Bud-day pics

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, August 25, 1990 in ,
12:36 pm, 24th August!!!!!

وہ دن جب میں نازل ھوئی تھی


My brother gifted me this :)


Red & White (filter cigarettes) [tauba tauba]

The combination i wore today


The cake's here

Thank God, not creamy!!!!


Pizza Hut: Oven hot delivery!!!!

I have had a lot of pizzaz today.


3 slices left now

You want one?


Had loadsa fun today. But, in the afternoon, I was having slight fever. So, the afternoon part of today was not that good. And my mood worsened when I went to sleep at 4 pm, and the KESC people disconnected the bijli supply. *Buffffff*
I thank all my friends who remembered my birthday and who sent me cards, and prayed for me. You all are wondrful people. *No buttering, seriously*.
And I talked to Faizee today. Yayyyyy!!!! And I was in a bad mood before recieving her call. But after talking to her, my mood changed completely. And I became happyy happyyyy again :)

Have a blessed day.

Cheerio folks. =)


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