessed day
It's a time of happines,
It's a time of joy


All over the world,
Under the big blue sky.
Muslims unite to worship Allah.
It's a time of brotherhood,
It's a time of peace.
Muslims are singing praises to Allah.

La-ilaha il-Allah
Wallah-hu Akbar

Families are gathering
Remembering Allah
And that His love is
The greatest of all.
Our praise for You, Allah.
Our thank to You.
The joy of Eid comes only from You.

This day of rejoicing,
This day of peace.
Eid only You make
For those who believe

La-ilaha il-Allah
Wallah-hu Akbar

By Zain Bhikha.

May Allah shower His blessing on this blessed day. Amen.

Remember me in your prayers.





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They say when someone is missing you, you start having hiccups.

I had four episodes of hiccups today, and am soon going to have a fifth one. I am sure of it.

They say hiccups can be controlled in a lot of ways. Like...

1- holding your breath and counting to 10 is one way some people can get rid of their hiccups; [counting to 10??? I started counting, and it was something like...1, 2, *hic*, 3, *hic*, 4 5, *hic*....argh]
2- other people say that drinking from the "wrong" side of a glass of water is the way to become hiccup-free. [What do they mean by the "wrong side"? Does it mean making a hole in the bottom of the glass and then drinking water through it?]
3- putting sugar under your tongue might work, too. [This sounds new now]
4- having someone jump out and scare you when you're not expecting it - helps some people wave good-bye to their hiccups. [yeah, right! Actually this thing happened with me today. *:S* Nav screamed and I started hiccuping. Or were it just just my ears which heard his normal shrill voice as amplified one?]

Anyways, such things don't affect me much. My hiccups don't stop even when I drink the whole of Tarbela Dam.

Ooo*hic*pps. They have *hic* started again *hic*. Sa*hic*ve me puh*hic*lease.




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