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You go to a shop. You buy something. You give the shopkeeper money. You wait for the change. You get the change. And instead of getting one rupee, you get a cent!!!! Now, you're back home.
Are you lucky cuz that cent has more value than the 1 rupee you should be getting? Or, you should feel gloomy cuz this cent is simply worthless, atleast here in Pakistan. I laughed! How clever of the shopkeeper, or probably how stupid of me who didn't notice.

*wishes* I'd be happy if the shopkeeper someday 'by mistake' gives me 100 dollars instead of 100 rupees.....*rofl*

Cheerio folks!!!




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hehehehe dodo , only it can happen to u :P


*goes to Khanani & Kalia money exchanger*




umema nae eidi khrach ki :PpPp

they wont hand you 100 dollars but by the things happening lately with the state bank, you might get to be accidently handed euroes :p

Anonymous says:

You're luckier than me in this regard, coz you were "cheated" by a shop-keeper. but I was cheated by bus-conductor.
When I got off the bus I felt like blowing away my savings for a "Shahi". But shockingly for me, it was a 1 US cent coin.
Aaaghhh!!! How the hell did this this cent find its way into a bus?!!! Why the same bus that I was traveling?!!!
Kheir, luckily I found a beggar sitting nearby and handed it over to him.
Now, you've got a really valuable tip from a "wise" person on "change management".

- YoUSuF

lolz, same thing happened to me, one us cent handed over to me by someone in da market, i discovered it when i was having annual wallet management.

waisay i think isko tum frame kera lo, lucky coin :p.

Well, here in Canada, I keep on getting US Nickles and Dimes, and simply I just use them at other stores.

I'm sure I have enough US coins in my penny-pot; sometimes even quaters. But the good thing is at least I can use 'em here in Canada. I'm sure they are useless in Pakistan.

~Tiddy: not yet...I'll spend it on books and not on buying toffees hahaha....

~Yousuf: someone might have handed over a cent 'by mistake' lolz.. Lol @ giving it to the beggar...wo bechara kia karay ga us ka???

~Harris: nice...our luck is so good...getting cents these days...hahaha

~vicky: They are definately useless here, but we still use them, and you have just read how! Hahaha...

Make a chain....3 people over here have got US and canadian cents by different means...try to link them


100 pounds will be much betta!!

just get them exchanged yaar.

Assalamoalaykum w.w.!!

dear it's not a matter of cheating actually someone have mistakenly given it ... and he fwded it mistakenly ... well, they resemble so much that who gives another look to it ... same happened few months ago in itwar bazar here , a hopkeeper gave a cent to my father :) i added it to my coin collection which is already filled up by canadin currency :)

and umemzz dear forget the 100 $ dream!!!


i forgot this


$$$ Dreams $$$ :)

umemz, what do ya say about asma :p. .. she has also got one.


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