5 + 5 = 25

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In my O Levels, I used to make a lot of mistakes in math. I would always write
5 + 5 = 25. No matter how hard I try, my mind would always calculate this thing. To me 5x5=25 is as correct as 5+5=25. I would also write 3+3=9. *Yes, weird brain I've got*

Then, one day, my accounting teacher gave me a full-scape sheet of paper and asked me to write 5+5=10. And guess what I had to write 4 pages of this thing. Then the next day, he asked me to write 3+3=6. And it helped me a lot.

The day when I had my entry test exam, what I did, I wrote 5+5=10 and 3+3=9 on the question booklet....so that I don't forget it during my exam. ufff... Now, it's a good thing that the administration does not show corrected test papers, or.....

Still sometimes, I have to use a calculator to know if 4+4=16 or 8.

pray for my math please <:o)

Cheerio =)



Anonymous says:

worried abt the cbm test?? dont worrrry. u ll ezily ace it.. :)
btw, madew my friends read ur interview and it helped for their interview today.. they too r now waiting for their results of BU. best of luck to all of u. :)

Hain....Did u do that in Bahria's paper or somewhere else???????

Bcoz in Bahria there are no human hands behind checking answer sheets. Computer compile them on time.

Khair! when ur Zabists test will held?

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
all the prayers of success with u and many more like u,May ALLAH Hav Mercy ON U.Ameen
the clock showing pakistani time seeems so good esp here outside PAKISTAN

Anonymous says:

What about 2+2? I am sure this is the main culprit which forced you into believeing all that.

And by the way, that's "foolscap", and not "full-scape". I was rather amused when we studied about it in the second year of our FSc's English. Our English teacher described the "fool's cap" in detail at that time, sadly I don't remember it now, it was funny. Check these links out, though, if you are interested:


P.S. Just read about your interview. Thumbs up!

foolscap like foolproof.. choro isse

bwahhhaa.. waise i think its a nice UNIQUE habit.

praying... praYING.. PRAYING!!

what is going on... dd plz tell me... After oiling my brain wit diesel and setting it on fire i have linked the BU and Bharia, otherwise i thought you were going in navy. Then I again read the post.. again and again then I realized its Bharia University.

thumbs up for your interview.

you are not in accounting are you ?

abhi bhi wakt hai

bba na karoo

bcs bhi na karoo

kuch bhi na karoo

ayashi karoo

tm zillion dollar comment.

oh poor you :)

looking on positive side u have agreat mind for raising everything to its power :)

u'll prevail and floursih in economics very much ...!!!!!!

have a great time multiplying ... adding ko choro :)

happy independence day!!

Haha .. LOL. You and your dinky brain ^_^ best of luck with everything!!!!

Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak dudette!!

BTW, sms me your home number.


dont even worry

always remmeber

ur mind is right

even multiplication is repeated addition

its just that u tend to leave things at the firs step

thats cuz u r artistic and not scientific

good luck

Hey - great minds have a few mental blocks!!!! all the best - you'll get over it soon ;)

loooooooooooooooooooool... umema tumhara jawaab nahin... hmmm u shoudl be studying humanities or something :P economics has lots of math :P

Anonymous says:

this one made me laff me head off..way to go;)
Happy Independence day!:)
much love

dont worry, best of luck with everything!
And Happy Independence Day to you ! =)


~Sid: CBM? I haven't applied there. lol at that interview. :)

~Gullay: No gul, I wrote that thing on the question booklet. I don't know about szabist..I have to buy the form. ;) [im the ultimate late lateef]

~Khattak: Thanks for the dua'as.

~Saadat: Yes, I think 2+2 was the main thing. :(

~Raheel: Nice habit??? Are you sure? *gives strange looks*

~Harris: *slaps forhead* OMG, you thought I was going in Navy. and it's Bahria, and not Bharia. lol

~TDH: I ammm :(

~Talha: Yeh to koi solution na hui. :(

~Harris: Haan haan hans lo.

~Asma: Thanksssss :)

~VL: You and I are same in math...nah, you are better :)

~TM (as in Talha Masood): You're right...magar mairay art ki koi qadar nahi karta...lol.. hahaha

~TM (as in Teeth Maestro): Are you talking generally or specifically about my mind? ;)

~Luci: And accounts has more than economics. lol

~Faizee: Aww...so nice to hear that :)

~Shaima: Thanks :)

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