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Am I too excited or way too nervous about my mid-term exams? I've got my Awful Accounting paper tomorrow. Although the course is way too less, but I am fretting now. And top it off, I am in no mood of studying. Could anybody please help me out?
It seems to me that I have studied enough to pass this course, but I guess that's not what's required. I want to, rather, I need to get a GPA above 3 point something!

All of my classmates are messaging me and calling me to find out how much have I studied and what are the difficulties I am facing in this course, and guess what... all this sounds so funny to me!!! I mean why are they all acting in a frenzied way? Why can't they just stop messaging each other and study on their own?

On friday, I taught Ali, Pathan, and Aneela Accounting...And after teaching them, I felt my brain to be missing. Seriously, Accounting is not an easy course (well, it is..I am just lieing here)! The only thing that's driving me crazy is all the new methods our teacher has taught us. Whenever I or Aliza say, "Sir, can we do it the way we did it in O/A Levels?", he almost explodes and screams, "Your O/A level method is kinda outdated, if you girls are still unaware of this fact. And I would highly appreciate if you solve your paper according to the way I have taught you".

End of the story!!!

So, Aliza and I, despite of knowing all Accoutning, find ourselves as complete aliens standing in a crowd of unaware-of-accounting, yet genius people!

Does this post makes sense??? I hope not. This shows I've had a lot of accounting dose by now.

Cheerio amigos




:) haan waqai u have gone nuts

Oh my Lord!

Miss Umema Amin Siddiqi urf Dinky Mind aka Fragile Girl....!

I want to derive out some senses back to me. Your Words "Accounting is easy" OMG just OMG. U know just bcoz of this course I'm feeling that I can get a straight fall in my last CGPA at the end of this semester and moreover our SubhaanAllah teacher. Allah bachaey! Its almost became a tridion of pupils of our and senior semesters that imidiatly after getting their mids grading large ratio of them run to drop this course as bcozz it can be a risk to stretch it till finals bcoz it can easily shock them in the form of 'F' grade. Allah didn't put me in that situation till now Allhumdullillah but this time having cost A/C on my shoulder i feel like F is already glittering over it........Nahiiiiiiiiiii! I dont know why but Accounting this time is not less then a nightmare, m fully scared. Tomorrow in my BC's paper inshaAllah on 21st we have our cost's paper so Pray that Allah turned this course for me as easy as u get it. JazakAllah!

things you should know:
1. Teacher is pain! Finish his course and try to stay away from him in other semesters. Reason being, hes too cocky. Why wouldnt a teacher allow the use of previous methods to solve questions, hes hungry for some attention and knows he cant teach well.

2. If you are in no mood to study then don't. And let your class fellows know about it. Go to bed and relax. You will wake up screaming and wanting to study more than ever. All tried and tested.

3. There are tactics to get a good GPA, not just studies.

hain wat does the title mean...... O_o kuch samaj hi nahi aa raha....
wesa accounting is da most boring thing i have ever studied.... yukkkk
gud luck to u gal....

Assalamoalaykum w.w.!!

Oh dear we studied financial accounting in our first semester and i like it very much :) was so interesting ... well, whatever the wy is to solve out problems ... its interesting so best wishes , and u'll certainly acquire good gpa :)

Well, dont reply to any mssges koi kitna karay ga :)

take carez

best of luk for all mids!

wassalam n luv

lol, goodluck miss genius :P

Anonymous says:

hey Umema, this is the dilemma for all of us o/a level students everywhere:(

And my finals are going on as well n i cant study tooooooo!!! is there something in the air??


Anonymous says:

tdh - thse tactics work in giki, dont teach her that stuff ;) lol

waisay some proff just want u to come to their office and beg, and some love being praised to 'help' u out.

but its always good to communicate any apprehensions with ur instructor. just do u work on time, and a 3+ is eaaaasy. let ur mids get over, u'll realize that urself :)

I hate those phone calls during examinations. Study karo aur doosron ko bhi study karne do. Ek ghante tak phone per dimaag khaate hain log.. batamiz ppl.

Btw I am lucky to have a co-operative accounting professor :)

Best of Luck!

and guess wat my dillemaa was the calls ... dozens of them i got before and after paper .. before for wats the pattern ...wats this wats that and after plz ask sir to pass us ... :D

and i was like GOD!!!!!!!!!

accounting??how boring...try finance!

~SG: No doubt ...lol

~Gul: "accounting is easy", my statement before my accounting exam. "I was wrong", my fresh statement.

~Tiddy: @ Point no. 1: I'm also thinking the same ....
@ Point no. 2: Tried this today..lol
@ Point no. 3: You mean to say pharray? or buttering? or probably stapling a 1000 rupee note inside your answer copy??? lol

~Khawab: some topics in accounting are no doubt way too boring.

~Asma: lol @ don't reply messages... Thanks for the wishes.

~Acro: Thanks =)

~H.: Let's invent something like "4 tips to get 4 GPA" lol

~BL: my proffs are way too annoying...argh!

~Raheel: You all are lucky...Am the only unlucky person over here....*cries*

~Asma: Lol, similar situation!!!! hahaha

~Saeed: Let me grow up to the level of Finance... :'(

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