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As you all know we're having our midterm exams these days...Mind's empty once again. But instead of being tensed most of the time, we laugh. By 'we', I mean Shamayl and I. Unlike everybody in the university, our day starts with laughter, and not those oh-I'm-worried looks. We look at each other, stay quiet, read each other's minds, and then laugh. Laugh at the fact that we didn't study the whole day. Laugh at the most unpredictable type of paper and our most predictable type of stupid answers.

Well, it's about noon. And we head towards our respective classes for the exam. In two exams, we were together, but didn't (well, couldn't) cheat!
We think how to solve the paper. Unable to do it on our own, we search for our accomplices in the room. But oh, our search proves to be futile when we find out that all of the prospective 4-GPA holders are at a radius of 8 metres from us. Heck!

Our head starts spinning when we want to help each other out, but the invigilator gives us those don't-you-dare-try-to-cheat stares. Argh! "No problem, we've got our final exams too... We can try our lucks there", we think.

And then the teacher shouts "Stop writing" 15 seconds before 1:30 pm. Lol. He knows we are never gonna obey him. Finally, he snatches our paper and we all lazily walk out of the class in utter despair.

Like other people, we pretend like our paper went the worst of all. But that is all pretension. The thing that makes us feel happy (or weird for other people) is the actual crying faces of many around us ... "Oh my God, it's okay if your paper didn't go that well. It's just because you didn't prepare well for it. It had to happen. So why crying now??? Study well for tomorrow's paper", I try to make them feel a bit relaxed. But argh, I think they find my statements too sarcastic, probably because of the smile that's always there on my face. Now, I can't help it. When I try to become serious, Shamayl comes in from nowhere, and bang....we start laughing again.

[Pray for my Math paper cuz I still have a habit of writing 5 + 5 = 25. ]

Adios amigos!!!!



yeah i kno how u feel....
kno wt EXAM rllly meanss...!??!!!!

E= Extremely
x= X-rated
A= abnormal
m= mental procedures

wai8 till shamayl read awl ths....!!!!
she'll gonna kil u...whn she fynds out u've presented her as a clown.....:P!!!!!!!

Good luck! Be confident & you'll do great! I used to be (occassionally) the rona dhona type student, who would panic, "This is too much for me, I can't possibly study all of this," but alhamduLillah the exams went well. Aaaah! Matric ke din yaad aa gayay :)

Anonymous says:

:) see my blog .. i'll post the link if I ever get the time to write my comments on this post ... it enligtened many memories :)

take carez

best wishes

assala oalaykum w.w.

Anonymous says:

exams really suck. I wish we could be over with them in a week or so. Best of luck waisay!

thats such a cute post :D


you will be fine .. :))

when papers are lenghty, cheating becomes a tougher job. BTW those cliparts were perfect.

And I know you are evil.. jitna hanso gi utna hi cry karogi baad mein sorry I mean utna hi aur hanso gi jab achey marks aayege inshallah

Anyways, don't eat alot chocolates or take caffiene during these exam days.

Best of luck!

Goooood luck with 5 + 5 = 25 :P, thats the way go go ;).

btw u did some effort puting all those graphics in this post :P, parh loo beta.

yeah, don't think about the test u've given, prepare for the next one. And I usually play my favorite game or watch my favorite show on the eve of the paper,

It looks quite 'ajeeb' reading own comments at pre-historic posts :p....

didja draw these?

goodluck with ur exams!!!! =)

~Queen: SHe won't kill me. Devils don't kill each other...hahaha

~Mariam: I lose all of my confidence in math's paper...I just can't control myself. Argh!!

~Asma: Lol..sure.

~Somewhat Eccentric: *phew* am done with them...now result is the main tension.

~Vox: Keep praying...(and why have you changed your name???)

~Raheel: cheating ab nahi hoti...
:( Ab result ki tension hay...And when I'm tensed, I eat a lot. *wonders* Where are my chocs??? Hahahaha

~Acro: nahi perhna mujhay!!! Math to bilkul nahi perhna....

~Harris: Lol. In my O and A Levels, when I used to have mock exams, I would be sitting infront of the TV for hours and hours. Nopes, I copy/pasted them.

~Shaima: Thanks =)

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