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I reached university at 3:55 pm. The interview had to start at 4 pm. (that's what I was told). Anyway, I waited in the waiting room for my turn. After a few minutes, I was directed to this interview room. There was a panel of 3 teachers. One examined my certificates, and the other checked my file. The third man was doing nothing but studying my gestures and facial geography. lol.

And then they started the interview.

Man 2: Umema Siddiqi?
Me: Yes, sir.
Man 1: *reading aloud my certifs* Ahan... Accounting, economics, business? So, you have done your A Levels?
Me: Yes, sir. *you have my A Levels certificates in your hand*
Man 2: So, what is economics?
Me: *answered them correctly*
Man 1: So, which market structure is better - monopoly or perfect competition?
Me: Sir, both have their advantages and disadvantages *told them a few advantages and disadvantages*
Man 3: So, you don't think R&D is an advantage for monopoly?
Me: *testing me?* It is! *told him the reason why*
Man1: Okay Umema, tell me if 2x(square) = 800, then what is the value of x?
Me: 20, sir. * I never knew I can calculate that fast. lol *
Man 1: So, what is the derivative of ________? *I forgot what he asked*
Me: *enough of math now* I am sorry sir, I studied math 2 years ago. *No doubt, am worst at math*
Man 1: Oh *as if saying 'no problem'*
Man 2: All right. Thankyou very much Umema.
Me: Oh. thankyou. *i have a habit of saying thankyou in reply to a thankyou.* err.

*leaves room*

So, it was fine. Not good. Not bad! Hope I get the admission. The final list would be published on 19th August. So late!

Don't stop praying. <:o)

Cheerio folks.



u did gr8!! i can relate to ur experience.hehe. will keep praying for u.

btw, did u get ur A Levels results?? how'd u do?

Anonymous says:

Lol. Well I think you did better than most people do at interviews. I suck at interviews! The first time I went for an interview I was so nervous I was breathing like a camel! :D

good luck !


i mean


woohoo. congratulations! See ... what did I tell you??? =)

after graduation i never had to add a single thing myslef .. :/

no wonder my math skills are suckie ..

those questions they ask about maths and other tech stuff .. they dont even know themselves most of the time .. you can easily manipulate teh interviewer there :)

Ooohhh!!! that looks good :)

In my interview for BS same was the case, three ppl were there ...one sir asking maths .. other mam asking physics and a sir examining ppl silently :) and viewing certis ...!!

Inshah Allah ... u'll be admitted my prayers avec toi!!

Take carez n luv

Good luck ... i m sure u will get in :)

I m sure there would two Dr Nadeem and Sir Babar of them ..........

LOL in my interview they were again again emphesizing upon my own personality which I'de never been know anf for me thats the most perplex area of questioning....I too passed my interview just bcoz 2 Maths related questions n they were not at all verbal they wrote on paper n push them into my nose...lol

*raised eyebrows* @ 19th july, they have changed their entire process then bcoz till last time they immmidiatly tell the candidate whether they will bear him/her more or no more :).

Khair GOOD LUCK UMEMOooooooooooooooI m sure u'll be there in Bahria....Aaameen

Don't worry.. be happy!

Coz I know you will surely get through.

Anonymous says:

wow.......main tu interview ke name par hi freak out hone lagti hoon.......

~Sid: I completed my A Levels in last nov. I didn't do well. So, please don't ask me what grades I got. ;)

~Absar: And guess what I did? I said 'Good morning' instead of 'Good evening'....lol

~Saady: Thanks :)

~TM: Shall I say something? ;) Bh____ hahahaha

~VLady: jes jes, :)

~TDH: Now I realize, his second math question was very easy...but since, I had to confess I am worst at math, I just said it, "Ask something else" lol

~Asma: Merci beaucoup :)

~TM: I have solved it :)

~Jony: Thanks :) I hope the same

~gullay: I hope everything goes well... this 19th is now a new obstacle. errr

~Raheel: keep praying

~Zee: Me too






~tm: *sings* no !

"It's all about U"
It's all about U"


don't worry deedee you'll get through. good luck.

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