Tuesday's gone, Thursday's next

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Ramzan's gone and so are the peaceful timings of my french classes. Now, the hectic phase of life is back - with a big bang!!!

Yesterday, I woke up at 7 am. Went to university. Had my classes. Came back at 5:30 pm. At 5:45 pm, went to AFK for my french class. Came back from there at 8:20 pm. Started studied for my mid-term exams. At 9:45 pm, started playing TT. I was mentally tired at that time. Play TT for half an hour. Then Some Desi came to pick us up. Reached his place at I-don't-remember-what-time. Chatted with everybody for some time there. And finally slept at oops-I-again-forgot-the-time!

Today was fine....

Tomorrow's Thursday! Again French...the same boring schedule tomorrow...

Pray for me (raise to power 100)

Cheerio folks




you will get used to it, its only the first semester !!

and also at times you will be giving your final exams without preps :P

anybody ever did that ??

Assalamoalaykum dear!

ohhhhh ... well, our next level starting from today its like 5 to 7 and my office ends at arnd 6 so.................................................. don't know wat to do i dont wana leave but i cant take as well ... 5th level ... my dear class fellows!!!!!

wasalam best wishes and prayers for you !

luv and take carez

*prayed , faida howa :P?

~Tiddy: final without preps??? Have you done that??? *head starts spinning now*

~Asma: SO what happened??? Did you get registered for the next level???

~Acro: Bohat ziada...Thanks a million. Keep praying like that..lol

whatz tt?

yep i did ..
twice .. ! :P
so you definitely are a nerd :PpPp

nopse dear .. well, its some 15 fst drive minutes from my place .. and office time couldn't let me do it ...!

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