If Only I Had A Magic Wand...

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Disclaimer: This tag game is meant for girls only. The reason for having this magic wand tag is that guys only work from 9 to 5 a day, whereas the girls work from 9 to 9 and another 9 to 9, so we need magic wands to help reduce some work load.


Wish # 1: If I had a magic wand, I’d instantly swoosh it and make my room tidier. I’m so bored of always seeing my room in a mess that I want to give it a new look – a sparkling, neat and tidy one maybe. And is there any way I can plastic coat everything so I don’t see any tiny stain on them, is there?!

Wish # 2: Oh and also to have a solution to this overflowing closet of mine. I wonder where did all these clothes and socks come from. Maybe I need to hire a person to somehow manage this thing – like the one who could make pairs (or triplaires) of them and hang them neatly inside. (No, I won’t provide extra hangers). Cuz you know it sprains my muscles every time I try to push that truckload back in its place. And then it all comes back falling on me. God, is there a spring inside or what?!

Wish # 3: For the past couple of days I’ve been desperately wanting to have a violin (and of course knowing how to play it). Imagine how cool it would be if I had an occultist wand and I’d magically twirl it in the air and have the finest of violins right on my shoulder and a brain all tuned to play it! Wow. [Not to forget some cool breeze to help sway my long, straightened hair – only if they don’t get stuck in the violin strings.] Sheesh! That’s scary now!

Wish # 4: Okay. So this thing is bugging me the most! I’ve been reading the last book of the Shopaholic Series and I really want to track down darn Luke and bash him for being such a treacherous husband! I mean look at Becky, she’s so nice and understanding and he’s taking advantage of her! Stupid meanie jerk! So what if he’s so smart and handsome and such a successful businessman, I still want to tell him what a moron he is! I just wonder why all these men (excluding my fiancé) are such jerks?!  Grrr.
Okay, enough with this Luke-Brandon bashing session before I totally lose control and forget my other important wishes.

Wish # 5: I so wish to own a chocolate factory :( A few years back I made this tiny little wish to have atleast a single box of chocos in the fridge ‘at all times’. And it has always been granted – be it in the form of cooking chocolate or in the form of Hershey’s, or Ferreros, or Dairy Milk, or Snickers, (no, not Bounty) or Galaxy, or Dove, or…okay I stop! Getting back to the wish, I just realized that I can’t have so many refrigerators in my home, so why not go for just a single little chocolate factory. No harm in it, right?

Wish # 6: Right now I’m so madly badly craving for…for nothing else but mangoes! I mean why can’t we have mangoes all round the year? I so want to have frangrant, neatly cut squared pieces of mangoes right now. Or even a mango milkshake. Or a mango mousse maybe. Or anything mango! And no, I don’t want to have mango icecream! Icecreams should only be made of chocolates and of course Blueberries, but not of mangoes or strawberries. Eeek!

Wish # 7: Okay, so here comes the real wish. To cut the above-mentioned mangoes in neat square pieces, I’d be needing a huge, stylish, state-of-the-art kitchen, with all the gadgets one can dream of! I’d practically love to have a kitchen that has things ranging from an Eiffel-Tower cookie cutter to a huge, stuffed pantry – the kind Nigella Lawson owns. *Droooooooooools*  Oh, and there should be this exclusive, glossy, round table where I could put my iPad and scroll through all the yummy recipes I’d be trying. Wow! [Shh, the little iPad is just a tiny wish I need to get fulfilled with a bigger one. I hope I do get it]

Wish # 8: Like yesterday I was passing by a home and I saw this nice little aquarium with the most darling fish in it. [For me, the plural of fish is fish. You may go calling them fishes, but I like fish! Like sheep; sheep and hair; hair, so fish; fish! End of story!] Okay, so I want this aquarium of mine to be the size of Indian Ocean with a small island in the middle. After all, I’d be needing a place to view my fish from!

Wish # 9: God, before these 10 golden wishes of mine end, I just want to swivel my wand for a DSLR. Yes, DSLR is one thing I’ve been craving since birth. I mean, not exactly, but … you do get the point, right?  So, a DSLR please?


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