October Births

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Till 2oo5, I used to think that babies are not born in October! Pretty weird thought, I know. But the reason for this was that all around the year, I would give cards and gifts to my cousins and friends on their birthdays, but in October, I would greet birthday to just one of my cousins, who's born on October 1st!

I used to find October a very strange month. First of all, it starts with an uncommon alphabet, O! Not many names start with "O"; unless people want to write Omar, Osama, Osman, and even Omema. Even, not many things/words start with "O". Atleast my vocabulary of "O" words is quite limited. And then, October is such a dry month of the year. The days are hot and the nights are cool (not cold), and most of all, no rains! Therefore, I don't like Octobers much.

When in 2005, I entered the university, I found that almost 5 people of my class had their birthdays in October, and to my horror, all those 5 are a little strange people. I mean they aren't that social. They show complacency in just smiling in situations where people like me laugh their heart out. Even my own niece was born on October 29th, 2005. Uptil now, she's energetic. And I pray she stays the same when she grows up :)

And remember my TOLET post? Dinky Mind's like that :P

That's all for today. And sorry to all those born in October. :)

Cheerio folks =)

P.S.: The above writing is purely my view of October. You may contradict :)


Clinton Addressing to students

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Bill Clinton was visiting an elementary school one day to promote one of his education bills. He was talking to a classroom of kids and asked them if they knew what a tragedy is. One little boy said, "A tragedy would be if a school bus full of kids ran off a road and everybody died”. Mr. Clinton responded, "No, that would be an accident”. Shocked, the class was silent for a moment when a bright young girl stood up and said, "A tragedy would be if all the teachers in the world quit teaching”. Clinton thought for a moment and then said, "No, that would be a great loss”. Finally another boy stood up and said, "A tragedy would be if the President was in an airplane and it crashed and he died”. Clinton smiled and said, "Good job, now that would be a tragedy. Can you explain to the class why that would be a tragedy?" The little boy responded by saying, "Well, it probably wouldn't be an accident and it certainly wouldn't be a great loss”.


My math stinks!!!

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Today in API's class (Analysis of Pakistani Industry), our Sir said that there is a decline of 2.6% from 8.10 to 5.5, and for two minutes I kept thinking how can he make such a mistake. Because in my view 8.10 minus 5.5 is equal to 3.5 and not 2.6!!!

I totally forgot that a zero after decimal has no value (or is of no value or... comprehend it yourself. hehe). That reminds me of my post 5+5=25. Now I should practise writing
8.10 - 5.5 = 2.6 and even 8.1000 - 5.50 = 2.6

Keeep praying :(


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