Jehangir and Rafiq

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I'm tired of being these two people (not mentioning Imtiaz here). Now I tell you how.

*ring, ring, ring*

Me: Assalam-o-Alikum
Lady: *enraged* Aap nay Star Plus kyun bund kia hua hay? Abhi Kumkum aana hay. Aap ko kitni dafa kaha jai kay channel aisay he na uRa dia karain. Ab wapis say lagian aap Star Plus, aur please, zara jaldi!!!
Me:*confused* I...I am ...I'm sorry?
Lady: *also confused* To kia aap Jehangir nahi?
Me: *jaws dropped open* Jee?
Lady: *feeling sorry* To kia aap waqai Jehangir nahi?
Me : *mumbles* Heck...believe me, ma'am...
Lady: Oh, sorry, shayad wrong number lag gaya hay.
Me: *feels like killing the lady*Yaqeenan wrong number lag gaya hay!!!

*Hangs up, cursing the old lady*

And just yesterday:

*ring, ring, ring*

Me: Assalam-o-Alaikum
He: *without answering my salam, stammered* Rafiq???
Me: *???* excuse me?
He: Aap Rafiq nahi?
Me: *bofff!!!* Jee nahi.
He: To uss say baat kerwa dain.
Me: He doesn't live here. Wrong number. Sorry.
He: Hello?!?
Me: Jee?
He: *confirms my number*
Me: *enraged* Jee..yehi number hay!!!
He: Kia aap waqai Rafiq nahi hain?
( I felt like saying "kia aap kay kaan waqai theek nahi?")
He: *felt the anger-fileld voice* Sorry...shayad wrong number
Me: *mumbles: Idiot...____..._____...____*

*Hung up, cursing the deaf man*

And I recieve this type of call after every 2 days...Help me!!! All the Rafiqs of this world should be reading this.


Now, those who know me - who have heard my voice - please help me out here. Do I really have a masculine voice? I'm probably gonna die (after punching the person through the phone) if I get a similar call again. Trust me. It's the worst nightmare of my life. Why the hell do they ask for confirmation???

*spends her night wondering* I don't get it...Is there really a fault in my voice (or speech), or they have a listening problem???





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You lie down on the cool, tiled floor and look straight up at the azure ceiling. What comes to your mind?

I say, "I want to be where the sun warms the sky."

It's rejuvenating; it's a rejoicing moment!!!

Cheerio folks =)


Wasio joins Blogistan

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Yayyyyyyyyy!!!! Now, someone is inspired by my blog. Hehehehe... *am flattered*

Here is his blog.

Will post his pic when I get home. Cuz I'm in university right now, getting boredddddddddd...Bof!!!!!

Awight, cheerio folks =)


Crazy people

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تم نے مجھے مارا کیوں؟

میں نے کب مارا ھے ؟


یار پانی اٹھاؤ یہاں سے

میں بات کرتاھوں منہ پر ، کسی کے پیچھے نہیں کہتا

اٹھاؤ نا یار چیزیں یہاں سے ، بار بار پاؤں میں آ رھی ھیں


A few minutes ago (11:10 pm) I got a call from 0333-5......9 *winks*
I recieved the call, and said "Hello, Hello", but the other person seemed totally uniterested in talking to me. So, I stayed quiet, and tried to listen to the background noises that were somewhat audible. I turned down the volume of my speakers to get a clear sound. *how evil of me..hahaha* And what's written above is what I heard in that 5 minutes, one-way convo. Yes! It was of 5 minutes. The caller was totally unaware that he has dialled my number, and he was busy with some people there. And then he disconnected the call. Awww...I missed the chance of listening to some more funny stuff.

I heard some more, but now this rusted Dinky Mind cannot recall. Awww...Too bad.

Cheerio folks.


lire en fête

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All students are cordially invited to "Lire en Fête" being held on Friday, 14th and Saturday 15th October 2005 at 3 pm. in the premises of Alliance Française de Karachi.
  • Exciting competitions
  • Exhibition of books in association with Oxford University Press
  • Iftar buffet on Friday 14th October 2005.
So hurry up and prepare yourself for the big event.

When the teacher announced this news today, everybody became happy but me. She also added that our final exam would be postponed to ..........(err, I forgot the date). What the heck is this?!? We were supposed to have our exam on 15th October, and now this festival has jumped in from nowhere to lengthen our already boring and long term. Bof!!! Other people were happy when they heard the word 'festival' and 'Iftar buffet' (greedy people, eh?). But the teacher then explained that it's not that all-fun festival, but it has got competitions in which we, the students, have to participate no matter what. Upon asking the reason, she gleefully said, "My dear francophiles, this competition has got 10 marks which will be included in your final term". In just 2 seconds, all those happy faces and big smiles faded away. 10 marks?!?!?! And if we lose them, we'd lose our A. Sheeks! She also explained that our seniors (students of C1, C2, etc.) will converse with us in french and test our abilities. And we'd do the same with them. We will also be required to write some letters (probably 2) and our seniors would check them and rate them. After that, certificates would be given to the group who'd stand first (in both convo and written test). Everyone of us was kinda electrocuted. Silence reigned the class. The teacher then spoke up and brought us to reality, "So, you guys want to do some practice before this festival?"
"Oh puhhhhleaseeeeee, YES", we all begged her.

So, I've got mixed feeling about this festival. It's gonna be fun, but I have to study for it. And I have to study a lotttttttt for it, if I want to have the certif!

prier pour moi, s'il vous plaît (pray for me, please)

Cheerio =)


We hate ya!!!!

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First of all, I would like to express my resentment towards KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Corporation), which is trying its level best to refrain me from posting this stuff here. *grrrr*

Now, coming to the main topic. Whom am I talking about?! Rather, whom are WE talking about? This is one man who makes us laugh, yet we hate him. He’s the one who tries to be friendly with all of us, yet we want to stay away from him. He doesn’t want to overburden us, so he gives us easy tasks, yet we whine all the time. We backbite him. We imitate him and make fun of him. *vomits: Enough Dinky Mind, you’re overdoing it* *speaks the truth now* We…oh, we are so cool and he’s so dumb!!!

Yes! He’s really something out of this planet. I mean all his attributes are very different from others. The way he walks, his speech, his facial expressions….man, just everything!!! Just imagine how we tolerate him when he’s around. We bear him, his senseless jokes, his extremely weird smile (well, laughter), and his stupid points. You just can’t imagine. His class is the most boring one. That one hour ruins the whole day. Spoils the fun. Makes us go crazy and run around the whole university like some lunatics.

But hey…this ain’t it. We enjoy after his class. Enjoy like anything. Ali starts the fun, and we all get those laughing fits. Those full teeth smiles…Lol. Here is something Ali wrote yesterday about him. (Ali in the picture, drenched in coke)

“ma first week at bahria turned out to b a milestone in the history of subcontinent..and it shud b ritten in golden words witha golden marker in the history and development of computers..the best part about this first week was the computer period.. i really enjaaaaayed this period as our most respectable and honorable Sir Abdul Rauf told us how to move a mouse..before that i never knew how to do that...then it was for the first tym that i came to kno how to justify a statement in ms word.. this was due to the untiring efforts of Mr. AbdulRauf...in the end i wud like to say that excellence in the subject of computer science can only b achieved under the leadership of most respectable Mr. AbdulRauf and his whole hearted efforts...(may liars rot in pieces)”

My God, when he wrote it, he called me to read and appreciate his writing skills. And believe me, I burst out laughing when I read these lines. You guys don't know him, but those who do, would surely laugh their heads off!

And here’s what Ossy says about him. He wrote this when he asked him to get out of the class. (click to read)

This is Osman, aka Darksaber.

But no matter how bad he is, we have learnt something great from him. Tolerance! Now, we have successfully built a dam of tolerance within ourselves.

بھئی واہ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

Cheerio folks!!!

P.S.: I think I better tell you this thing. I don't want to hide it and cry all by myself. Mr AbdulRauf, as Ali confirmed today, lives in MY neighbourhood. Strike one!
He lives at a walk of (less than) 1 minute from my home. Strike two!
*plans to hit a home run before someone says 'Strike Three'*


The pyramids

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Of Pakistan!!!!!

No doubt they are real!!!


Got refreshed without a break!

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Soon, InshAllah, we will be having a break in our french classes. Ahhhhhhhh....I feel so relieved whenever I am reminded of this blessing. Our teacher is going to Lahore on 28th Sept., and we will get two classes free - Thursday, 29th Sept...and Saturday 1st Oct. Just becuase of these future holidays, we had to study 35 more minutes in our past few classes. And believe me, that was hectic. But not that much, as I'd always expect the classes to be.

There are so many good people in our class, that they make me forget about my fatigue. That's what happened in our yesterday's class. In the evening, I planned that I'd study Management and complete my Math assignment, but at 6:15 pm, the stark reality hit my head! I had my French class in 15 minutes! At that moment, I felt like crying, cuz that class wasn't scheduled in my plan. Moreover, I was tired like anything. I then ran around the house in search of my books, and begged my dad to drop me at AFK. In the car, I was reminded that today's class was to start at 6:40 pm and not at 6:30 pm. *slapped forehead for being so idiotic*. Reached there, and saw Kavindra and Sakya strolling in. These are two SriLankan kids who make the class really enjoyable. We all went inside the class. After a few moments, the teacher lazily entered with a weary face. She glanced at us all, and forced the "Bonsoir"(good evening) out of her mouth. "I'm very tired today...but you know what, you guys make me smile and I forget my weariness", she complimented. And I smiled for the first time in that day. I was thinking the same.

It was Nizar's birthday that day, so we all wished him, and asked him to take us to Cafe Flo ;). Elizeh, being a nice daughter, mumured something in his ear. After all those funny faces he was making, Daddy dear declared, "We will someday go there. Why not after this term?" And we all burst out laughing, 'what a nice way to say NO'. Lol.

Learnt a few Srilankan words from Saaaaaakya (that's how we call and tease him..lol) and Kevin (Kavindra). The class finished at 8 pm. And I don't know why I wanted to study more at that time, when I usually want to run away if the class lengthens to 8:30 pm. Lol...There are surely no limits to human insanity!

On our way back home, Maheen and I discussed our 80 minutes class in 5 minutes journey. And man, we were laughing like crazy people. Seriously. The CNG guy (Abbas of our class) made our day. He doesn't participate in the class much, but when he tries, he blurt out something really wrong. And that becomes the brightest part of our whole day. Hahaha... In yesterday's class, we were revising our work, when we had to identify some objects. There was a pen shown in the picture. The CNG guy, instead of saying 'stylo' (for a pen), said 'voit' (which doesn't mean anything). Lol. We all got confused as to what he was saying. He then asked foolishly, "Don't you say this thing a 'voiture' ?" [He was getting confused between a pen and a car]. And we all started laughing. "Even if YOU think this is a voiture - which it is not - then say VOITURE, and not Voit, voit!!!", the teacher said, trying to stop herself from laughing badly. hahahaha. Out of 5 minutes on our return journey, Maheen and I had those laughing fits for almost 4 minutes.

After a hectic day, a french class is all I need to rejuvenate myself.

Cheerio everybuddy =)


No Goodbye now!

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Today was supposed to be Wasio's last day in the university. So yesterday we all made arrangements how we'd spend our today. We had to start all this party stuff after 11:30 am; the time our last class ends. We all first went to the cafe. It was jam-packed, so we came out [This place is never vacant for us]. Sat outside the cafe for sometime, and started singing songs - the thing we enjoy doing the most...Lol. After sometime, Wasio came and hollered, "I got an extension", and all of the people started clapping, and congtratulating him. At that moment, Ritz and I were wondering, "What happened??? What did he say???" With confused faces, we, along with other classmates, walked to the Takeaway area. Went there for the first time, and found it a bit stinky. Osman brought a Hobnob cake. This is our CR's hand. As soon as I clicked, she turned the plate. Lol. She wanted me to have a better picture. Thanks Ashi. =)

Anyways, the cake was then brought to the table. Then Wasio cut the cake, and we clapped as if it had been his birthday. hahahahaa... We took many photos. Wasio also brought his camera. And Ritz will bring hers on Monday. We took all sort of crazy pictures. But on Monday, we plan to take some sensible group photos. Lets see what happens on Monday, cuz our plans usually fail! =)

Osman then cut the cake into irregular pieces. Although there were a lot of girls there, who could have done a better job, but he didn't let anybody touch it...Meano!!! Hahahaha.

Now this is what happened after a few moments. A 'لاوارث' cake piece, and a box of 'used' Tulip tissue papers. Lol. And believe me, the cake was very yummy, but nobody picked up this cake piece. بد زوق لوگ And for more than half an hour it sat like that in the plate, but then it was finally eaten by someone.

Count the glasses and add 4 more to the figure. This will tell you how many of us were there at that time. This is Ali on the left. There was a half filled glass of Coke, and he tried to put an empty glass in the former glass. The coke came overflowed in the tray. It was so yuckyyy. We all were screaming and trying to stop him, but he wasn't listening. And then, he thrust the empty glass into the filled on, and the cokey droplets flew and landed on your white clothes. All of us started yelling. Then, I guess it was Munira, who did the best thing. She picked up the tray, which was full of coke, and aimed it towards Ali. Ufffff...what a scene. He got all wet. Hahahaha. Someday I will post that picture too. Lol.

Now, your assignment is to identify this person and the hand. No no, I'm behind the camera *winks* [And they both read my blog]

The weather is again cloudy... Pray it rains!!!

Cheerio =)



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Oh, Thursday...Why do I hate thee?

19 hours and no sleep. This is one of the worst days. And the weather...it's just the same dry, smokey... Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Life's Boring (with a big B)

*falls asleep*

*mumbles* Cheerio folks! Pray I wake up at time tomorrow.



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Ufff...today's weather was totally unbearable. The reverse of what all of us were expecting has happened. Rains did not reduce the heat, but they have rather increased it. It's dryy. Okay, enough of this irritating weather now. I better discuss something else.

Studies are now in full swing. Pray that the cogwheels of my mind start working again, as I can forsee those horrible grades, and that embarrassing GPA. Errr...these calamaties!!! I better oil them before they become completely rusted.

Ritz has started another blog, cuz she forgot her old blog password. She'd probably copy/paste the old stuff to her new blog. Now, she has asked me add some stuff to her layout...like shoutbox, statcounter, a new layout.... Mummyyyyy....this is time-consuming! But, since I have promised her to help her, I will try my level best to do that. You guys keep praying for me. =)

Today, when we went upstairs to play TT, we found the audi doors opened. So, we all threw our bags in the gallery and went inside the audi. There were a few people who were packing things up, and cleaning the place again. So, what did we do, we hopped down and then climbed up to the stage. And the three funniest people of our class (Ali, Naveed, and Osman) started acting, and singing, and so much more. It was so funny when they'd show their singing capabilites and tease those people working around. Hahaha. Ritz, Aero-Asia, Shumail, Aneela, Swaleha and I were laughing like anything....It was amazing. Then we had to leave the audi, as it had to be locked. We all hopped out, and then we discovered that Shumail and Aneela were missing! Whoops! We pushed the doors open, and pulled those poor girls out. Lol!

In short, today was a very عجیب سا day.

Pray for the weather, people!

Cheerio =)



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...by TDH, Asma, Sid, and Raheel. Thanks :)

5 years ago:
We moved to this place, which I didn't like at that time. Well, I don't like it even now, but I have to live here (dead colony!). I started my O Levels. Had fun with our seniors. Played baseball, cricket, basketball, pithu-garam, and God knows what else almost DAILY!

1 year ago:
It was one of the happiest years of my life. I got my own room. I broke my own record of eating chips...hahaha... Had zillions of shopping sprees. Got the best result of my life (A.L. Urdu..lol) Appeared for the worst courses of my life. Fell ill a lot.

5 songs I know all the words to:
None! I can't memorize songs. Though I love singing, I always forget some lines and then go like, " ....like somehow you just don't belong, and no-one understands you, do you......*hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*....do you lock yourself in your room? With the radio on turned up so loud that no-one hears you screamin......" [Simple Plan - Welcome to my life] =)

5 snacks I enjoy

5 things I'd do with $100 million dollars:
(i) Start my business
(ii) Buy chips
(iii) Buy books
(iv) Buy perfumes
(v) bury the leftover amount and die!

5 places I'd run away to:
I'd love to see all nooks and crannies of this planet.

5 things I would never wear:
(i) blazing orange
(ii) dirty green shaded clothes
(iii) Bushi's socks (not now atleast)
(iv) nose pin [ayee...soo painful]
(v) contact lenses

5 favourite TV shows:
(used to be)
(i) Lizzie McGuire,
(ii) That's so Raven,
(iii) Whose line is it anyway,
(iv) Loony Tunes, and
(v) The Mask!

5 greatest joys:
(i) My A.L.'s best grade =)
(ii) Shopping for books
(iii) Reading them, with some cashew nuts and coffee
(iv) Water (rain, sea, whatever)
(v) to be with my Mommese.

5 favourite toys:

(i) All my stuffed toys
(ii) My cell phone
(iii) My keychain
(iv) my watch
(v) my ring

5 people i'm tagging:
Why only 5??? I tag all those who are in my links. [Now search your name...hehehe].

Cheerio everybuddy =)


Emalicious is falling down, falling down, falling down!

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And all of a sudden it rained here in Karachi at 1 pm. My brother and I, after having a table-tennis match, decided to go out and play in the rain. We picked up the red-taped tennis ball, and started playing catch-catch. He threw the ball on my left, and when I bent that way, I slipped and fell. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....O-h M-y G-o-d! It was so painful for me and so funny for my brother. He was laughing like anything. [Why are brothers like that? Errrr]. I was screaming badly. He helped me sit on the chair, but after 2 minutes, I couldn't resist myself and limped to the porch to play again.


I can't stop myself in such a nice weather. Can you?


When the rain falls down

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After a long time, it rained here in Karachi...And it was awesome...It started at 8:30 this morning and didn't stop. Even now it's drizzling!!! Woohoooo

And here are some pics. Enjoy!

Don't these droplets fill energy in you?

2 flowers

....and many droplets


Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink

a very usual view here in Karachi.


پانی کا بلبلہ ، ھاں پانی کا بلبلہ

click on the pic to view بلبلے


2 girls

enjoying rain



Do not disturb us...We're studying Physcis!!


And after the rain....

You'll see the actual colours!!! Rich, vibrant, pure! :)

have a blessed day

Cheerio folks!!!!



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I have just convinced my friend to start blogging. Here she is!!!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, September 08, 2005
Dear readers,

It is to inform you that Miss Umemalicious is not in a 'mood' of posting something new, because she is tired and she needs to have some rest (Well, not some but a lotttt of rest). So she is asking all of her readers to please pray for her incomplete assigments, unprinted reports , her prospective grades (ah, well...GPA), her future, her aching legs, her spinning head, her nearly-disappeared hands, her half-opened eyes, her completely rusted Dinky Mind, and finally for her keyboard, on which she has just spilled pineapple juice!

I hope you'd pray for her. You'd InshAllah be rewarded someday.


Have a blessed day.

Cheerio =)


Bahria Uni

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My university started yesterday. Great news! But not that great! I have got a very very hectic schedule now. The univerity timings are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. *curses the management*. And my AFK timings are now from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. [AFK classes are three days a week - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday]. Now this simply means that I wake up at 6:45 am (cuz the university is on the other corner of the world), go to the university, study there, come back home at 5:30 pm. Have lunch at 6 pm (Never in my life have I had lunch this late...heck!). Then if I have my AFK class, I leave home at 6:15 pm. And come back at 8:45 pm. To summarise it more, on Tuesdays (like today) and on Thursdays I study from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.
اف ۔۔۔۔ کتنا ظلم ھے یہ

Oh did I tell you, I met Gullay yesterday. I was near that underground lab when she called me asked me to come in the foyer, which is very near from the lab. Gul, and one of my friends were sitting on the same bench, when I entered the foyer and my friend hollered, "Umemaaaaaaaaa". I turned around and looked, and there was Gul sitting. Wow. We sat and talked a lot. It was fun. Then we both had our last hour free, so went in the library and chatted. It was really awesome. =)

The first day of the university was quite boring as every teacher was asking us to introduce ourselves. Some 40 times I told my confusing name to almost all the teachers and the students. And every teacher told us about the marking scheme. Now it's perfectly engraved on my mind. So, it was a day full of repetition.

When I came back, my very concerned Mommese asked , "Oh, you have reduced so much in just one day. What will happen in then next 4 years?" And I lazily whispered, "Inna lillah-e wa inna ilaihi ra'ajeoon".If you want to reduce yourself, as in lose your weight, this university is the best place for you! You can do morning walk, noon walk, afternoon walk, and even evening walk! God, these people make you walk a lot! Seriously, I walked (jogged and ran) exactly the same number of miles that are there between Karachi and Hyderabad! And then there were seniors to rag. Ufff...it was indeed not a good day. (But the ragging was fun...hehe).

So, yesterday when I returned home at 5:30, I was dead tired and extrelemy sleepy. But Mommese said, "Don't sleep now, or your sleeping schedule would be disturbed". This of her order made me more sleepy. But I had to wake up till 9:30 pm. After that I was allowed to sleep. I used all those 3000 toothpicks to keep my eyes open, but heck, they all would break away after a second or two. Finally, I went to sleep at 9:15 pm. I was tired, I was annoyed, I was sleepy.

Today: In short, I am TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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