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They say when someone is missing you, you start having hiccups.

I had four episodes of hiccups today, and am soon going to have a fifth one. I am sure of it.

They say hiccups can be controlled in a lot of ways. Like...

1- holding your breath and counting to 10 is one way some people can get rid of their hiccups; [counting to 10??? I started counting, and it was something like...1, 2, *hic*, 3, *hic*, 4 5, *hic*....argh]
2- other people say that drinking from the "wrong" side of a glass of water is the way to become hiccup-free. [What do they mean by the "wrong side"? Does it mean making a hole in the bottom of the glass and then drinking water through it?]
3- putting sugar under your tongue might work, too. [This sounds new now]
4- having someone jump out and scare you when you're not expecting it - helps some people wave good-bye to their hiccups. [yeah, right! Actually this thing happened with me today. *:S* Nav screamed and I started hiccuping. Or were it just just my ears which heard his normal shrill voice as amplified one?]

Anyways, such things don't affect me much. My hiccups don't stop even when I drink the whole of Tarbela Dam.

Ooo*hic*pps. They have *hic* started again *hic*. Sa*hic*ve me puh*hic*lease.





I once heard that hiccups are due to the [some-word-that-I-can't-recall] in the diaphragm.
Wikipedia suggests some home remedies for curing hiccups. Also read about cures for hiccups and Guinness World Record- Longest Hiccup.

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Anonymous says:

Ohh poor you ... fine now or still hiccing :)

well u keyboard also had these *hics* ;)

how's abeer ...? give her lots of luv, dear phupppoooooo... oh do one thing...


take carez

and get well of these hicups soons!


lolzzzzzzz i think aab tak tu araam aaa hi geya ho gaa......

hehehe, I never heard about drinking from wrong side of glass but yea drinking full glass of water does help :D. There is one more weird method lol, they say you start having hicups when someone is missing you and by taking name of that person u can get rid of hics. maybe Abeer was missing u ;)

put a spoon in a glass and try drinking water from the glass. i dont know why that would work but wheni had them bad ones a friend suggested that.

Anonymous says:

try drinking lots of water???
or try spinning??-ok, i saw this one on tom & jerry...tom was a big water balloon & was then spinning...but it didnt help tom...U try it...& let us know?

Anonymous says:

I hate hiccups:) - really!!!


Hiccups Occur due to LACK OF OXYGEN in your LUNGS... Take Deep Deep breaths next time... and Drink Water to clear any air clog to the way to your lungs... Anyway. May Allah's mercy be Upon you. Ameen.

Anonymous says:

heheh.. i always drink from the wrong side of the glass and hiccups do go.

the other day when i fasting, and hiccups attacked, this friend scared the hell out o me by saying she had seem me take her wallet out o her bag, and i was like..'nooooooo, must be someone else'..and she said'hehe, ur hicups went away!'

heheh...hope u feel better now. :)

so many remedies :P
what to do what to do

umm..sory ishudnt b laffng at u..!!
but its hilarious umem...!!!!
i need to see ur face whn ur hiccupng.........i kno ur whole slf wud b shakng wth every single hiccup!!!!!
hope it continues till monday....i hav to c ur face........hahahhah......
well jokes apart...
they say tht whn som1z missing u ..u get hiccups ryt..??!!!!
so ..i duno where ive heard it bt it kindo wrks......take the name of the most possible person who u thnk wud miss u....!!!!!..lolz....
nooooooooo...its nut wahaj.....!!
thnk of some 1 elz...!!!!
n do temme if it wrks,,..!!!

uh hooo, have u used the mirror? cuz that scares the.......... :p

(always works for me :p)

eid m's.


eat banana or drink milk.. seriously I ain't kidding!! or just use the harris's advice.

~Yousuf: Thanks for the links

~Asma: If I fill my mouth with rice and then say "phuppo", I'd end up spraying all the tiny pieces of rice and then ...... errr, this is gross..lolz

~Khawab: boaht araam aa gaya hay=)

~Acro: My mom also said the same. I yelled, "abeer" and that poor kid woke up and started crying...lolz

~TDH: Thanks for this tip. Will try it next time.

~Saeed: Wait till I start hiccuping again ;)

~Somewhat Eccentric: Who loves them??? They make me jump so much that a time comes when my head starts touching the ceiling.

~Moon: Hmmmm....Thanks for telling...Will try

~Sid: hahaha...lol...much better

~TDH: Will try all of em, one at a time...lol

~Queen of Kingz: *gives her a tight slap* Wahaj...that idiot I-know-am-not-cool-but-what's-the-harm-in-pretending guy???? *vomits*

~Harris: I don't try such your-type things...lolz

~Raheel: I'd prefer eating bananas.

Anonymous says:


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